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User Reviews for Silodosin to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Also known as: Rapaflo

Silodosin has an average rating of 5.8 out of 10 from a total of 100 ratings for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. 41% of those users who reviewed Silodosin reported a positive effect, while 26% reported a negative effect.

Silodosin Rating Summary

5.8/10 average rating

100 ratings from 108 user reviews.

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Reviews for Silodosin

shawne-shakespeare · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 26, 2020

“I have irritative prostatitis (also BPH). I'm changing from saw palmetto/pumpkin seed diet supplement to silodosin gave an improvement in urination only initially. Zero or weak ejaculation set in, low libido and ED too. After few months, severe postural hypotension and diarrhoea set in, coupled with frequent slow urination (LUTS). Going back to Saw Palmetto- fewer side effects, approx. same long term effects on LUTS. Update: urologist suggesting change to TADALAFIL (Cialis(R)) 5mg.... might try and see what happens”

3 / 10
ordinary Canadian October 9, 2020

“The thing men have to understand about Rapaflo is it will shut down your ability to ejaculate. You can still orgasm, but it will be dry. It is a side effect that I don't mind At age 57 a daily orgasm is great but a daily ejaculation is way too much. It takes longer to get to my dry orgasm than it used to take to get to my wet ones, I like that too. If you stop taking it ejaculations come back, for me it takes about 3 or 4 days. My doctor suggested taking it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday then not taking it the next 4 days. I tried that, worked great but I honestly prefer the intense dry orgasms rather than regular messy ones. So I take it every morning, along with my Avodart.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 26, 2020

“As a side effect from silodosin I fainted, broke my neck and was lucky as I survived. The prescriber didn’t not tell me about the side effect of lowering blood pressure, causing fainting. I would say have a TURP and forget drugs.”

1 / 10
Georgia Boy December 3, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “My symptoms were severe. Got to the point where I got up to urinate three or four times but could not go for 20 or 30 minutes and then very little volume. Took Rapaflo and it began working in minutes! Same side effects with no ejaculate and minimal satisfaction. I began to experiment and took it every other day. The relief remained the same and the ejaculate returned. Best if both worlds.”

10 / 10
Jon-jon October 24, 2009

Rapaflo (silodosin): “My urine flow improved within just a few hours after the first dose. However, although I have somewhat of a climax during sex, there is no ejaculation, just totally dry, a weird feeling. Also, after a couple of days I noticed nasal congestion. This is my first medication for BPH, so I must decide if the treatment is worse than the cure. One thing for sure, this could be the first real male contraceptive to hit the market!”

6 / 10
FlaglerGrad · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 26, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I'm 40 years old and was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia last year. I was my Urologists youngest patient. BPH was so bad I was not emptying my bladder and was getting up at 4-5 times per night. It made work and home life miserable. I had the TURP surgery, coupled with a daily dose of Rapaflo and I cannot believe the results! If I get up once during the night, thats a lot. Now....for the side effects....I'm not too pleased with them at all. I have a very active sex life with a high drive. While I'm able to have an awesome erection and orgasm, I cannot ejaculate whatsoever! ”

8 / 10
Mike, MN May 25, 2010

Rapaflo (silodosin): “66 yrs old with moderate urinary difficulty, up a couple of times a night. Tried Flomax for a few months, but did not like the stuffy nose, light headedness, sore muscles and crazy dreams. Now taking Rapaflo, with only slight stuffiness. Seems to work consistently well. It does cause complete anejaculation (no ejaculation), slight to somewhat diminished climax remains, which feels a little strange but okay. Overall, Rapaflo works well and the pluses outweigh the minuses - much better for me than Flomax.”

8 / 10
SaltLife56 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 5, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Fifty six year old male. Obese but otherwise healthy. Rapaflo 8mg once a day for symptom associated with BPH. Rapaflo efficacy is measurably effective. Serious downside is decreased ejaculation intensity AND retrograde ejaculation. Dry as a bone. Talk about affecting quality of life. ”

6 / 10
AlekB December 6, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I am 55 yo. Had very hard time sleeping at night. Going to the bathroom 10-20 times a night. Due to my prostate problems. Tried Rapaflo. Totally amazing results. After first dose of medication slept through the night just like baby. HOWEVER absolutely no ejaculation. ”

10 / 10
Weirded out · Taken for less than 1 month May 8, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I was recommended to take Rapaflo due to a kidney stone my body was trying to pass, I took 1 pill & passed 2 stones in 2 days. That was wonderful, however not being told about the dry ejaculation freaked me completely out. I thought it just was broke for good now or that maybe another stone had lodged anything from coming out, haha but not really. Googled it and began to relax, but the other issue is my heart rate dropped so much I though my heart was broke too and in a real bad way. My energy level crashed and after a full nights rest had to lay down before heading out to work. And the stuffy nose was irritating to say the least. Lose stools, slight upset stomach but not bad and terrible leg cramps. It's been 2 days still same symptoms.”

bbbbbbb July 3, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Started taking Rapaflo about a month ago after experiencing horrible side effects with Flomax. I find that it only works well if I take it every few days, and then it only works for about 24 hours. Taking it every day does nothing for me after the first 24 hours. However, when it does work it reduces my nightly urinations from 20 to about 10, doubling my sleep. The ejaculation side effect is completely awful though.”

5 / 10
Adam777 · Taken for less than 1 month February 9, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I have problem with frequent uriantion especially at night. I started taking Rapaflo with the following effects: 1- Urinary symptoms improved some what 2- No orgasm 3- No ejaculation 4- Stuffy nose 5- Muscle ache So I decided to have frequent urination and I stopped taking Rapaflo.”

1 / 10
Larr123 February 17, 2017

Rapaflo (silodosin): “BPH, 2 acute urinary retention episodes in less than a month. Started with Avodart (0.5 mg) daily (in the morning) and Rapaflo (4 mg, before going to sleep). This combination seems to be working for me after 3 weeks (no waking up at night to pee, no urgency). Avodart shrinks the prostate (it may take up to 6 month to see improvement) and Rapaflo relaxes the prostate gland and the bladder's neck to make it easy to urinate. Rapaflo also gives me very strong erections (not sure why) and I do have retro ejaculation but I prefer that to the inconvenience of having a catheter in which can also cause UTI. Every man's prostate is different. Just keep trying to find the right pill for you.”

7 / 10
Spymann1 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 22, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Started to work immediately to improve urine flow and frequency. However the side effect of retrograde ejaculation became extremely bothersome. I did stop taking it for a few weeks and the side effect was completely reversed, however the urine flow issue was too much of a problem, so I restarted taking the Rapaflo again. Same issues which I tolerated for a while but finally decided to go back to the Urologist and he started me on a new medicine. ”

8 / 10
Cym February 2, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I have a prostate infection with an enlarged prostate and urinary issues. I was given Flomax (30 days) initially with antibiotics but the Flomax made me dizzy and a bad stuffed up nose. I was then given Rapaflo to help treat the benign prostate hyperplasia and felt only a slight stuffy nose and of course the most common side effect no ejaculation. These side effects are common. This medication is important in treating BPH and infections. I now have no discomfort and urinate freely. I still have two weeks to go. I won't stop taking it until the 30 days are up per doctors orders. For those people who are worried about the no ejaculation side effect, I have to say stick through and win the war. It will come back. Skipping or less sex for a month is worth it to get back to normal.”

9 / 10
Vox Infirmus January 5, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Have been taking an 8mg dose pre-bedtime for the past 5 days. Symptoms of weak flow and seemingly incomplete voiding improved markedly within 24 hours. Only, though significant, side effect is retrograde ejaculation, of which I had been forewarned, but had never been previously aware. Doesn't seem to make a great difference to the sensual experience while providing built-in birth control!”

8 / 10
AndyinMD March 24, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Been on 8mg of Rapaflo for five days. Diagnosed with moderate Benign Prostate Hyperplasia but a PSA score of 0.8. So we don't assume cancer. Rapaflo has worked well for me, increased flow, more complete emptying and a full night of sleep. Side effects were dry orgasm but no loss of sexual desire or capability and a stuffy nose/sinus-type headache easily managed with a routine OTC sinus medicine.”

8 / 10
65 Year old · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 29, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Difficulty urinating. Given a sample of Rapaflo by my urologist and warned about possible side effects - no ejaculation. Have been experiencing mucous and coughing and learned that this may be another side effect. Flow is much better and if you can get over the need to ejaculate the medicine seems to achieve required results. Used Flomax for a kidney stone in the past with success but only short term. One incident of bladder infection which was treated with Cipro by my family doctor. Any idea what to do about the stuffiness or must I live with it? Also on Lipitor and blood pressure lowering medicines (cautioned the Rapaflo in conjunction with it might cause dizziness but it hasn't yet).”

9 / 10
RandyThib October 17, 2013

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I started Rapaflo 8 mg yesterday afternoon after my urology appointment. Got up to urinate only once last night - down from 3 - 4 times a night. I am impressed at how "rapid" it worked. Stream is already stronger. Orgasm last evening was same in intensity but produced nothing. This really surprised me as I did not know it was a side effect. Just hope intensity and drive don't decrease as well.”

9 / 10
MVF · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 13, 2015

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I'm 65 and have had weak flow for years. It seems I've tried every drug available, but not much relief. First dose of Rapaflo gave noticeable improvement within hours. I thought I had found the solution until the diarrhea started. Cut the dose to the 4mg capsule once per day and diarrhea solved, but sexual problems set in. No ejaculation. Judging from this site this is not a minor side effect, but almost a guarantee. After a few weeks I began to have increasing difficulty reaching orgasm at all. My sex life is fading fast. Rated +10 for effectiveness and 0 for side effects.”

5 / 10
MauiSteve2 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 17, 2012

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Tried Terazosin but failed due to lethargy. Next tried Flomax but failed due to extreme constant headache. Next Uroxatral which had fewer side effects aside from a bit of nasal congestion. Had some mild constant pelvic pain so Urologist suggested Rapaflo. Very low nasal, or lethargy side effects, but this medicine gave me retrograde ejaculation and took away most sex drive. This medicine would be fine if I were older and not having sex. But I am 50 and my girlfriend is starting to wonder.”

5 / 10
orgazno · Taken for less than 1 month May 24, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and tried Rapaflo for two weeks. For me there were too many side effects to continue any longer. Here they are starting with the most annoying: No orgasm--was completely unable to reach orgasm after the first dose; throat swelled up and had a hard time swallowing; nasal congestion; blurry vision; ear ache; jaw ache; increased inflammation.”

2 / 10
30'sAgain December 15, 2011

Rapaflo (silodosin): “GENTLEMEN, YOU HAVE TO SHRINK YOUR PROSTATE!!! I've used Rapaflo for abouts 6 months now. Stops my urethra infections and gives strong stream. Take it in combination with Avodart. I couldn't grip my penis good to pee straight, it was so small from lack of blood flow! Yes, there was retrograde ejaculation. However, you want to win the war (Reduced prostate size and maintenance) not a battle. I'm 60% better than I was. ”

10 / 10
charal · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 8, 2014

Rapaflo (silodosin): “I have been on Rapaflo for 6 months. Results are mixed: some nights I'm up only once and others several times. Consuming liquids in the evening makes little difference. Sexually, the only change is no ejaculation which is OK, I guess but not great. Dr. recommends Avodart but the side effects of that medicine are serious in my opinion: erectile dysfunction, swollen breasts, loss of sexual interest. Not going there.”

5 / 10
charal · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 13, 2015

Rapaflo (silodosin): “Rapaflo taken at bedtime has reduced night time urination dramatically. Daytime, not so much but I do drink regular coffee so that is an influence. Not too happy with my ejaculations while on this medicine. Orgasm is minimal in intensity and almost no semen. The ejaculate seems to be going to my bladder since it shows up when I pee. No problems with erection or performance.”

8 / 10
Ender67 December 12, 2016

Rapaflo (silodosin): “For me it works well, with some caveats. Take it for too long and it's effectiveness wanes around the 2 week mark. However, when you go back it works in full force again. I also noticed it was not needed EVERY day either, skipping days worked pretty well too... the second day just had a much lesser effect but still there. Sexual effects? YUP! No ejaculate, reduced drive. All that. This is not a big deal to me. I am 50 and my wife works the opposite shift from me during the week so sex isn't happening anyway. When you stop taking them, 24-30 hrs later your back to normal. So I just typically take them on weekDAYS and deal with poor urine flow on day when sex is a possibility.”

8 / 10
Joe March 11, 2019

Rapaflo (silodosin): “56 years old with BPH, used to go at night only once , weak steam and frequent trips during the day. Took Rapaflo for 5-6 helped with flow and almost never get up during the night but the side effects started about a month ago, little or no ejaculate, soft erections and decrease orgasm sensations by 40%., stuffy nose . I will not continue taking the medication side effects are worse than the problem. ”

2 / 10
jlbte · Taken for less than 1 month May 28, 2012

Rapaflo (silodosin): “To make a long story short, Rapaflo worked, making it easier to urinate and cutting the frequency in half; However if you still enjoy Sex, well, there won't be any. You can forget having any meaningful ejaculation. After taking it for less than a week, there was absolutely no ejaculate. The frustration of trying to have sex is worst than the frequent urination to me. So if your not interested in Sex, it's a good drug and it works well, with little or no other side effects. I also tried Flowmax and it's merely a little brother to Rapaflo, with pronounced Dizziness and muscle fatigue. Neither is realistic for me. But give them a try, they make work better for you.”

3 / 10

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