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User Reviews for Xifaxan

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Traveler's Diarrhea 9.0
1 reviews 76 medications
Hepatic Encephalopathy 8.4
11 reviews 16 medications
Irritable Bowel Syndrome 5.5
54 reviews 137 medications
Summary of Xifaxan reviews 5.9 66 reviews

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Reviews for Xifaxan

Thumper · Taken for less than 1 month June 3, 2020

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I had terrible nausea all the time that was worse about 2 hrs after eating, my stomach would swell up with gas , I was belching but could not throw up, retaining water and terrible gas pain below my sternum. I have heart issues requiring water pills and blood pressure meds. I was stopping taking meds because of nausea and watery and gassy diarrhea, thought it was the end of me. Took all tests which were normal, probiotics made it worse. Finally convinced my Dr to try Xifaxan because read about SIBO on internet. The first 14 day course gave me 80% relief and felt much better , after 3.5 months symptoms came back so had another 14 day prescription. Felt good, now it’s been 3.5 months and symptoms are coming back. Is this possible? Can you stay on Xifaxan long term with 3-4 month intervals? My Dr is unavailable because of COVID virus. Any advise please.....thanks”

10 / 10
Judy · Taken for less than 1 month April 29, 2020

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Was prescribed Xifaxan for 2 wks for bacterial overgrowth small did help but didn't fully get rid of symptoms. I had sickness after eating, gas, stomach pain..etc. Was an improvement though. I do have insurance and the pharmacy had to use coupon one at a time..2 pills per was a pain but I paid 50 dollars total.”

8 / 10
Cindy December 20, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I have had IBS-D for so many years I can not remember not having to deal with it. About 3 years ago I entered a research program with a blind study of Xifaxan. When I started taking the real drug I could tell a major improvement in less than a week and after the 14 days I had no signs of IBS-D. This lasted for about 4 months and slowly the IBS-D started back. I have been on a 14 day 3x a day of 550 mg. for the past 2 yrs and this last time has lasted me 9 months before symptoms started coming back. I will speak with my Dr. to get another prescription.”

9 / 10
MR Meat · Taken for less than 1 month December 14, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Xifaxan was prescribed to help my IBS. My stomach tolerated it for 4 days, but now I can’t stay out of the bathroom. It has destroyed my stomach and I have been taking pepto and imodium to slow it down but to no avail. Be careful this can wreck your stomach. I regret taking it”

1 / 10
Been screwed December 13, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I paid $750 for 42 pills. The coupons only work if you have no insurance and are dead broke. I took the 550 mg three times a day for 3 weeks. I had only minor improve. This drug company should be ashamed. Totally outrageous.”

2 / 10
Abigail November 13, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Xifaxan did not work at all for my IBS. Made things worse.”

1 / 10
Abigail · Taken for less than 1 month November 6, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Stopped using Xifaxan after 5 days. Caused immediate bloating but wanted to give it a chance.”

1 / 10
Surv October 17, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I have SIBO/dysbiosis and was prescribed and took Xifaxan 3x/day for 2 weeks. Felt nothing. No die off or herxing. Then, several weeks later after completing the dose and still experiencing SIBO symptoms, I became seriously ill. No gut motility, could not eat or drink, experienced excruciating pain every time I took a breath, while having SEVERE pain throughout my body. Chills so bad that I was shaking. I don't even remember the first several days of the onset. A friend said that I called (don't remember this) and stated that I thought I was dying. She said I sounded terrified. Here's the thing. If you have a leaky gut, this drug does not "stay in the small intestine". So it had a systemic effect in a bad way. I am still recovering many weeks later and am not at base line. Actually, I feel worse than I did before I took Xifaxan. BEWARE....right now I have stomach pain and I didn't have this before. Most likely, it killed the good bacteria. Leaky gut should be a contra-indication.”

1 / 10
Nothappy · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I had IBS and Explosive Bowel movement’s at any time. Spent $422.00 for this medicine in the hopes it would solve my problems. It did not. Took the recommended dosage till the prescription was complete.”

1 / 10
SmokyHollow · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2019

For Hepatic Encephalopathy: “I have been on Xifaxan for 1 month now. I'm on Medicare so you know that story. Took me 9 months to finally acquire. Before Xifaxan I spent my day like a dog chasing my tail. Has done a tremendous job on clearing up my thought process. Would like to add this comment, shame on you The Food and Drug Cartel. Who are the real criminals here?”

Peewee · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 18, 2019

For Hepatic Encephalopathy: “Hi I have end stage liver and could not use bathroom for a bowel motion unless I took a bunch of lactulose to go, and when I did it was crazy I pooped my brains out. But I was having a problem because it would make me a prisoner in my home. Then I tried Xifaxan and after taking for three days no result, fourth day bingo and I stayed using it and it was more tolerable than lactose. So I feel much better. So I go to my gastroenterologist and told him it worked great but I now have heart failure "" not good"" ”

10 / 10
Suffering · Taken for less than 1 month July 26, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I took 2 week course of Xifaxan for IBS-D and suspected SIBO. Had side effects the first 2 days and then tolerated well, however, it did nothing for my IBS symptoms. The real trouble started the day after I stopped taking Xifaxan. I now have severe abdominal pain, bloating and gas and can hardly eat anything. This has also resulted in my doctor ordering blood tests and an abdominal CT because there is no information about adverse effects of Xifaxan and he feels the need to rule out other things. I’m happy for those people who have had success with this drug, but, I’m not one of them. Completely miserable; much worse then before the drug!”

1 / 10
Mick July 8, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “So far, this Xifaxan is a miracle drug. I have been on the drug for 4 days now and I am able to eat/drink items that I have not enjoyed in years (carbonated drinks/sweets/greasy foods). On a typical day, I would go to the bathroom at least three times each morning. Each morning I am having a solid stool one time! One time! I am hoping this medication continues to do its trick. Maybe even for long term.... fingers crossed.”

9 / 10
Feldez July 5, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I was prescribed Xifaxan because symptoms of SIBO. No test done because they’re not reliable, according to the gastroenterologist. I followed everything the doctor suggested, FOODMap, Align probiotics, simethicone for gas. After 11 doses of the 550mg 3T daily, I decided to discontinue. The bloating has gotten so bad and I am now constipated. I feel so much worse now than when I saw the doctor. It works for some lucky patients but not for me....”

1 / 10
Tex · Taken for less than 1 month July 3, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “So far this is great!!!! Did experience queasy stomach the first few days. But now all is good. But not a cure all. If you have other food intolerances this will not correct those. I am still mindful of what I eat. No sodas, greasy foods, milk (I use almond) or chocolate. These items cause me trouble regardless. I think this will work for me, at least I can eat without looking for the nearest bathroom.”

9 / 10
Jackie boy · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2019

For Hepatic Encephalopathy: “My HE (hepatic encephalopathy) did 180 degree change on Xifaxan. Better mentally, peaceful, actually. My wife and my friends noticed the improvement in me after 2 weeks on 550mg, twice a day. Still take lactulose because cirrhosis is stage 4.”

8 / 10
Sha · Taken for less than 1 month June 19, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Good Morning. I have IBS- mostly D and lots and lots of lower abdominal cramping that I can't get under control. My Dr. prescribed this for me to help control the cramping. It seemed to work for the first few days and then BAM stomach pain, and sharp shooting pains in my rectum and lower abdomen! So I stopped taking it. Also, my frequency to the bathroom did not change nor did the D.”

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 9, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I’m on round two of taking Xifaxan a two week, 550mg 3x daily regimen it is for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). My insurance, thankfully, paid for it both times. The first round, I was symptom free for the entire two weeks. Two days after finishing, my stomach pain and excessive gas returned. So I asked for another round. I’m one week into the second round and it is a godsend for my stomach symptoms. However, I think it has messed with my menstrual cycle as I am bleeding in between periods since I started taking this. It has also caused a yeast infection BOTH rounds. Other than that, it was extremely effective for the stomach issues. I just hope it killed the SIBO off! I don’t think my insurance will cover it a third time! It was $2400.99!”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 14, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Xifaxan was super helpful and worked for my IBS for the first week then stopped working. I think it might be because I accidentally got the pills wet because that seems the be the point where my symptoms came back. Going to try to get my doctors office to give me some free samples as my insurance won’t cover it again for another 3 months.”

6 / 10
Penny · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 10, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “This drug was amazing and helped my digestion issues in all aspects. Have been a little out of control again, and hoping doctor will prescribe another round. It was life-changing before...”

10 / 10
Woodsy · Taken for less than 1 month January 4, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I requested this medication from my GP after a long history of IBS-D and a recent diagnosis of lymphocytic colitis. I was symptom free within 10 days with a mild relapse occurring 12 weeks later. The relapse resolved with rest and dietary changes within 4 weeks. I had suffered from moderate to severe colitis for 6 months prior to being treated with Xifaxin. I would not hesitate to use it again if necessary.”

10 / 10
Flip · Taken for 10 years or more December 18, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Substantial relief of symptoms within 10 days. Note I still take this medication with no ill effects.”

10 / 10
Kmiz · Taken for less than 1 month December 14, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Do not take this drug! It made my symptoms of Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) TEN TIMES WORSE. Before taking the drug I had very mild symptoms, just some light feelings of hunger after eating. Now, 6 days after finishing a 2 week course, I’m doubled over in pain, severely constipated, severely depressed, unable to sleep, and in a constant state of emergency. I’m worried that now I have IBS. Please do not take this drug.”

1 / 10
Joe · Taken for less than 1 month November 10, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “Started to take this 2 days ago. I have IBS C for years but has been getting worse. Bloating, gas, foggy brain, no energy, especially in mornings, mild depression, insominia from gas pains at night. So far nothing.. fodmap diet helps along with exersize, probiotics and occasional Metamucil. Won't rate till done with script.”

KK · Taken for less than 1 month November 2, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: “I was prescribed this drug for SIBO! I was bloating and have gas issues to the extreme prior to Xiafxin. The gas is gone but I now look 10 MONTHS pregnant (overdue) I seriously feel I am at week 42 in pregnancy with a 10lb baby. SEVERE BLOATING AND EXTREME WATER RETENTION when on XIafxin! Feel awful, although the gas has definitely decreased”

3 / 10