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Zembrace Symtouch Dosage

Dosage form: injection, solution

The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Dosing Information

The recommended dose of ZEMBRACE SymTouch is 3 mg injected subcutaneously.

The maximum cumulative dose that may be given in 24 hours is 12 mg; one 3 mg injection may be given up to four times a day with each injection at least 1 hour apart.

Administration Using ZEMBRACE SymTouch

ZEMBRACE SymTouch is available as a prefilled, ready-to-use, single dose, disposable auto-injector containing 3 mg sumatriptan. With ZEMBRACE SymTouch, the needle penetrates approximately ¼ inch (6 mm). The injection is intended to be given subcutaneously. Do not administer by any other route. Instruct patients on the proper use of ZEMBRACE SymTouch and direct them to use injection sites with an adequate skin and subcutaneous thickness to accommodate the length of the needle.