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Tyvaso DPI Dosage

Generic name: treprostinil 16ug
Dosage form: inhalation powder
Drug class: Agents for pulmonary hypertension

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jul 5, 2023.


Use Tyvaso DPI only with the Tyvaso DPI Inhaler. Tyvaso DPI is administered using a single inhalation per cartridge. Administer Tyvaso DPI in 4 separate, equally spaced treatment sessions per day, during waking hours. The treatment sessions should be approximately 4 hours apart.

If the prescribed dose is higher than 64 mcg per treatment session, more than 1 cartridge will be needed per session. Patients should follow the instructions for use for operation and care of the Tyvaso DPI Inhaler.

Do not use the Tyvaso DPI Inhaler with other medications.

Between each of the 4 daily treatment sessions, store the Tyvaso DPI Inhaler with the mouthpiece attached and empty. Wipe the outside of the inhaler with a clean, dry cloth only, if needed. Do not rinse or wash the Tyvaso DPI Inhaler; always keep the inhaler dry. After 7 days of use, throw away the used Tyvaso DPI Inhaler into regular household trash.

Usual Dosage in Adults

Initial Dosage:

Tyvaso DPI therapy should begin with one 16 mcg cartridge per treatment session, 4 times daily.

Maintenance Dosage:

Increase dosage by an additional 16 mcg per treatment session at approximately 1- to 2-week intervals. The target maintenance dosage is usually 48 mcg to 64 mcg per session.

If adverse effects preclude titration, continue Tyvaso DPI at the highest tolerated dose.

If a scheduled treatment session is missed, resume therapy as soon as possible at the usual dose.

Dosage for Transition from Tyvaso® (treprostinil) Inhalation Solution:

The following regimens of Tyvaso DPI and Tyvaso give similar exposure:

Tyvaso DPI
Cartridge Strength
Number of Breaths
16 mcg ≤5 (≤30 mcg)
32 mcg 6 to 7 (36 to 42 mcg)
48 mcg 8 to 10 (48 to 60 mcg)
64 mcg 11 to 12 (66 to 72 mcg)

Further information

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