Hi. I was diagnosed with GAD and severe clinical depression after a situation last year resulted in me... breaking. PTSD-style. For awhile, I didn't realize it for what it was. I went to my dr. who started me on Ativan and a low dose (5mg) of Lexapro. Which quickly had to be bumped to 10. Then 15. Then 20. And the Ativan changed to Xanax, which, actually helps. A lot. The Lexapro, however, seemed to not be able to keep up, so my dr. just switched me over to Effexor Xr (75mg.) I'm 5 days in, and I really don't feel much of a difference. I'm still depressed. The anxiety isn't as bad, but's been replaced with a sharpness and irritability that quickly rockets into meanness. I still have really negative thoughts. I feel like my face doesn't remember how to smile. It's still hard to me to get out of bed every day. I've lost pretty much all of my friends, and my significant other loves me, but is becoming impatient and frustrated. I'm frustrated and impatient with myself, even though yes, I know. It's a chemical imbalance, and I can't help it, and I can rationalize all I want, but it doesn't mean my body or mind will accept that rationalization as fact. I don't know. I feel like I don't know anything anymore.