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OrbeSeal (Canada)

This page contains information on OrbeSeal for veterinary use.
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Company: Zoetis

Veterinary Device


OrbeSeal® is an off-white smooth sterile paste containing 65% w/w Bismuth Subnitrate, in a mineral oil vehicle.

OrbeSeal Indications

OrbeSeal is a non antibiotic product indicated for closing the teat canal by forming a physical barrier in cows at drying off. This aids in preventing bacteria from entering the teat canal during the dry period which results in a reduced incidence of mastitis.


Administer one syringe into each quarter of the udder immediately after the last milking at drying off. It is recommended that OrbeSeal be used as part of a herd approach to dry cow management and mastitis control.


As OrbeSeal possesses no antimicrobial activity, it is essential the teat be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and allowed to dry before infusion, and care be taken to avoid contamination of the syringe nozzle.

After the last milking at drying off clean and disinfect the teats with alcohol swabs provided and infuse the entire contents of a syringe of OrbeSeal into each quarter by inserting the nozzle into the teat and applying gentle continuous pressure to the plunger until the paste is expressed. Do not massage the teat or udder after infusion of the product. It is advisable to use an appropriate teat disinfectant following the infusion.


1. Do not place individual syringes in water.

2. Dry cows off abruptly rather than gradually.

3. Clean teat ends as thoroughly as possible with alcohol swabs and leave air dry.

4. Clean the two teats furthest away and then the two closest.

5. Ensure the teats are clean and dry before infusion.

6. Infuse the teats in the opposite order to cleansing: i.e. the closest two teats first then, the two furthest away. Do not massage the quarter after infusion with OrbeSeal. It should be infused in the teat streak canal only.

7. After infusion, dip teats in teat dip or spray with teat spray and leave cows standing in yard for at least 30 minutes to allow the teat canal to close.

8. Check cows regularly for signs of mastitis during the first week after drying off.

At calving, the seal may be stripped-out by hand or may be ingested by the calf. Ingestion of OrbeSeal by the calf is safe and produces no adverse effects.


Do not use in lactating cows. If lactating cows are accidentally infused, the seal can easily be stripped out manually. Not intended for treating cows with suspected or confirmed intramammary infection at drying off.


For use in dry cows only. Zero day milk and meat withdrawal when used alone. If OrbeSeal is administered following an antibiotic infusion, the withdrawal periods for meat and milk for the antibiotic should be observed.


Store between 15 and 30°C. In very cold temperatures OrbeSeal may become difficult to administer and should be warmed to room temperature. Do not immerse individual syringes in water to warm.

Zoetis is a trademark and OrbeSeal is a registered trademark of Zoetis or its licensors, used under license by Zoetis Canada Inc.

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