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User Reviews for Iron polysaccharide

Also known as: Niferex, Poly Iron, Hematex, NovaFerrum Pediatric, Myferon 150, Hytinic, Nu-Iron 150, Ferrex-150, Ferus Pic-150, Niferex Elixir, Ezfe NovaFerrum 50 ProFe

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Iron Deficiency Anemia 7.8
6 reviews 94 medications

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Jas · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 30, 2020

Niferex (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “I’ve been unable to tolerate any of the previous formulations of iron so I was switched to Niferex with promises that it was much better tolerated by patients. This has actually been the worst one for me. Whereas the other formulations gave me constipation and nausea, Niferex gives me diarrhea, nausea, and such painful stomach cramping that I have to mentally psych myself up to take the next dose and then regret it hours later when the cramps set in every time. Tried it with food and no change. Yikes.”

1 / 10
Emerald451 September 17, 2017

Poly Iron (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “no side effects, no interactions, twice a day . I take this after having open heart surgery”

10 / 10
The More September 16, 2016

ProFe (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “Was prescribed ferrous sulfate because I was feeling tired and weak also I don't eat very well. Anyway, I couldn't stand the constipation and nausea I was getting from the ferrous sulfate and quit taking it. They also wanted me to take it 3 times a day....what? When I returned to my Doc he gave me ProFE and what difference it made! I only take it once a day and feel wonderful! My numbers are coming up and I don't feel weak and tired. ProFe cost me around $10 and it is worth it.”

10 / 10
Grammy W September 24, 2011

Niferex (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “I had gastric bypass surgery years ago and use it for anemia related to it. It is great at absorption and very little gastric distress if any at all...WORTH the extra money and cheaper by far than IV Iron transfusion.”

9 / 10
Anonymous November 25, 2010

Niferex (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “This is the only iron I will use. Much better in terms of gastric distress. Worth the extra money.”

10 / 10
Aunt Se March 1, 2009

Niferex (iron polysaccharide) for Iron Deficiency Anemia: “It works great but it is so expensive.”

7 / 10

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