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User Reviews for Primatene

Primatene has an average rating of 9.4 out of 10 from a total of 5 ratings on 100% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 0% reported a negative experience.

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Cold Symptoms  
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Anonymous · September 13, 2011

For Cold Symptoms "I have had a horrible cold with terrible coughs and unable to rest much. Mucus and stuffy/runny nose too. I took only one tablet and it works better than the cold/flu medicine I have been taking for a week. I can breathe better and my lungs feel much more free to breathe. Thanks!"

8 / 10
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TaiwanLee · Taken for less than 1 month · September 18, 2016

For Cold Symptoms "I had shortness of breathe for 2 days. I'm not the type to sit in the emergency room over ever cut and scrape. So I looked for something to help me breathe. I went to the Walgreens and the pharmacy suggested primatene. ITS AMAZING!"

10 / 10
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BreathOfAir · Taken for less than 1 month · March 14, 2019

For Cold Symptoms "Took Primatene while on vacation as I had a unexpected reaction to the smoke etc nearby forest fires all over California, I couldn't breath blocked up! This was recommended by my doctor and absolutely worked very quickly too. Did make me feel a little nauseous but I could breath, and that’s all that I cared about."

9 / 10
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Perry Grant · Taken for less than 1 month · March 16, 2018

For Cold Symptoms "I caught the flu a month ago which eventually turned into breathing difficulties and a never ending cough which is not good as I am a professional Singer ! I tried all the cough meds and syrups The cough would not relent ! Then I remembered about Primatene as I seemed to have all the symptoms of previous asthma attacks I had had Within two to three days of taking primatene the endless cough and wheezing has nearly completely stopped. I actually performed tonight for the first time without the continued feeling I have to cough ! It’s done wonders and I highly recommend it It truly truly has helped me to recover from the worst case of flu !"

10 / 10
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Kare Bear · March 16, 2019

For Cold Symptoms "After having pneumonia year ago it seems every cold ends in my chest. All the cough med the docs gave me did nothing, but this Primatene worked!!"

10 / 10
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