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User Reviews for Naproxen/sumatriptan

Also known as: Treximet

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Migraine   9.0
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Reviews for Naproxen/sumatriptan

Faith February 17, 2020

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “Best medicine in the world!!! It not only relieves your migraines but also neck pain from tension. You can feel it working. At first your will experience a lot of pain and you will sweat and next thing you know you wake up pain free!!! I strongly recommend this drug to anyone. Yes its really expensive if you don't have insurance bit some pharmacy's has special programs where you only pay 20 bucks verses $1,200.00.”

10 / 10
Autoyork · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 25, 2020

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “This medication is a lifesaver. It is the only medication that works for my migraines and I’ve tried tons, including Botox. Love this med. I have not experienced any side effects from this medication.”

10 / 10
Rodrigan · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 3, 2018

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “Treximet is my wonder drug. I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life and this is the only drug that offers fast relief and I can get back to my day without much issue. Side effects are minimal, but I do feel a little “jittery” after I take it. I use a mail order service to get Treximet and it is a huge cost saver!”

10 / 10

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Pat · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 28, 2018

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I have used Treximet for about 5 years to treat my migraines. Best drug ever for relief. Works for me in about 10-15 minutes. I have tried Relpax, and Imetrex with no relief. So glad you can get Treximet in generic now even though I have good insurance. Outrageous cost without insurance.”

10 / 10
Steph2 · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 13, 2017

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I feel extremely nauseous and dizzy for about half an hour after taking these, but migraines make me feel nauseous anyways so it's a small price to pay for getting rid of the pain. While the nausea and hot flashes persist I like to think that the Treximet and the migraine are duking it out for superiority in my brain.”

9 / 10
TipandJustin1432 June 1, 2017

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “This was absolutely horrible. I had a migraine at work and luckily I work for a DR office. I took one pill since that's all that's in the sample. About 10 mins later I was sweating, face was blood red, very very nauseated, felt weird, I was dizzy. I ended up having to leave work and go lay down. Here we are 12 hours later and still a migraine. I am glad to hear it works for most but I'd never take it again.”

1 / 10
Clumzyklutz March 20, 2017

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I've been dealing with migraines since I was like 10 or 11. Any chemical/hormone change triggers them. I'm 31 and they gradually got to the point they would last for 3-4 days. During that time (and a few days after it was gone) I had uncontrollable vomiting. I couldn't work and worst of all, I couldn't take care of my kids. I finally went to the doctor and asked him to please fix me because no doctor could ever find something that worked. I feel like Treximet has given me my life back. Within 30 min - 2 hours (depending on how strong the migraine is when it hits) I start to feel it working. Usually by hour 3 I no longer have the migraine. I can't even describe what a relief it is to finally be free and able to focus on life.”

10 / 10

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Mr. New York January 17, 2017

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I have dealt with horrible migraines pretty much on a daily basis for almost 14 years now. My Neurologist says I have some of the worst he's ever seen in all the years he's been in practice. I receive Botox treatments every 3 months and the only medicine that really alleviates the pain after trying dozens is Norco. Insurance wants to charge $32.00 per pill which I cannot afford, so luckily I get a few samples each month. With the exception of a couple times treximet always seems to help with in about a half hour or so. I would recommend treximet to anybody who has true migraine issues.”

8 / 10
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! September 18, 2016

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “Yes, the migraine went away. Its the side effects. Appetite immediately went down the drain, irritable, most of all itchy. Itchy all over like crawling skin. Even worse the itching focused on my manhood if ya catch the drift. Loosing my mind.... I don't recommend it.”

4 / 10
Mikeymikemichael July 16, 2016

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I have been dealing with migraines for 20 years. Tightness in my neck, and head along with sensitivity to light. I always just dealt with them and took excedrin, aleve, Tylenol, motrin, just to name a few, and nothing really worked. I ended up finally going to a neurologist who happened to suffer from the same migraines that I have. He prescribed treximet along with amitriptilyne daily and my life has changed forever since that day. It WORKS! Once I feel a migraine coming on I take it and it is gone in 20 minutes. When I would get migraines before they would last for up to 4 days.”

9 / 10
Kim455 · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 27, 2016

For Migraine: “My migraines usually consit of aura, numb hand/face/nose, and aphasia, followed by the severe headache alongside nausea and vomiting. They usually last about 3-5 hours until I can function again. I had been taking naproxen for my painful menstrual cramps. It worked quite well for this, and so when I felt my hand going numb last night I took a naproxen right away to see if it would help the migraine. Well, I still had most of the symptoms prior to the headache, however the headache itself was much less intense (about a 4/10 on the pain scale compared to an 8 or 9). I also did not feel nauseous and did not experience any vomiting. I highly recommend trying naproxen for migraine treatment. It made mine much less severe. I swear by it now.”

10 / 10
Gary E. February 27, 2016

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I started getting migraines when I was 20 years old and now I'm 23 and get 6 a month. I tried numerous medications such as fiorcet, maxalt, topamax, etc. When my doctor prescribed me treximet I assumed it wouldn't work like all the others I tried. I got a horrible migraine and took a treximet and was relieved about 30 minutes later. I was so happy I started crying. I never thought I would find something to work and it was such a relief to know I won't have to suffer my whole life anymore.”

10 / 10
Artsygyrl · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 13, 2016

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “It never fails that I get a migraine each month about 1-4 days before my period starts. About that same time, I get terrible back pain from the way my body changes. They started hitting monthly when I turned 36. Yay aging! About 8 months I got a sudden migraine that was so bad I had to run out of an executive meeting and barely made it to the girls room, hand cupped over my mouth. It was embarrassing as I had just started this new job. I decided to see my GP. She put me on Treximet. They are $20 a pill but with my insurance I got 30 pills for $60 - yeha! I take one whenever I feel a migraine coming on. They work best at night for me. If I take in the day I feel flu-like and sweaty. But they work!”

9 / 10
Lady L · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 30, 2016

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “If you take it at the onset of the migraine, it's a phenomenal medication. Saved my soul.”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 28, 2016

For Migraine: “I get migraines with and without pain. But usually have blurred vision and nausea. I believe its food related. I've kept a log of food intake, activities, allergies. It comes down to flour, msg, gluten.”

3 / 10
Shelly Gel November 10, 2015

For Migraine: “I suffer from daily, chronic migraines. Sometimes lasts more than a day. My doctor prescribed me Naproxen, and it has benefited me so much. I had a headache for a little over 2 days. I took the pill and within 30 min, my migraine is gone. It has really helped me and I couldn't be happier.”

10 / 10
carock · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 4, 2015

For Migraine: “My daughter has had migraines for the past 3 years since she was 9. As recommended by her neurologist, she has benefited tremendously by religiously taking Migrelief (OTC magnesium/feverfew/Vitamin B pill) with breakfast & dinner daily to prevent migraines, along with getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, & taking electrolyte pills when she exercises/swims or in excessive heat. And at the earliest sign of vision blurriness or onset, she takes one adult Aleve (naproxen) & one 50mg sumatriptan (generic form of Imitrex) & tries to rest/nap (better than either alone). Treximet is just a combination of these 2 drugs (sumatriptan & naproxen) but it is much cheaper to take them separately yourself than getting Treximet, still under patent.”

10 / 10
Cassie_Frump August 24, 2015

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I generally always have a headache but can get through the day with no problems. But recently my headaches really trigger my migraines and with them I get nausea, sensitivity to light, and extreme pain in my head! When I explained this to my doctor he prescribed Treximet and I am so glad he did. I take one pill on my onset of a migraine and within 30-60 minutes I have complete relief. I'm so happy I found out about Treximet !”

10 / 10
Stephanie3535 August 7, 2015

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I have to say I really love this medication. I have migraines 4 to 6 times a month. I try not to take it all the time due to me having hot and cold flashes. The first time I took it my head felt like I put something icy and hot on my brain. It's now going on a year and I still get hot and cold flashes but the side effects are worth it. I can work with being hot and cold. With my migraines I just want to lay in a ball and cry but know I can't because it will make it worst. This pill is a lot of money. I just wish it would come down in price.”

8 / 10
Tdebord June 10, 2015

For Migraine: “I have been suffering from what I thought was sinus pressure. Only to find out it was a migraine. This has been going on for two days. Vomiting , pain piercing my right eye and neck pain. About an hour after taking this med almost all my pain and vomiting is gone. I'm in love with this pill. Great med.”

10 / 10
StacyWill May 7, 2015

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “Just wow. I frequently suffer from migraines and excedrin usually does the trick. Every so often I'll get these headaches that last for days and excedrin won't work. My doctor prescribed me Treximet and what a difference. I like this drug because if you don't take it at the beginning of a migraine it STILL works. I had a migraine for 24 hours+ and took one this morning. Within 30 min it was fading and in an hour it was gone. The first time I took Treximet I did have the neck stiffness and fatigue, but the second time no side effects except a dry mouth and heavy feeling in legs that passed quickly. So worth not having to deal with a headache that can really ruin your whole day and just make you want to lie in a cool dark room. Love Treximet.”

10 / 10
KatHar · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 6, 2014

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “I have Migraines often and at times I have had to leave work due to the pain and nausea. My doctor gave me Treximet to try. I was amazed. My migraine eased or completely went away after 45 minutes to 1 hour after I took it and did not make me feel "hung over", drowsy or no other side effects. This medication is my miracle migraine medication.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 28, 2014

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “My doctor just prescribed me Treximet after my other medication wasnt working. I took it for the first time over the weekend. My head felt like it was on fire.. I see flushing is a side effect, but this was horrible. I couldnt touch my head, I could feel my hair follicles my head was so sensitive. The heat eventually made its way to my neck and shoulders. I was so uncomfortable until I fell asleep. I did wake up with my migraine gone, so that was a plus, but I would have preferred not to have dealt with the head on fire feeling, it was worse than my migraine. I'm talking with my doctor about it, maybe its something that goes away, or maybe I'm allergic. Pro: it worked Con: Painful side effect.”

8 / 10
Sandra D. · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 4, 2014

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “This is the only medication that worked for my monthly migraine, my co-pay is very high & and sometimes I cut the pill in half. ”

9 / 10
Dawn G. · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 7, 2013

Treximet (naproxen / sumatriptan) for Migraine: “Best headache medicine I've ever taken. The only one that takes care of a migraine well enough that I can still function. It's expensive, but worth every penny.”

10 / 10

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