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User Reviews for TriNessa

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Reviews for TriNessa to treat Ovarian Cysts

"I've been on trinessa for about 9 years now. But for the last 3 years I have been having major issues that trinessa had previously helped with. These past 3 years my acne has come back, my skin is flaky and oily, I have unwanted facial hair, my periods have become much shorter which for me is not good, I have seizures during the 2 weeks leading up to my period, I am in immense pain and have severe fatigue during those 2 weeks as well. I'm not sure if the birth control has stopped working or if something else that the gyno hasn't found is causing this mess. Either way, this month I will not be taking it so I can see if being off of it helps anything."


Tiffers32788 December 4, 2017

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"I am 29 never been on birth control before.I recently started taking it due to painful periods due to uterine fibroids, I started taking it a month ago I would take it around 1pm and was the worst mistake ever could not control my emotions or mood was feeling foggy and in daze always tired could not concentrate always agitated. My friend suggested I start taking them at night before bed so I take them at 10 ish to 1030 now and makes a huge difference. I'm back to my old self now my periods last at least 5 days no where near bloating or the painful periods I've had before. I have not experienced any weight gain or any other negative effects besides the ones taking them during the day my breasts are sometimes tender but not a big deal."


Jlg07 September 16, 2017

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"Migraines and more migraines. I was getting up to 4 migraines a month to the point I started a headache log. I never put two and two together until I mentioned my frequent migraines to my doctor and he told me to go off Trinessa immediately, as it may cause stroke during migraine. Alarming, to say the least. I wasn't convinced that my migraines were related to Trinessa, but now that I've been off it for well over a month with zero migraines, I know that was the cause. I suppose it did its job in regard to the cysts (I have a hysterectomy, so I didn't need it for BC reasons), but the migraines and decreased sex drive were no fun at all. I was blaming hormones, but I was mistaken."


freefrompain (taken for 2 to 5 years) December 8, 2015

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"Taken trinessa for two months now. Helps me to have a regular cycle. Only thing that bothers me is that I feel really irritable and moody. I don't like that. I use to take orthro tri cyclen lo but my insurance don't cover that particular brand and I loved it because I had no side effects. I guess I should give it more time and maybe the side effects will go away."

Cfraz (taken for 1 to 6 months) October 3, 2015

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"This is my first time ever in my life being on birth control pills. My 1st week on these things my flow was heavier than I have ever seen it in years. I have always had my period regularly, but it would switch up once in a blue. My Gyno insisted that I get on them due to my PCOS. I am also unable to get pregnant and was also told it might help. So whenever I am ready to have children to get off the BC. I'm still not sure of how this works to get pregnant. I've just always been afraid to take BCPs only because I've seen and heard of the damages that have done to some women. Well I hope this plays out well. Will keep you all posted"


Di Casti November 3, 2013

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