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User Reviews for Thyroid desiccated (Page 5)

Also known as: Nature-Throid, Armour Thyroid, NP Thyroid, Westhroid, Thyroid Porcine, WP Thyroid, Bio-Throid

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
TSH Suppression 7.8
4 reviews 26 medications
Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal 6.3
59 reviews 26 medications
Hashimoto's disease 6.0
147 reviews 24 medications
Underactive Thyroid 5.7
235 reviews 32 medications
Thyroid Cancer 5.2
13 reviews 21 medications
Summary of Thyroid desiccated reviews 5.9 458 reviews

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Reviews for Thyroid desiccated

JP · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 9, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “This RX of NP Thyroid used to make me feel so much better, ALMOST 'back to normal'- all of that changed with my August refill. It tastes and smells horrible, makes me nauseas and ALL of my hypo symptoms have returned. Whatever changes they made, it is now worthless to me. I am waiting on my doctor to decide what to change the script to...”

1 / 10
Susmith911 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 9, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Thyroid Cancer: “I also have been feeling bloated, tired, and pain in my chest and arm. I thought it was because of my recent surgery after Easter. I started smell the smell of cat urine while taking my pill, and thought it was weird because I never realized it before. I googled recalls on these NP 330 thyroid pills and found this site. Thank God! This is probably why I am not feeling well lately. I tried calling the company Acella, but they haven't returned my calls yet, so I just called the FDA. 8884636332. I explained the situation, and mentioned this site, plus told her to look herself, not sure if she will. Anyway, she said that anyone that is, or has had issues need to fill out a form called Med Watch. This the way to get them to investigate. Thanks everyone! Let's help others that aren't aware.”

1 / 10
Jess · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 8, 2019

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I gave it 4 stars because I did start to feel better on this medication. I started getting some energy back and felt pretty good. However the energy boost was not worth the hair loss and weight gain it caused! I really wish I would not have taken it at all!!”

4 / 10
Orr · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 7, 2019

For Underactive Thyroid: “I've been taking this medication about a year and love it. However, I got a refill and I suspect it's bad. I break out in itching fits and hives. My throat feels like there is a knife inserted in it. My hair is falling out.”

1 / 10
Allergic2everything · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 2, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “I started out on WP and after the shortage I switched to NP. My life has been great. I lost 40 pounds and felt completely normal after going gluten and dairy free along with NP. I got my refill last week and got so sick after just one dose. I react like there’s something I have an intolerance to. My throat burns and my stomach hurts plus the nausea all day. I cannot eat. I had my doctor switch me to Armour but with all my intolerances plus Celiac my abdomen blew up and I was so bloated I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I honestly don’t know what to do now. I feel like I was just given a death sentence. This is so wrong. Acella needs held accountable for this. Stop playing with lives!!! I called them and the person I spoke to did admit they changed things. I was told they changed their supplier of the active ingredient of pig thyroid. She wouldn’t say where they now get it. Who knows. ”

1 / 10
Kata October 1, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I have been on the NP thyroid medication for almost 7 years. I did pretty well on it. About 3 months ago I started feeling really really bad. To the point where I had to go different doctors to figure it out why suddenly I was feeling so bad. Well, thousands of dollars of testings later everything is fine with me but still feel like garbage. Then I came across this page and it all made sense. The NP thyroid medication no longer looks or smells the same. I have proof, I found an old bottle of the same strength and compared the two. Something changed and now I will have to figure out what I will need to change so I can feel normal again. Shame on you NP Thyroid- Acella for messing up something that worked just fine, but most importantly messing with people's life and well-being. Own up to it!!!!!”

3 / 10
Netty · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 30, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “ This was the email from acella .." Good afternoon Antoinette, Thank you for contacting us and we are here to listen to all comments and concerns.  Consumers are of the utmost importance in everything that we do.  We recently changed our API suppliers to an FDA inspected and regulated source in Europe, but all of our manufacturing still takes place in the U.S.  With this change, you may notice slight cosmetic and/odor variances that are no cause for concern.  Our formulation has and will remain consistent, along with our exacting quality standards that undergo rigorous testing to maintain the T3 and T4 always remain within the specifications by the USP.   Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or concerns"  I haven't had any symptoms return just yet...anyone else taste cat urine but feeling ok?”

hippy · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 28, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was switched to this medication NP thyroid after being unable to fill my NatureThroid script in June 2019. Since then my mental fog, head aches, body aches have increased. I refilled my prescription mid-September and the latest batch made me so nauseous with a severe headache. I'm now working with a new endocrinologist to get me off of this drug and reevaluate what I need.”

1 / 10
Barbie · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 24, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “Used this product for a couple of years and would have rated it a 9 until disaster struck with the August 2019 refill. It now has the worst smell and taste you can imagine. Smells like cat urine, must have a lot of ammonia which is dangerous to eat. Other people who have been very happy with this thyroid pill in the past are complaining their symptoms are coming back and some are getting quite ill and having burning throat and stomach. Something is very wrong and the company has been notified but doesn't care.”

1 / 10
Trish · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 24, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “Smelled rotten and I have had 3 seizures since I was on it! Went to er and switched back to Levothyroxine. I am starting to feel better now”

1 / 10
DT · Taken for less than 1 month September 23, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “I just started this medication today after being on actual Armour thyroid for almost a year. This medication is given me a horrible headache and calf cramps and stomach issues and pain. I feel like absolute garbage after finally getting my tsh level at a prime level. This stuff is terrible and the smell is absolutely horrible. Nobody asked me if I wanted the cheaper brand! Obviously paying armour pricing is expensive but I would absolutely keep paying if it meant I don't feel like I do right now. This is so wrong and its all about quantity and NOT quality. It's a money game!”

1 / 10
NeverSynthroid · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 22, 2019

Armour Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “Originally on Synthroid for my hypo/hashimotos. Made me feel way worse, I've never felt so terrible. After months of asking my Endo to switch me she said I should increase my dose and I fired her. I've since been on Armour for 2 years and I'll never go back. I used to be able to barely get through the day without a multi hour nap. I still sleep more than other people but generally no nap needed! Turns out I can keep up with the crowd.”

9 / 10
Mad in Florida September 22, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was on NP Thyroid for 3 years and finally got my life back. There’s a change in my most recent refill that has made me sick to my stomach, headache for days along with unbelievable fatigue. The pills smell like cat urine and taste the same. How dare you endanger so many people that are trying to regain their health. Do NOT buy NP Thyroid!”

1 / 10
Annie 55 yrs old September 22, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “NP Thyroid was prescribed for me for the first time, so I have no other meds to compare to. The first 4 days, energy, positive weight loss. 2 weeks my hair feeling dry & breaking. Shortly after this, hair is falling out from the root in GREAT amounts! I have fine hair and really cannot lose anymore. My doctor said to cut my 30mg dose in half. This didn’t help, my hair continued falling out. Finally she said to go off completely. I was on this for one month, 5 days. After going off, I got weepy, depressed, and felt worse than before I started. It’s been 15 days since stopping the NP, and my hair isn’t falling out as much. I’m not feeling as weepy anymore. I have some weird dry bumps on my scalp that just started since this med and I have a dermatology appointment for that next. The pills smell like urine. I thought that was normal as well. I am going to be very apprehensive about trying another medication. But for now still dealing with the after effects of this horrible medication.”

1 / 10
County girl September 20, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I am imploring everyone if they have had problems to call and report NP thyroid to the FDA. I did this today and she said they take this very seriously. Accella has to be held accountable for this .I have become very ill with this medication. I will not let fear of them pulling NP throidoil off the market.”

1 / 10
Caturine · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 20, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Has anyone learned any more about this cat urine odor and taste on recent tablets? I couldn't even get down one dose and I'm having trouble getting my doc to call in some armour. I won't take this any longer. Something is definitely wrong here. Pharmacist tells me it varies but in all the years I've taken this drug it has NEVER looked or tasted like this. Its disgusting.”

Just Me · Taken for less than 1 month September 19, 2019

Armour Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “Armour Thyroid seems to be doing quite well. Still in the adjustment phase, but no allergy. I chew my split dose and notice a difference instead of swallowing the pills whole. Everyone is different and adrenals plus iron need to be optimal for any natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) to work. I have run the gamut of NDT in North America and with the latest issue with NP Thyroid, went back to Armour. Well worth it. Symptoms abate every day.”

10 / 10
Jane September 17, 2019

Armour Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “I took this medicine Armour Thyroid prior to 2015 with excellent results- 6 weeks ago I went back on it because NP Thyroid had been reformulated. I had a bad reaction to Armour both the 45 mg and 90 mg tablets- I could no longer get up in the morning- naps at 2- severe rash on fingers and scalp-anxious- depressed- not sleeping-I am in adrenal fatigue- can’t think straight. I don’t know if these reformulations are a way to push people towards synthetic? Or some new fillers have been added? Or the pig thyroid is being processed differently? My main concern is my symptoms became much more pronounced with in days of taking it and it was to the point where I could not function at 20% of my prior activity level-also the medicine seemed to be very uneven in consistency- I had several pills almost send me speeding and 95% of the other ones put me in bed. TSH which had been in normal range for 11 years plummeted to the edge of 0.”

1 / 10
Delta Dawn · Taken for 10 years or more September 16, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I have been on thyroid for 15 years. 8 years before thyroid removal, 7 years after. I started with synthroid at the beginning, I felt “normal”. Then it was difficult to get synthroid and switched to Nature thyroid. Was on that for a very longtime, made me feel better, no headaches, didn’t fluctuate in weight, then the money hungry pharmaceutical companies decided that we didn’t pay enough for our WORKING thyroid medicine and didn’t make enough. So, I switched to np. Now I am back to being fatigued all the time, migraines AGAIN, weight gain, brain fog, cramps in my legs, the list goes on. When are these pharmaceuticals going to be accountable for screwing with the well being of 100s of thousands of people.”

3 / 10
Char · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 13, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Loved NP Thyroid but then started feeling really ill. Migraines, fatigue, nausea, joint pain, brain fog, etc.. this was my lifesaver and now just horrible. My dr switched we to medication from compounding pharmacy. So disappointed in Acella pharmaceuticals for changing what was a wonderful product.”

1 / 10
Rebecca · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 11, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “Has anyone experienced hair loss and nail splitting from NP thyroid? After 6 months I had enough and went back to Armour. Hopefully, that will do the trick! Wish you well!”

Marie · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “I have been on NP Throid since January 2019. BEWARE I have been in the emergency room 4 times since starting this medication. It started with racing heart for days and my blood pressure would raise from 135/90 to 220/110 in one hour. I was very, very ill went into to ER for this 4 times different times . I got off this medicine no more problems. This batch smells horrible too..BEWARE”

1 / 10
KK · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 10, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Switched from Levothyroxine to NP Thyroid in Aug 2017 and have been very happy with response - finally feeling a bit normal and lost some weight. But this last refill the smell and taste is AWFUL!! Like others have reported, I called Acella and got the standard answer that it can very from batch to batch - but I’ve been on it for 2 years and it’s never been like this! Hope they get it straightened out soon!!”

8 / 10
Donna September 8, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “I was told NP thyroid would be the best route to go having both T3 and T4. Even though I kept upping my dose, I gained 25 pounds and felt tired more often. Doesn't work for me.”

Karen September 6, 2019

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “ I am going through the same thing as other reviewers plus so many more side effects. I am stopping this np thyroid it has made me very ill.”

1 / 10