I'm diagnosed with major depressive disorder and took Wellbutrin XL 150mg last year from May until September. I didn't have these side effects and my depression got a little better. But I quit because of lack of sex drive and appetite.

After quitting, my depression, sex drive, appetite got a lot worse gradually. I became suicidal and had to take a break from school.

I started taking it again last week. During the first week I was drowsy for the first few hours of taking 150mg. I was very irritable with my fiancé and had a slightly bad short term memory.

I'm on my second week now and just started taking 300mg for only 2 days as of yesterday and I'm already getting worse.
I had a panic attack and cried for the very first time at work from handling with a difficult customer. I was nervous with all the other customers as well. I am so shocked because I've always been a tough person. During these 2 days I was drowsy throughout the day. I was more forgetful too. I don't know if I should take it today.