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User Reviews for Avapro (Page 2)

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High Blood Pressure  
37 reviews 266 medications
Diabetic Kidney Disease  
1 reviews 14 medications

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Reviews for Avapro

Pauline Johnson January 27, 2008

For High Blood Pressure: “I am taking 75 mg Avapro. Each time I take it I sweat perfusely, sometime light headed and break out into rashes on my hand, leg, back any my vagina.Overall the medication works to keep my blood pressure in check. Its 138/75. ”

2jane March 2, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “ALERT!!!! I could not be awakened from a deep sleep the second time I took this drug. I realized later, I almost went into a coma! I slept for 13.5 hours, and a friend had to wake me up,pour coffee down me and make me started walking. I did not even hear my dog trying to get me up. It took over 48 hours to recover. I threw all of the samples out!”

1 / 10
rossacgi April 16, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “I started taking samples of 150mg Avapro and have been using for 4 weeks now. With medication my blood pressure runs 135/78 which is okay for 72 year old. I am now having knee and one hip pain and have noticed I am much more tired than usual. I am going to try some relaxation, slow breathing exercises and will see if I can come off the Avapro. ”

5 / 10
baldeagle02 May 26, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking Avaparo 300/day for 8 years and it has consistently controlled my blood pressure within acceptable ranges with minimal side effects. Some light-headedness after taking first thing in the morning. Overall I rate it great.”

9 / 10
almost60 August 29, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Avapro for about 6 months. My blood pressure is better however, I am extremely tired. I have tried taking the medicine (300 mg daily) every other day. I am going to try 150 mg and see if I tolerate it better. I do not want to try another new medicine.”

7 / 10
Karokat January 24, 2011

For Diabetic Kidney Disease: “I've been taking Avapro to prevent diabetic kidney disease, as I only have half of one kidney left after two bouts of kidney cancer. So far, so good. The Avapro has lowered my blood pressure also - sometimes goes a little too low, which is when I feel tired. Other than that I have no noticeable side effects. However, my doctor will have to find some other medication to protect my remaining partial kidney because my insurance company won't pay for Avapro anymore - even though my doctor says nothing else works as well. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous August 16, 2009

For High Blood Pressure: “I've quit using Avapro after three days. I am someone who has had chemo, but the side effects of Avapro were worse: Slept almost all day, no appetite, night and sometimes day sweats, nausea, difficulty urinating.”

1 / 10
emmatoad · Taken for less than 1 month September 22, 2017

For High Blood Pressure: “I just started on 150 mg. Avapro last week - Sept. 14, 2017. I can no longer drink coffee all day & night. I get a false angina pain, pinching. I was on Clonidine which liked but my hair started falling out in large handfuls. Eek! Also, about 30 minutes into Clonidine I had to take a nap. So far, this one is better but my coffee intake is going down to 2 cups and only in the mornings now. I'm a little dizzy for a couple of hours after I take Avapro but Clonidine was much worse, actually. I will see how it goes...”

5 / 10
Turbo t June 21, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “Feeling tired, dizzy, disoriented, off balance, leg pain, feel in a fog, headaches.”

jane99999 May 19, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “Extremely tired and sleepy all the time. Low energy. Even after sleep still tired.”

Anonymous August 15, 2011

For High Blood Pressure: “Controlled blood pressure just fine. But the dizziness upon getting up was pretty bad. Had to urinate many times a day and during the night as well. ”

6 / 10
SmithCC May 25, 2010

For High Blood Pressure: “This medicine gave me heartburn and stomach upset. I couldn't eat anything that didn't cause my stomach to be painful - let alone anything mildly spicy. My doctor had to change my medicine.”

1 / 10
bogdancimpoae · Taken for less than 1 month April 6, 2014

For High Blood Pressure: “It's good.”

7 / 10

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