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User Reviews for GaviLyte-C

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Bowel Preparation
5 reviews 117 medications
Summary of GaviLyte-C reviews 4.8 5 reviews

Reviews for GaviLyte-C

Sosick May 14, 2019

For Bowel Preparation "This is the worst God awful tasting stuff I've ever had. They say you're supposed to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes it's 5:30 I've been drinking this since 2 and I only got half the bottle gone it tastes horrible and it's not working yet"

TooTired January 1, 2019

For Bowel Preparation "Gavilyte made me acutely ill the first time I took it 15 years ago for my first colonoscopy and also my most recent in October 2018. Five years ago I used a Miralax prep for a colonoscopy with much better results and no acute illness. In October 2018 the doctor's office insisted I go back to the Gavilyte. I informed them it made me sick. They gave me ONE Zofran for nausea for their TWO stage prep. I got through the first part of the prep that started 4 hours after taking Zofran. But when I started the second stage of taking the remaining half gallon of Gavilyte at 2:30 am the Zofran had worn off and I became acutely ill. Not just with vomiting, but with malaise so severe from head to toe that I was calling out to my husband for help in between head-in-the-toilet vomiting. They called off the colonoscopy and the week of preparation was for naught. Now I have to repeat the process. At least this time it will be with Miralax NOT Gavilyte."

KnitterinNJ February 2, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "It's a lot to drink but you can do it. I used a straw and just chugged it down. I did use the lemon flavoring packet. It really didn't taste too bad. My suggestion is that when you first feel an urge to go.....Go! This stuff works. My doctor had me take 8 oz every 30 minutes, after the first two doses it started work. I spent the rest of the day on or near the toilet. An hour after my last dose, I was done. I did not have any cramping, nausea or vomiting. Overall, not a pleasant experience, but this liquid is not too bad."

Anonymous November 29, 2011

For Bowel Preparation "Honestly, it's not so bad - not my favorite thing to drink, especially in such a large quantity, but if you just chug it down 8 oz at a time, it's doable. It does work as advertised - I was on the toilet within an hour. If this is what it takes to be checked out (colonoscopy), it's worth it to make it easier for the doctor to see what he's looking at. Good luck!"

NASTY1010 January 12, 2011

For Bowel Preparation "This is the same as the other one with electrolyte listed but its nasty; to drink a gallon is horrendous. They need to make a better tasting type of drink or flavor pack or something. I have been suffering from constipation for years and to drink this prior to my test tomorrow is just beyond me. It's been since 9:30 am and I'm still drinking it. The doctors said if you get nauseous etc etc drink it slower and it will still do the job."


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