I have been on Paxil for about 3 months to treat anxiety, depression, PMDD, and SAD. It has helped to some extent, but it makes me feel like a zombie. I changed to taking it at night which made me less sleepy, but my lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and passion due to feeling zombie-like is just as bad as when I’m depressed, so it’s not really doing what it should. I’m on 25mg and I know I could increase, but it has some not ideal side effects. It made me gain weight and I can’t seem to lose it, when I normally can easily lose weight when I need to. It makes me sleepy and zombie like, I think it makes me sweat more especially in my sleep, and it’s affected my sex drive.

Wellbutrin seems like it could be a good option as far as not causing as many of the side effects I’ve been having issues with. I know Paxil can be brutal to get off, but will it be as bad when I’ve only been on 25 mg for 3 months? I have an important few months coming up as a graduate student, and I would love to get my medication worked out so I can be more present. However, I also don’t want to do something that is going to make it harder, like severe Paxil withdrawal or having my depression get bad during the switch. Can I do the switch easily? Will it be as bad for me?