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Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide) Disease Interactions

There are 3 disease interactions with Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide):


Trimethobenzamide (Includes Tebamide Pediatric) ↔ Reye's syndrome

Severe Potential Hazard, High plausibility. Applies to: Reye's Syndrome

The use of trimethobenzamide should be avoided in children and adolescents whose signs and symptoms suggest Reye's syndrome. The extrapyramidal symptoms which can occur secondary to trimethobenzamide use may confound the diagnosis of Reye's syndrome. In addition, drugs with hepatotoxic potential such as trimethobenzamide may adversely affect the course of Reye's syndrome.


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Trimethobenzamide (Includes Tebamide Pediatric) ↔ parkinsonism

Moderate Potential Hazard, High plausibility. Applies to: Parkinsonism

The use of trimethobenzamide has been associated with pseudo- parkinsonian reactions including mask- like faces, drooling, cogwheel rigidity, and shuffling gait. Therapy with trimethobenzamide should be administered cautiously in patients with parkinsonism.


  1. "Product Information. Tigan (trimethobenzamide)." Monarch Pharmaceuticals Inc, Bristol, TN.

Trimethobenzamide (Includes Tebamide Pediatric) ↔ renal impairment

Moderate Potential Hazard, Moderate plausibility. Applies to: Renal Dysfunction

Trimethobenzamide is mostly eliminated by the kidneys and a dosage adjustment should be considered in patients with reduced renal function (creatinine clearance <= 70 mL/min), including some elderly patients.

Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide) drug interactions

There are 572 drug interactions with Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide)

Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide) alcohol/food interactions

There is 1 alcohol/food interaction with Tebamide Pediatric (benzocaine / trimethobenzamide)

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