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User Reviews for AndroGel

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Hypogonadism, Male 7.7
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Reviews for AndroGel

PJ December 30, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “Due to Dr. Recommendation I stops injection testosterone and did 2 packets of 1.62% Androgel after 6 weeks, I had zero energy. I went from a low testosterone level 295 at the same start to a staggering 95 in these 6 weeks.”

1 / 10
HelpfulCitizen · Taken for less than 1 month November 12, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “This is my second review of Androgel. I have now been using it for about 11 days. Still very early to give a complete review. However I have noticed an improvement in libido. I have found myself thinking more about sex and also noticing women more. I have also noticed a bit more energy especially getting out of bed. I am on 2 pumps which is a rather low amount. It hasn't been world changing but it has only been 11 days and a low dosage. I'm giving it several months to really evaluate but if it keeps improving like it has I will be happy. Hope this helps others.”

8 / 10
Panda · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 23, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I'm 28, never used opiates or steroids....and had a T level of 84. 84!!! 2.5 months later, using 2 pumps a day of 1.62%, and I was feeling pretty good. Harder erections, higher sex drive, easier time in the gym. T levels came in at 524. My endocrinologist just raised me to 3 pumps a day and I'm excited.”

10 / 10
Griff · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I am 73 years old, androgen works well for me. Erections are beginning to come back after 6 months. So far so good.”

9 / 10
39 in LA July 21, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “2 years ago, doc recommended Clomid, a pill that is not FDA approved for Low testosterone. My number at age 37 was 191. At age 39, my T number was 121. First attempted Chinese Herbal Medicine, which worked, but hassle to drink 2 teas daily forever. Then I tried hCG, worked, lost weight, but cost $150/month for daily (self) injections. Doc recommended Androgel - HUGE difference. I have erections again, this time I don’t care if it shows! I can masturbate again. Sex drive balances out, but for now, I apply one packet per upper arm daily. Mood level has increased, and energy back. Foggy brain gone. It’s like now wearing glasses, life is so much more clear! Not as depressed anymore. What helps the Amdrogel absorb is: first wipe down the application area with alcohol wipe. Then apply. Wasn’t doing this the first 4 weeks and was only applying 1 packet. T absorbs better and I feel normal again. It’s embarrassing at any age for a man not to have equipment not work.”

8 / 10
Woody · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 13, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I am 70 years old and have taken androgel 1.62 for approximately 7 years. It has worked well for me, less fatigue, higher drive, less ED symptoms. The only issue I have is the cost. I am on Medicare along and have a Medicare insurance supplement plan. Even with this coverage, the cost has averaged+/- $200 month. I read a few months ago that several generics will be on the market soon so cost issues will hopefully be a thing of the past.”

10 / 10
B12 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 31, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I've been using androgel for 6 months now. I have had no side effects and the it has helped me. Thanks androgel for helping me.”

Dalton · Taken for less than 1 month February 8, 2019

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I've been on and off Androgel for over 20 years now. Having had other health issues, I ignored my symptoms of Low T for the last two years. My fatigue was quite heavy, I had night sweats that drenched me nightly and rarely a sexual thought. My number was 114.50. Very low. I felt the effects of Androgel that very same day. I actually had a sexual thought about six hours after applying the gel and I did not have the night sweats on the very first night. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I'm looking forward to more energy, a pleasant mood and a clearer mind of thought. I'm very grateful for this medication. The V.A. paid fully for this medication.”

10 / 10
Chiguy · Taken for 10 years or more September 12, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “My levels were around 250 been taking it for 10 years. Dr had me on 4 pumps a day. My levels went to 800 first test and Dr wanted it lowered so next test I did not take any for a day and came in at 580. He wanted me to take 3 pump or 2 pumps. I take morning and another 2 pump later. Stuff works for me ”

9 / 10
Smart dood · Taken for less than 1 month September 8, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “So if you go to a "compounding pharmacy" they can make you a 1.62% generic (since they only make 1% in generic). Name brand Androgel 1.62% walgreens quoted me $750 September 2018. Generic 1% was $450 without any coupons, which you can find online. The compound pharmacy made me a 1.62% pump gel and charged me $35. Yes, only $35 cash for a 30 day supply.”

10 / 10
Drew September 1, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “Had low energy and sex drive was about gone. 26 years old and am on an opiate blocker called suboxone. Suboxone kills your testosterone. If I would have known that I would have never gotten on it. I’m getting close to getting off suboxone. Been clean for a few years now. I would suggest this opiate blocker be used for short term use only. Anyway about a year ago I tested my T level and it was 280 ng. I decided to get on androgel and just got my levels tested and now it’s 660 ng. I’ve been on the gel for about a year and especially in the last month my sex drive has gone up drastically. I get sick of seeing negative comments saying topical creams do not work. These are false blanket statements. Maybe for a lot of people cream doesn’t work but for me it works. I would suggest anyone over the age of 18 to test their T levels. I’ve talked with friends who had PTSD and have been suicidal and TRT saved their life.”

10 / 10
ACE · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 28, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I started on this gel about 3 years ago I guess. I had had kidney stones and my urologist suggested it (I can't remember "why" now. I am not sure what I expected, perhaps better muscles, skin tone, ERECTIONS! Nothing dramatic happened, but after a couple of years( I think) I thought that my balls were shrinking! As it was a gradual reduction in size I guess I sort of ignored it, then one day about a year or so ago, I fondled my balls and I was horrified, what I felt was something akin to 2 baked beans-I mean REALLY tiny. I immediately stopped the gel, and after some time they came back to their full size (I guess-I hadn't measured so I can't provide "before" and "after" stats), But they seem a reasonable size. I guess if the benefits of the gel, are such for the individual that they don't mind the shrinkage, but for me, it felt like I had lost my masculinity.”

Biggs · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 13, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I went to the dr. I had my T-levels check came back 160 and couple months went by my T-levels are 473 feeling good. I highly recommended Androgel 1.62”

10 / 10
Keithc2485 · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 22, 2018

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I've started testosterone replacement therapy when I was 30 years old started out with name brand AndroGel 1.62 percent my levels increase dramatically. Then my insurance stop covering it I was able to get the injection of testosterone 100 mg intramuscularly once a week it worked amazing for the past two years. Most doctors, even endocrinologist don't know much about testosterone replacement therapy ”

7 / 10
Anonymous August 21, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I've been using Androgel (2 pumps per day) for about 3 weeks now. My energy level and sex drive is a lot better. In a better mood also. I haven't had any side effects yet nor have I gotten any blood work done either. I am 46 with total testosterone level at the low 300 level. Dr. thought this would help. So far so good... I'm very lucky to have insurance coverage and my copay is $40 month”

10 / 10
Kingbuba · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 14, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “My testosterone wad 153 and on the second test was 125. The doctor started me on two pumps a day and after 90 day it. Was 194. The only change was my atomic hot flashes had stopped. They were really bad and after the flash I would freeze in my soaked clothes. So now it has changed to bad night sweats. I do not feel the heat but wake up covered in sweat. I now use four pumps a day and it has been a week. I know I have to be patient, but if two pumps increased the reading by less than 70 I do not see that four pumps will bring me above 300. I have chronic pain and have to use a lot of opioids every day. This likely caused the problem and continues to fight the testosterone. My pain doctor told me I need to get on with my life as much as possible ”

2 / 10
Maynardsview May 3, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I am 33 was tested and had low t my results were 39 which is extremely low. I started on androgel 1.62 two pumps made me very aggressive and I would snap and get angry so I went to 1 pump in the morning my sex drive went through the roof :) . After 6 wks I was tested the results were 432 that was exciting I also gained 15pounds I use to weigh 140 now I'm staying between 150-156 I am stronger more energy can think better but I do have my days that suck it's all part of the test now not everyone is going to have results like mine so keep trying to find what it is that works also if your eating poorly that maybe the reason also try to eat healthy and workout”

10 / 10
ArtNM · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 4, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “This never worked for me, not even a little. It might have been a placebo. Testin works GREAT!!!”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 6, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “38 years old. I took Androgel 5mg /day for 7 months with no, or very few results. I went up to 7,5mg/day for a month with the same effect. The testosterone level is still very low. My doctor asked me to try Natesto for a month, we'll see from there !”

2 / 10
47 year old male · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 26, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I have been on the medicine just about 3 years now, and it has really turned my life around - I am 47. I use the minimum dose. T went from 150 -> 700 after just 6 months - maintains there regularly. One thing I do to help it work better is apply lotion 1 hour after using it every day. Turns out JAMA had an article that showed applying lotion or suntan lotion increased efficacy of absorption by 14-18%. I suggest this for those who are not getting desirable results. I get blood tested every 6 months - which is good, in my opinion.”

9 / 10
Michael1950 · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 2, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I am 66 and used Androgel in the past for about 4 years, max dose (4 pumps), with T around 450. Then med was dropped from formulary; I switched to Fortesta. Doc started me on max dose (7 pumps; has different concentration) but had to decrease to just 2 pumps to get acceptable T level (7 pumps Fortesta gave T of 3,500!). The formulary changed again and I'm back on Androgel 1.62% for nearly a year, max dose of 4 pumps, but T now only 175. This new stuff smells and feels different than the Androgel I was on before and is made in Mexico which makes me suspect improper manufacturing or storage. Am definitely not pleased with this product now, and wonder what I'm actually using. Will ask Doc about applying to thighs where I used Fortesta.”

1 / 10
DougB · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 9, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I took Axiron for a year or 2. My T level was 680 on my last test. After taking Androgel 1.62 for 9 months, my T level is now 189. My doctor is asking me to double up (4 pumps instead of 2). I am very disappointed in the effectiveness of Androgel 1.62 and also concerned with any side effects that might accompany doubling my dose. Any comment?”

2 / 10
Cam45 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 31, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male: “45 years old. Original test 160. Two pumps of 1.62 a day retested after 2 months tested 492.”

9 / 10
LwsEge · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 6, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male: “After using 2 pumps per day for 4 months total testosterone levels dropped from 224 to 174. Worthless product.”

1 / 10
Southern Guy · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 4, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male: “I had T levels below 200 and the Doc started me on Androgel 1.62. I saw minor improvements at 2 and 3 pumps per day, but didn't see normal T numbers until he prescribed a max dose of 4 pumps daily. I had libido and ED issues that have greatly improved. The main side effect I have is that I have some body acne on the shoulders and upper chest, I've also had a little more chest hair. Without insurance and even with insurance the gel can be too pricey for many.”

9 / 10