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User Reviews for Guaifenesin / hydrocodone

Also known as: Maxi-Tuss HCG EndaCof-Tab Ztuss ZT

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Surfergal March 4, 2008

Hycotuss Expectorant (guaifenesin / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This prescription medicine does help the cough. However, expect the side effects as such described to hit home. I experienced all of the less hazardous side effects. Best thing to do on this medicine is to be able to sleep it off. Says you can take with or with out food but like many medicines try to eat something lite. Not greasy as it can upset the stomach and then posible vomiting may take place. This is my own personal experience with this prescription and it can be different per person.”

7 / 10
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Anonymous December 29, 2008

Hycotuss Expectorant (guaifenesin / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This medicine works great for cough. I also have asthma which usually makes my cough worse. This helps relieve the cough and reduce my asthma attacks due to the cough. It does make you sleepy and tired. Just sleep it off.”

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Kent56 September 27, 2016

Vitussin Expectorant (guaifenesin / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Vitussin and other medication containing guifenicin are very effective in relieving congestion as an expectorant. Vitussin also relaxes muscle tension in the chest from cough and aids in getting productive sleep. Very useful during viral sinus and other cold-like infections.”

9 / 10
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Tracy ยท Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2019

Hycotuss Expectorant (guaifenesin / hydrocodone) for Cough: “A bit too sedating. Highly effective for cough due to pneumonia caused by influenza.”

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