The doctor is weaning me off of Effexor XR slowly. 37.5 mg removed... Adding 75mg Buproprion 2x per day.. Have taken Effexor Xr 225mg for 7+ years, but have been suffering from MDD for most of my life. Have only been on meds a couple days, but I read time and time again that I'd have energy but it's actually knocking me out! Has this happened to anyone else? I don't want to sleep; I've read far too many good reviews to give up yet... Besides... I am pretty desperate now, as I never leave my room, cry all the time, zero family interaction... I'm wasting precious, Blessed time with my 12 yr old daughter and my parents. Also. Does anyone have a good Wellbutrin combo I can talk to my doctor about if I don't find it's doing enough on it's own?