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Silodosin Dosage

Applies to the following strengths: 4 mg; 8 mg

The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Usual Adult Dose for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

8 mg orally once a day with a meal

Comments: Patients who have difficulty swallowing may open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on a tablespoonful of applesauce. The applesauce should not be hot, and should be soft enough to be swallowed within 5 minutes without chewing and followed with 8 ounces of cool water.

Renal Dose Adjustments

Mild renal dysfunction (CrCl 50 to 80 mL/min): No adjustment recommended
Moderate renal dysfunction (CrCl 30 to 50 mL/min): 4 mg orally once a day with a meal
Severe renal dysfunction (CrCl less than 30 mL/min): Contraindicated

Liver Dose Adjustments

Mild to moderate liver dysfunction: No adjustment recommended
Severe liver dysfunction (Child-Pugh 10 or greater): Contraindicated


Safety and efficacy have not been established in patients younger than 18 years.

Consult WARNINGS section for additional precautions.


Data not available

Other Comments

Patient advice:
-Inform patients regarding postural hypotension and related symptoms such as dizziness. Caution patients about driving, operating machinery, or performing hazardous tasks when initiating therapy.
-Inform patients that the most common adverse reaction, orgasm with reduced or no semen, does not pose a safety concern and is reversible upon discontinuation of this drug.
-Advise patients planning cataract surgery or other eye procedures to inform their ophthalmologist regarding use of this drug, even if they are no longer taking it.