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Dystosel (Canada)

This page contains information on Dystosel for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Dystosel Indications
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Zoetis

vitamin E - selenium injection

Veterinary Use Only

sterile aqueous emulsion

for sheep and cattle

DIN 00170968


Treated animals must not be slaughtered for use in food for at least 21 days after the latest treatment with this drug. This product must not be used in lactating dairy cattle.

Medicinal Ingredients: Selenium (as sodium selenite), 3 mg/mL and vitamin E (dl-α-tocopherol acetate), 136 IU/mL

Preservative: Benzyl alcohol, 15 mg/mL

Dystosel Indications

For the prevention and treatment of white muscle disease (nutritional myopathy) in calves and lambs.

Dosage and Administration

Administer the following single doses subcutaneously or intramuscularly:

PREVENTION: Postnatal: Calves - 1 mL/45 kg body weight. Lambs, Newborn - 0.25 mL per animal; 2 to 8 weeks of age - 0.5 mL per animal. Prenatal: After a pregnancy of 5 months in cows and 3 months ewes - 1 mL/45 kg body weight and repeat, if necessary, at no less than 2 week intervals for a maximum of 4 doses.

TREATMENT: Calves: 2 mL/45 kg body weight.

Lambs: 0.5 mL per animal.

Cautions: This product contains the toxic substance selenium. Do not exceed recommended dosages. Administer only to animals who are known to be ingesting sub-normal levels of selenium. In case of an anaphylactic reaction, administer epinephrine immediately.

Adverse Reactions

Anaphylactic reactions have been reported very rarely, mostly after IM route of administration.


Store between 15 and 25°C. Do not freeze. Contents should be used within 28 days after first dose is removed.

Zoetis is a trademark and Dystosel is a registered trademark of Zoetis or its licensors, used under license by Zoetis Canada Inc.

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