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Pradaxa Sales Data

Rank 88 Current sales rank, all
U.S. Pharmaceuticals.

Last updated: February 2014 (updated quarterly).
The following data shows Pradaxa U.S. retail sales in Q4 2013 compared to previous quarters.

Date Range Sales Rank Sales ($000) Units (000)
Q4 2013 88 (4) -0.53% -3.53%
Q3 2013 84 (11) -2.91% -11.19%
Q2 2013 73 (2) -3.34% -2.75%
Q1 2013 75 (4) 4.76% -0.20%
Q4 2012 79 (4) -1.83% -4.18%
Q3 2012 75 (1) 3.84% 4.58%
Q2 2012 76 (5) 0.13% -2.77%
Q1 2012 81 (4) 5.13% 6.53%
Q4 2011 85 (7) 16.27% 16.30%
Q3 2011 92 ()

* Units refer to the number of packages sold.

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