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User Reviews for Florastor

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Reviews for Florastor

Rivergal · Taken for 10 years or more March 21, 2021

For Diarrhea: “I use this daily for gut health. Most of the side effects listed above are common from antibiotics not Florastor. Hives, itching and rashes are allergies to antibiotics. I know because I'm allergic to all classes of antibiotics and those were just some of the bumps and strange rashes. I discovered Florastor as a result of a serous injury to my son. They had him on antibiotics for months. This was the only probiotic that worked while he was on antibiotics. My family has had no problems or reactions to Florastor at all. Also, when you start any probiotic, you often feel worse for a week and then everything settles down. I love Florastor and highly recommend it!”

10 / 10
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zammer March 8, 2021

For Diarrhea: “This is contrary to what Florastor is supposed to do, and the events may be coincidental. I report them as they happened, and wonder is anyone had a similar experience. I was prescribed the antibiotic Augmentin for an onset of diverticulitis. The ER doctor suggested I take a probiotic with it. I took Augmentin without effect for two days, until Florastor arrived. I took two of them with food in the AM. In a couple hours, perhaps fewer, I was struck with repeated diarrhea, about 5 episodes. I was wakened from sleep twice because of it. It lasted about 20 hours. I stopped Flotastor for two days, until I'd finished the Augmentin. I then took one Florastor pro and one pre/pro. Diarrhea followed, about the same as previously. I've taken no more Florastor, there has been no intestinal distress.”

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Patriot · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 6, 2020

For Diarrhea: “I took Florastor to help with an antibiotic I was taking, it was wonderful - until I got so itchy. All over. Palms of my hands, feet, head. Researched and itchiness is one of the side effects. Too bad because I thought it was great. Stopped taking it. 2 days ago. Still itchy. Driving me crazy!”

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flsuperman May 4, 2010

For Diarrhea: “I had to take this after I got C-Diff from all of the antibiotics the doctors had me on. It worked great. I am a nurse and have known several people that have been put on this after getting C-Diff and they have been very pleased with the results also. My wife has started to take it because she has many stomach problems and it is helping her.”

9 / 10
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IBS-D · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 13, 2018

For Diarrhea: “I can not say enough about Florastor!!! After suffering from IBS-D for as long as I can remember and being on all kinds of prescription medications; I tried Florastor not expecting much. 20 years of eating, setting my fork down & running for the restroom have STOPPED! I have my life back and can go out to eat without any worries. Thanks so much Florastor, wish there was a better way to show my appreciation. Life Changing For The Better!”

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Bobbe j July 11, 2016

For Diarrhea: “I've suffered for 30 years w IBS d and IBS C AND was beside myself because was not always able to walk 3 or 4 steps toward bathroom when diahrea started. Florestor changed my life...for the better. I've been taking 1 capsule a day for a year. That problem has cleared up completely and my IBS attacks have been greatly reduced.”

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rpking3 · Taken for less than 1 month December 28, 2015

For Diarrhea: “I am a 54-year-old man and have suffered from chronic stomach problems for more than 7 years--the worst in the last 3. I went 6 months gluten free with little help. Six month ago I started taking Nature's Bounty Priobiotic 10 (bought at Costco). I would say that it improved my condition by 25%. Two weeks ago someone recommended Florastor. I tried it and my churning, gassy stomach went away in the first day. BUT...I started feeling by the end of the first day a bloating of my upper GI that got increasingly uncomfortable with each passing day. I reduced the dosage from two caps a day to just 1 cap a day. No change. Bloated upper GI still. I'm on my fourth day back on Nature's Bounty Probiotic 10. No more chest pressure.”

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vblaes October 4, 2019

For Diarrhea: “Had terrible diarrhea as a result of taking an antibiotic that I needed to stop. Gastroenterologist on call recommended I take two Florastor Twice a day. On the third day I broke out and terrible hives that have not cleared up. Been taking Benadryl and using triamcinolone ointment to help. If it doesn't get better I need to go on a prednisone pack. Not happy at all.”

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Jonesy86 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 26, 2019

“Love Florastor. It stopped months of stomach problems from afib medications. I take FlorastorPre with fiber but I am lactose intolerant and it is made with lactose (gives a lot of people terrible diarrhea I've read). Once I realized that I started taking Simethicone, Lactaid, and Gas-X along with it because it works so well I can't imagine not taking it. I also take Pepcid. I tried Trubiotic before and it burns my kidneys. Florastor gives me mental clarity and much better digestion and I'm extremely grateful.”

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Char May 6, 2020

“I had a urinalysis that was suspicious of UTI. But no typical UTI symptoms. Took antibiotics for a week. Became severely bloated after antibiotics even this I took my usual probiotic during treatment. My doc suggested Florastor. I took it for 3 days. 2nd day bloating was gone. I did not have diarrhea but it did increase the number of bowel movements the 2nd day. But I developed severe and lasting pelvic cramping. By the 3rd night woke up with painful pelvic pain. Stopped it and the cramping stopped so far. Not sure if this was the cause. My urine culture did not reveal any significant issue, but maybe mild infection.”

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Clutch August 21, 2020

For Diarrhea: “Been struggling daily with IBS symptoms, and Florastor is the only probiotic that stopped it. Yes, it is stopped. Can't say enough about this. Good product.”

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Lin89876 · Taken for less than 1 month November 13, 2019

For Diarrhea: “Started Florastor for IBS and it Caused abdominal pain and bad heart burn.”

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Deb* December 16, 2013

For Diarrhea: “I had chronic ulcers, stomach pain, gas and one day on Florastor and all symptoms are totally gone.”

10 / 10
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broadcast49 March 21, 2017

For Diarrhea: “Started using this after surgery due to constipation. Worked great with no interaction. ”

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