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User Reviews for Bentyl

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
92 reviews 136 medications
Summary of Bentyl reviews 7.8 92 reviews

Reviews for Bentyl

LEE · Taken for less than 1 month July 14, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I went to the ER one night was severely constipated an x-ray showed. Was given bentyl recommended by doctor, worst day of my LIFE. I have not been the same since. Its been 2 weeks now and and it has destroyed my life, my state of mind is off, I can not shake this mental fogginess. Reading other peoples experiences has given me hope that I will be normal again soon. Wish I can go bak to that night and never had taken it!"

wawrzekski July 13, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I have long-time IBS with two diverticulitis attacks within the last 4 months. This medication does quell my pain (10mg) within one hour of taking it. For this I would rate it at 10, however the side effects are very bad. Double blurry vision, extreme dizziness, lethargy and disorientation. Do not make any plans outside your home if you plan on taking this. I only use it when the pain and discomfort becomes extreme. So thankful my wife is a former EMT-I and a CRNA. She helps me much."

MH · Taken for less than 1 month June 30, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Doctor prescribed this because I have had loose stools and cramping for over a month now. This is my second day and this morning had regular stool for the first time. However, I have been short pf breath, wake up several times at night short of breath and what feels like a panic attack. I think today will be my last day taking it. If you are having anxiety this drug will exasperate your symptoms."

FifiLola · Taken for less than 1 month May 7, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I'm in awe of how fast Bentyl worked for IBS. I've been in a horrible place for the past 6 years; right after I had my gallbladder removed. I started dumping bile a few times in the morning to having full blown IBS-D with no relief in sight. Then my primary doctor recommended Bentyl. It cost me a $1 for 120 pills. Before the Bentyl I was constant pain and diarrhea with nonstop spasms. BUT now I'm starting to get my energy back, looking to getting out of the house more (you know the anxiety..where is the closest bathroom, will it zap my energy etc etc), and praying this is a long term fix. I'm already chronically ill with Wegener's granulomatosis, but this bowel situation is worse than that most of the time. If you are at the end of your rope try this. I think the benefits for me far outweigh the side effects. So far, week 1, the only side effect is it makes me nap. I'm on chemo too, so put these meds together and I really sleep."

Niya March 25, 2019

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "So I had a bad case of gastroenteritis and ended up in the ER due to bad stomach pains (LIKE REALLY BAD) vomiting, and unable to have bowel movements. The ER doc prescribed me Bentyl, and when I tell you I’m so happy to have found this forum, I am ecstatic! Not because this drug helped me but because there’s others who had the same HORRIBLE effects I had. Minutes from taking Bentyl, my mind was distorted , restless and I almost unhooked myself from the IV and walked out. I remember refusing treatment (ultrasound) which isn’t like me at all. I packed my bags and demanded to be discharged. I was a total lunatic, my mind was racing, I was very confused and I couldn’t focus. The car ride was the worst! I was hallucinating and in this weird foggy state for TWO DAYS. I thought it was tied to my viral illness but no it was from Bentyl. So when I say I’ll never take this again, I will never. I had crazy thoughts, I couldn’t sleep for two days, it was hell on earth. Never again!"

Anil · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 30, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I have spasms in stomach accompanied with pain sometimes. Even half tablet of Bentyl works like magic for me. But one can easily get addicted. Even if you have spasms due to psychological stress I have found Bentyl works."

Faith September 14, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "After my gallbladder removed and still didn't feel better, my doctor diagnosed me IBS and prescribed this medication. Within minutes felt better! This was a life saver!!!"

Ibssufferer · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 13, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I am a very tiny 104 lb 21 year old that’s been suffering from IBS-D post cholecystectomy. Now it’s been a year since I deal with trapped wind, intestinal pain & bloating, diarrhea. It is literally my ileum & descending colon that I feel spasming horrendously; I can only imagine it feels like labor. I have a love and hate relationship with bentyl. I’m an emergency bentyl user (read the potential long term use effects). This helps at least 90% of the time. And when it kicks in, I think, “that attack wasn’t that bad”. It stops the spasming and it decreases the pain; score 10 pain during drops to a 2 60 ish minutes later. 8/10 because of side effects. Mine include blurry vision and confusion. I had to leave work one time because I was just confused, blurred vision, and having an anxiety attack. Believe me. Stay at home for the few hours or take it at night. I honestly hope I helped someone because IBS sufferers need to support each other."

kamala1227 · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 12, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I had an infection called Clostridium Difficile in 2014. Ever since then my IBS has been worse than ever. This drug is a life saver for me. It works within minutes to help calm down the stomach pains. It helps immensely with gas pains. I love this drug. I have been on it since 2016 I had to have a stool transplant and I had the worst stomach pains ever after that for months. I take it as needed but lately I have had to take it more often due to an increase in IBS symptoms again. It does make me tired and causes dry mouth but other than that no side effects."

MOMof2 · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I was given this drug awhile ago as a doctor felt that I was experiencing IBS along with my GERD. I never used it cause I don't really like trying new drugs. Well about a week ago I either came down with some sort of bug with horrible stomach/intestinal cramps or a bad bout of IBS. I did not have diarrhea or vomiting but just bad cramps. I was desperate and couldn't even rest so I tried one of the 10 mg pills. I have to say within 45 minutes I felt SO much better and seems peak was about 2 hrs in. Was able to sleep as cramping and pain were gone! It does make you drowsy especially when first using it. That faded on day 3 but I was able to sleep anyway if I wanted because I was finally comfortable. TRY IT! And it's great because you can just use it as needed. I never needed more than 1 dose a day to keep things at bay but am able to take it 4 times a day."

Arleeda · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 9, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I was diagnosed with microcolitis after a colonoscopy. Up until the colonoscopy I had taken loperamide for the daily early morning diarrhea, which worked ok. After colonoscopy I developed severe abdominal pain - Left lower quadrant (LLQ) pain, especially during aerobic exercise. GI doc prescribed dicyclomine (generic of Bentyl) 20 mg 3X day--worked wonders for pain! But when I tried going without loperamide, diarrhea came back. So now I take both and things are relatively under control, although not "normal.""

AMYJ · Taken for less than 1 month May 9, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Doctor put me on Bentyl for IBS-C. Within 40 minutes the excruciating pain was gone and I was able to rest. Bentyl is a life saver!"

Linda · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 31, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "It's getting to be at least once a week. Cramping just like being in labor! Running to bathroom and sometimes not making it. Never know when it will hit or night. Lasts one hour to five hours. Now afraid to make any kind of plans. will it hit me?? Colonoscopy was fine."

EMB · Taken for less than 1 month February 26, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I took them for a week. They did not help at all. I have severe constipation, bloating, or stomach pain; worsening of diarrhea or other irritable bowel symptoms. I stopped taking them tonight. Ask the M.D. to prescribe another medication. The pain I feel right now, is excruciating."

cheap but comes with a price · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 20, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I went back to this due to side effects with another medication. Bentyl is cheap and works but the side effects make me dizzy and tired. I'll keep taking it because it't the only thing that works. Must take 2-4 times a day to not have cramping but def works for cramping like nothing else."

Arleeda · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 17, 2018

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I had had early morning diarrhea (no pain or discomfort) for about six months. MD recommended colonoscopy, which produced a diagnosis of microcolitis. I had already treated this with daily Imodium and was doing okay. After the colonoscopy I had horrible gas pains whenever I engaged in aerobic exercise and sometimes just eating would instigate them. I was given pepto-bismol 4X a day--stopped diarrhea, but not gas pains. Only heat pad or hot bath would do that. Then I was given dicyclomine and after a week the pain subsided. I still feel a knot of gas in LLQ, but it no longer hurts!"

newkidds · Taken for less than 1 month November 6, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Started on BENTYL about three weeks ago, the second day I was on it my IBS went away completely, I have had no IBS at all. After over twenty years of fighting IBS, I found a doctor that prescribed the right medication. "

Sarah0101010 · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 2, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "IBS-D, sometimes C... this medication is great for IBS-D. On numerous occasions I’ve been out to dinner and suddenly started experiencing the all-too-familiar cramping that always leads to terribly painful bowel spasms and the need to find a restroom, stat. I can take one Bentyl at that moment to ease the spasms, get through the rest of the dinner meeting, and make it to my home. A sort of pleasant “side effect” is that it seems that since the Bentyl stops the spasms and effectively makes me able to wait longer to use the restroom, my stool isn’t so loose when I do finally go. Also, there is so much less abdominal pain associated with a bowel movement. I would highly, highly recommend this medication! I’ve noticed no adverse effects."

Better belly · Taken for less than 1 month September 24, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "I'm still waiting to see if it's Celiac disease or inflammatory IBS-D. After 3 weeks of constant diarrhea, dehydration and trip to ER tons of blood work all negative & stool sampes all negative and 16lb weight loss I got in with a GI doctor. I'm waiting back for my inflammatory test & celiac disease test but in the mean time my GI doctor put me on bentyl 20mg up to 4 a times day to help with the diarrhea which is the cause of the weightloss in only 3 weeks. It's worked wonders so far haven't had any diarrhea. I've only been on it 48hrs now. The only side effect I have noticed sometimes it makes my heart race a little for an hour. I have a follow-up with my GI in 3 weeks & hoping to come off of it and be back to eating normal, he thinks I had a viral that caused inflammatory IBS-D"

DeannaWilson99 September 19, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "This medication gave me my life back. I can not get through the day with no cramping, no bathroom runs hoping to make it........I highly recommend you at least try this medication. Made a world of difference for me with absolutely no side effects. YES! THIS IS A GREAT RX FOR IBS!!"

Sam in St. Paul · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 12, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "After the donation of a kidney, I have been plagued with a wide variety of non-specified gastrointestinal issues. The most pressing was a severe problem with vomiting and retching, once I started I couldn't stop. My abdominal pain was off the charts, and the only thing that would work at that point was a pain shot to quiet things down. Once I started taking the Bentyl, it's really changed my life for the better."

black Jolie · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 21, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Best meds ever for IBS with diarrhea."

Plantero August 1, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Tried for several years. Doctor kept upping how many to take each day. Got to 4 and decided it just didn't work for me."

royd · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 24, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "Helped my IBS discomfort. Minimum help in reducing "bloating" but helped in reducing colon stress. Caused blurred vision, dizziness and tiredness as side effects."

Jennyybabe May 30, 2017

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome "This was one of the first IBS-D medicine I have taken. It worked somewhat, but it made me forget everything. And I mean EVERYTHING."


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