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User Reviews for ella to treat Emergency Contraception

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Reviews for ella

Isa July 19, 2019

"Overall, Ella worked well for me. I took it 3-4 days before ovulation after a broken condom accident. I had virtually no side effects (only my breasts felt slightly more tender than normal in the couple of days before my period) and my period was bang on time."

Jessymessy · Taken for less than 1 month July 19, 2019

"So I had earlier wrote about my experience from the name Jess1111 on the 2019-07-12, as I had taken the pill after two hours of protected sex but condom slipped and he came in me, but I got period after two days as I was already late on my expected period, I had intense cramps and back pain and dizzy and nauseous and yuk feeling all five days of period. I have had extremely heavy flow too, and finished period still having pain in lower abdomen and feel dizzy, girls this pill is the backup plan of such horrible accidents but its hurt like anything tooo."

Lele · Taken for less than 1 month July 18, 2019

"I took ella immediately after me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex in my fertility window. I was supposed to be ovulating in that day according to my menstrual cycle. Few side effects, only fatigue and some dizziness in the first couple of days. After a week I had some white discharge just like when I’m normally ovulating. After another week I started spotting for a few days, just when my period had to come. My period was 5 days late, so don’t worry ladies, everything is going to be fine."

Rachel July 17, 2019

"So my experience with Ella wasn't the best but I'll tell you right now it worked so if you're thinking about taking it just do it's still worth it!! My period ended on a Wednesday and I had unprotected sex on Saturday and since I wasn't on any birth control for over a year I thought I would be better safe than sorry and took Ella on Sunday morning. The 1st week I just felt a little light headed and tired, 2nd week I started to get some weird stabbing pain on my left side, 3rd week my breasts were painfully sore and doubled a size and I started to bloat (it looked like I was already 3 months pregnant) and all my lower stomach hurt, i was gassy, and the stabbing pain continued but by now it was spreading also to the right side. By this time I was also feeling nauseous from all the anxiety. After two negative pregnancy tests my period finally arrived a week late!!! So please don't freak out like I did and just be patient, the pill does it's job but it will mess up your body. Good luck!"

Donatella July 17, 2019

"So I took EllaOne after few hours of unprotected sex (unprotected sex which is really stupid, big regret) , I ovulated days before this incident no symptoms after, just gas ..temperature rise, everything is normal 7 days late for my period and did a Pregnancy test ,it's negative ! Am just sitting here & waiting honestly worried !!! but am gonna wait just like everyone said. Hope it works ..."

neveragain · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2019

"I HATE this pill. I took it after stupidly letting a man use the pull out method with no other form of protection. My cycle is still suffering two months later. It’s also probably because of the stress I’ve put myself under. I went to the doctor and confirmed I am NOT pregnant. I was absolutely sick and experiencing what I thought were pregnancy symptoms for weeks. I did bleed but it was lighter and shorter than my period so I wasn’t sure what to trust. I even got a positive digital test, but negative ones after it. I drove myself absolutely mad but in the end it worked but I will NEVER be taking this again"

First time user · Taken for less than 1 month July 15, 2019

"I promised myself I’d share my story here because reading other peoples’ experiences really helped me during my sleepless nights. I took Ellaone approximately 10 hrs after a contraceptive failure in my fertile window. Unlike many people who have commented, I suffered from very few side effects (that I was aware of) in the weeks that followed. I did get some cramping, but was hoping I was gearing up for my period on time. In reality my period did eventually arrive, but only after an extra 7 days and 2 negative pregnancy tests later. In the week before I got my period, I suffered from several days of spotting and an awful lot of anxiety. Ellaone also delayed my next period by a week. Take care ladies x"

Jess1111 · Taken for less than 1 month July 12, 2019

"In past I've taken this pill many times and been successful in it too but this time I got a very scary experience today, I was supposed to get my period yesterday but missed due to stress and bad diet and antibiotics. And met my boyfriend after a very long time ended up having protected sex but the bloody condom came off and he mistakenly finished in me, took out the condom was empty, panicked and took the pill two hours later, having cramps since many days for periods but panicking now as this pill only delays ovulation then what's going to happen now? I am only 18! And really really not in a place to have a baby and where I live, abortion is illegal help! God please save me! Even having protected sex can screw u up with bloody condom coming off!"

Moonstone July 11, 2019

"Hi everyone. You might be reading this, feeling super stressed, just like I was couple of weeks ago. The condom broke and my boyfriend came inside of me on my ovulation day. My periods are pretty regular and the chances are big that the ovulation app Flo was right and there was a high chance of getting pregnant. Anyway, we saw what happened and ran to the pharmacy to get EC and bought Ellaone - they said this one works better than plan B if you are ovulating. I took it like one hour after our contraception failure. There were no symptoms during the first day. The next day I felt cramps and urinary burning, overall fatigue and my breasts were extremely sore. For the next 2 weeks I was stressing out so much, losing sleep and reading about all kinds of scenarios. I got really bad acne rushes and my breasts are still aching, but today I got my period!!! It came few days earlier. Girls, if you are stressing out after taking Ella — give her a chance! It really messes up your hormonal balance and the cycle. But it does its thing and for me it worked — not pregnant."

SaraJ · Taken for less than 1 month July 10, 2019

"Just want to comment to those using the pull out method that seems to be really popular. Please do not do this! Pre ejaculate is potent and can get you pregnant just like the ejaculation itself. A lot of men also seem to “forget” to pull out. There is absolutely nothing to lose for males and there are a lot of awful men who only care about themselves and their pleasure. The pull out method is not effective and you’re the only one who has anything to lose. These side effects aren’t worth it and you should not take emergency contraception too often because it becomes less effective. Please use a condom and consider other methods to back it up. There are male hormonal contraceptives in production that'll wreck less havoc on a male’s body than what the hormonal pills do to women."

Char · Taken for less than 1 month July 3, 2019

"I would never normally write on these but I thought my experience important as I couldn’t see anyone with the same situation as I was in, on here, So I took Ella one with 20 hours left on the 5 days. My period hadn’t come when it was supposed to and I had no symptoms of pregnancy or coming on. No sore boobs nothing. I waited for my period 9 days still nothing and 3 negative pregnancy tests my period finally came 16 days late. So if any one is worried just hold in there because it may take a little while for your period to start again but the pill did work for me. 16 days of worry but all good in the end :)"

SusieD · Taken for less than 1 month June 25, 2019

"Took Ella day 4 after unprotected sex as a precaution, even though it was very late in my cycle. It was the day or day after my period was due (of course I was incredibly stressed.) My period was delayed for three more days, and came with heavier cramps than normal, but it was worth it knowing I had taken action just in case."

Hann · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2019

"Used Ella around 12/14 hrs after unprotected sex during my very fertile window. However do not panic, I had nearly every pregnancy symptom but period finally came 2 weeks later. 10/10 for effectiveness but only fault is that it does interfere and change up your cycle."

Aurora Cat · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 21, 2019

"Hey girls! Let me share my experience with EllaOne. Well, my last period was March 28. 11 days later, partner came inside me and I took Ella the morning after. My next period came June 20. For almost 3 months, I thought I was gonna lose my mind and I am very savvy person. As for the symptoms, there were cramps all the time and mood changes. 2 clear blue digital tests were positive and I prepared myself for abortion. In spite of all, my period came and I was never happier to see blood and feel pain! It works!! Good luck ladies :***"

Lola June 20, 2019

"I started my period very lightly for 3 days and then had sex, the period stopped immediately and after several days of having sex ( I visited my boyfriend after a long time) the condom got stuck in me. I took Ella after 2hours. I took a pregnancy test before taking the pill just to be sure weather my light period wasn't implantation and it came out negative. After pill I was nauseous anxious and had a lot of white discharge. I read ALL unsuccessful Ella reviews and felt very stressed. 3 weeks after accident I took an early test again and it was negative. I got my period today ( exactly a month after my light one and this one is very heavy). Totally messes with your head."

Alexis June 19, 2019

"Hi i wanted to share my experience because I know what it is like to wait and go crazy about it . I took Ella about two days after the condom broke, (that was before ovulation) I felt a bit ill ,I had headaches and cramps and I was tired for like 2-3 days . My period came 10 days late and it s usually very regular so I was really going insane ,also because I had protected sex after taking Ella and I was still worried about something going wrong. I also took a test and it was negative. At the end my period came and I m so happy! Please, try to keep calm and do not stress, I had also some pregnancy signs but I guess it s just the pill effect I think this really works so just wait and if you are really worried take a pregnancy test !"

Penep7 June 19, 2019

"Wanted to share my experience to help anyone else going through the same stress I did. Had unprotected sex during my ovulation, in the heat of the moment, despite him pulling out I was still worried, went to the pharmacy 6 hours later, pharmacist suggested Ella one as most effective, I’ve never took morning after pill before so this was the first. Did not feel any symptoms at first, was due my period again on the 11th, the week of my period I started experiencing intense cramps, moods all over the place. However my period didn’t come, at this stage I started to panic at it is ALWAYS on time. I started feeling a really heaviness in my lower pelvis and was freaking out, my period finally came 8 days late, so if you are panicking please do not worry, I had myself in a state thinking the worst, you will be fine, just be patient as stress also holds it off, Ella worked for me and didn’t experience any symptoms until my period was due. Have faith!"

Tay June 19, 2019

"For whoever who's panicking because of a late period, it's normal. I had sex with my partner, yet, the condom broke by accident so I took Ella one. My period was late for 60 days (I already have an irregular one). I was very anxious and took 2 pregnancy tests, yet, they were negative. Today my period started so ladies don't panic, it's normal. I assure you that Ella one works."

LJ · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2019

"Took EllaOne within two hours of an unplanned unprotected incident was right in the middle of my cycle day 15. So after two weeks of stress and worry got my period just one day late. No side effects after taking pill but my period is a bit heavier and more painful than usual. So don't stress ladies it does work if you take it as soon as."

Samantha June 15, 2019

"EllaOne is a hormonal pill. By taking this drug you are putting hormones into your body to delay ovulation or prevent an egg from implanting. Any drug that is strong enough to do that is strong enough to mess with nature's natural way of regulating a healthy menstrual cycle, so ladies, if your period is late its fine! Especially if the pill has worked & your ovulation has been delayed, its only logical for your period to be late. Even if you find your period is early after taking the pill and the next one is very late, again remember what I said about the hormones, that too is normal. By the second week after I took the pill, I was surer than sure that I was carrying. I had the sore boobs, back ache, nausea, my period was late I was moody and most of all, I was fatigued. This is due to all of those hormones. These symptoms are all part of how the pill works.. and sure enough my period finally came"

relieved June 14, 2019

"Ella worked for me!!I was in Greece & we didn’t have condoms (stupid drunk mistake). He pulled out but I went and got EllaOne about 1-2 hours after sex. I felt nauseas & tired the rest of the day. then the side effects started coming - for the next THREE weeks I experienced a mix of: extreme boating, dry mouth, hot flushes, insomnia, fatigue, had no appetite, discharge was going CRAZY, my uterus felt tight/heavy, headaches, I bled for three days (thought this was implantation), tingly breasts, congested, I even had a bloody nose at one point. On top of it all the mood swings and the anxiety I had was SO bad it was ridiculous. I already experience some anxiety but this put me through the roof. Finally yesterday, June 13 I got my period. It started out really dark, but has turned into a normal (slightly heavier) flow. These reviews & taking tons of pregnancy tests helped me get through this! I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant, but Ella MESSES you up."

Tanya · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2019

"So we had an accident 2 days prior to my ovulation day where the condom slipped. Took it about 14 hours after the accident. Felt very exhausted for the next few days and had atrocious lower back pain. Apart from that everything was normal. Fast forward to 4 weeks later and no periods. There were no signs of pregnancy either. But one morning I got so worked up over my periods not coming that I woke up at 4am and got sick. I'd say it was just the nervousness and anxiety. I was very worried but I kept reading through these reviews and convinced myself my period must be late. It finally came this morning, 43 days after my last cycle. We are so relieved. The pill works, but please bear in mind that it will mess up your cycle, and don't get worked up about being pregnant, the chances are very slim. Good luck"

SM · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2019

"I took Ella one on the 17th of May, and I was meant to be ovulating the 20th. I started getting really worried because I was due my period on the 5th of June. 9 days later (today 14th June) I was going to get a pregnancy test just because it was late and I didn’t want to risk not taking one. But I go downstairs and I start my period (relieved!!). Overall am really happy with the Ella one and that it did do its job, but reading other girls reviews on this made me feel better as I wasn’t the only one to experience a later period."

Scaredafffff · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

"Had unprotected sex on my ovulation day. I took this pill after 23 hours and it didn’t work. Please be careful with your cycle. I would recommend a copper IUD for emergency contraception in ovulation situations."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

"I took the Ella pill May 14th, I have had small side effects here and there . I began my period or bleeding within the first 48 hours after. Not sure if its my period or the pill I still to this day have light bleeding 3 1/2 weeks later. This morning I threw up my breakfast 15 minutes after eating , not trying to scare myself about being pregnant since I've read it can mimic pregnancy symptoms. I am hoping I am not pregnant and will take a test this Friday to make sure .So far I've only read 2 women get pregnant after taking this pill so I hope I am not in that same boat."