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User Reviews for Uceris

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Ulcerative Colitis  
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Ulcerative Colitis, Active  
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Reviews for Uceris

Paul · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 13, 2021

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Terrific drug. I use the rectal foam every other day. My life is now completely normal. The drug, however, is expensive, costing $600 and up for a month's supply on the open market. My insurance company considers it a specialty drug. The last time I paid ca. $100 for a two-month's supply. But the actual amount of the drug in the box of two cylinders may last as long as three months if the drug is taken no more than three or four times a week.”

10 / 10
Sara January 22, 2021

For Ulcerative Colitis: “It works really well for me when I'm not in too bad of a flare. I have been on it now for just over a year while I try all the different biologics, unable to get off of Uceris without flaring again. It takes a bit longer than prednisone to work so give it a couple weeks. It's been great for me while I try all of these biologic meds since they all take forever to see if they're going to work. I haven't had any side effects other than I started getting a ton of stretch marks for the first time in my life (I'm 37) and they kept coming even when I had stopped gaining weight. It's also been very difficult to lose much weight. I gained a ton while on prednisone a bunch over the past few years. I take the generic.”

9 / 10
Roxanne June 15, 2020

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I have had UC for over 20 years. Been on Remicade, Humira, zeljanz, Asocol, prednisone. You name it I tried it. I am now strictly on Lialda and have been in a flare for about a month. I was prescribed Uceris and the problem I have is, since I have severe urgency it is hard to keep the foam from wanting to come back out. My UC is in the lower colon and I go to bathroom between 10 and 20 times per day. It is very painful to try to hold in the foam. Suggestions?”

john88 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 21, 2013

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I was excited when I 1st heard about Uceris' approval for ulcerative colitis. I started taking it and the 1st few days I felt pretty good with minimal bathroom trips/stomach upset, etc. After about 3 days things got worse and worse each day I took the medicine. It started as constant cramping and stomach pain, and slowly having very urgent bathroom needs. I had to stop taking Uceris because it made all my symptoms worse. So know that going in, that it can help you, but it also might make your situation worse. ”

2 / 10
Ole john · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 23, 2013

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “Outstanding results after the fourth day using Uceris. Has none of the typical prednisone major side effects. Works in the lower colon. I used it for 8 weeks. Held the Ulcerative Colitis in remission for an additional 5 months.”

10 / 10
Kats September 26, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I have been prescribed this for microscopic colitis. I have been hesitating, and this site has convinced me to try it. I am on Medicare and my supplemental insurance has quoted me $1500 for this medicine for two months. My co-pay is $365 and only pays for one month. This is insane. What should I do for the second month pay $1500? Our world is crazy. Fortunately my G.I. doctor has given me some samples so I will try it. Thank you all of you for your comments.”

6 / 10
BP · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 20, 2019

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Went through months of bloody stools and frequent trips to bathroom with no output. Went to hospital for the 3rd colonoscopy in 5 years to find infection in rectum. They put me on Uceris foam, the first two weeks it didn't lead to much relief but around the end if the third week everything snapped into pace and the Uceris worked and everything seemed to go back to normal. Will see if this is permanent or just a temporary fix”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 8, 2019

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I didn’t notice a difference until the 5th week on Uceris. My symptoms finally went away and it looked like I was heading into a remission after a year of an active flare. I finished my 6th week of meds and then stopped the foam (since I was prescribed the foam twice/day for 4 weeks and once/day for 2 wks). After one week off the med, symptoms returned. The dr has me taking it every other day now. My symptoms are gone. We will see if this is another bandaid or if I’m able to get into a healthy remission.”

6 / 10
Ole John · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 22, 2014

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I have fought UC for three years. Taken several meds. Most work for two or three months, then I experience a flair. Uceris has placed me in remission for 6 months! Expensive? Yes, outrageous. When you have fought the battle I've been thru, expense is not the issue. What price being normal?”

Angostura · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 26, 2017

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I am now on my second bottle of Uceris. It took about 2 weeks before it became effective for my microscopic colitis; in other words, when my diarrhea stopped completely. After becoming effective, I experienced 2 side effects; first, swelling of both ankles that lasted a few days, less than a week. After that, I had no ankle problem at all, except for a feeling of pins and needles on both feet, which I don't find problematic. Second, an increase in appetite, which I needed, as I had lost 11 lb. as a result of diarrhea. The appetite increase lasted about 10 days. Uceris has given me a chance at feeling well, and able to live my life.”

9 / 10
Paunch · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2019

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “This drug Uceris may have initially helped but as time went (2nd week or earlier) on it caused so much, cramping, gas, bloating, pain & throwing up each day with my urgent other reasons for trips to the bathroom (and I had to have a bucket on my lap while dealing with the aftermath on both ends being violently ill). To have so much added pain to my already active flare was horrifying. I believe the time release part of the drug is to blame, as I’ve taken busidione in the form of Entocourt prior with decent results. I know it works for some people & that’s great, but others can’t tolerate the time release which was toxic to me.”

2 / 10
Geoege92065 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 25, 2017

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Uceris has been the best medicine I have tried for my collagenous colitis. Everything else did not work or had too many side effects. To me this is a miracle medicine. They say to take one 9mg per day, but believe it or not that actually made me constipated. For me nothing took away the D, even when I took seven Imodium a day. So I started taking Uceris on a as needed basis. It worked out to take one or two a week. So for me I rated a 10 with no side effects .”

10 / 10
D · Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks, 2 times a day. Will continue for 4 more weeks, once a day. Diagnosed with UC 15 months ago; was in remission 8 months and then daily bleeding and pain for past 5 months. CANASA hasn’t worked; hydro cortisone suppositories have not worked and so far, the Uceris foam seems to have reduced the number of trips to the bathroom, but still active daily bleeding. Hoping that the next 4 weeks will show that this is effective. Terrified of taking biologics, which would be the next step... 61 year old female who was in perfect health prior to UC”

5 / 10
clm3 · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I am now on this drug for the second time for Microscopic colitis . The last time was in 2014. The drug, in itself, works great for me BUT it is the drug company I have the issue with. They publicize that with their drug savings card plus your insurance, you only have to pay $25. THAT IS UNTRUE!! When you get to the fine print, you find that the company, in the goodness of their heart, will pay the first $800 ONCE per year for a drug costing $917.48 for 30 tablets. So, for the first script, it is a cost of $117.48 - hope don't need a second month cause then it would be $917.48. So please know this ahead of time!!!!”

7 / 10
Hopefully girl · Taken for less than 1 month December 31, 2014

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I have faithfully taken 4 Lialda 1.2mg everyday for 8 years. I tried all medicines such Asacol, 6-mp, etc. and had to discontinue due to side effects. I also use the Rowasa enemas/suppositories temporarily and when stopped, the rectal bleeding starts again and worsen everyday. I have never been in remission with Lialda. I started the Uceris on 12/04/14 and I felt better than I had ever felt since the diagnosis in 2003. Two weeks into Uceris, legs and ankles swelling. Continued Uceris and praying swelling was temporary, Then had shortness of breath and fluid buildup in my chest. The swelling was unbearable. I stopped the Uceris; swelling subsided in 5 days. I do not want Remicade or Humira due to side effects. Why Lialda; no remission for 8 yrs.”

6 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 27, 2014

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Been using Balsalazide 3x3 for 9 years or so with occasional flareups I could resolve with slight overdosing. Could not resolve present flare up. After a month of 4 bowel motions a day, blood, diarrhea, doc started me on Uceris. Next day change to 1 bowel motion, no blood, slight diarrhea. Now 1 wk later, pretty normal 1 bowel motion per day, with occasional nausea in abdomen. I think pretty good for a week. But the price is outrageous, and even my copay is $75 mo. Doc insists on giving it to me for 3 mos.”

8 / 10
Chillin24g · Taken for less than 1 month February 2, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I’ve battled this illness off and on for 16 yrs and have pretty much tried it all. I’m usually in full remission when I’m just on remicade and lialda (unsure how effective this really is), but I recently was forced to postpone my scheduled bi monthly remicade and promptly fell ill. I was able to get the remicade at about week 11, but by then was in a full blown flare so it didn’t throw me back into full remission as I was still bleeding, had rectal pain, and frequent trips to the bathroom. I was prescribed this foam and within 2 days noticed a substantial improvement without all the side effects of oral steroids like prednisone (horrible drug). Highly recommend this is your pain and inflammation is in your rectum / sigmoid. You can ask for lidocaine lubricant too to apply on the applicator for peace of mind.”

10 / 10
kkrc in ND May 16, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis: “My physician prescribed budesonide originally for my Ulcerative Colitis, but I felt the out of pocket price for this RX was out of the ball park, so after contacting my physician again they gave me a RX for Uceris, and sent me information to assist in the cost, but after my insurance coverage and the $600, that the "coupon" that was sent to me, the total still came to over $200.00 for 30 days.. I have a copay of only $20.00, but since some entity seems to have the cost of this RX I have not been able to afford it and see what help it is--”

UCWarrior · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2019

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “This is my last week using the Uceris foam. I have not noticed any significant differences over the past 6 weeks while using this. So unfortunate because I thought since the foam was going right to my ulcers it would really heal them, but instead I’m still going to the bathroom 6-10 times a day with fresh blood, painful gas and pressure. Doctor said my next choices are switching my diet drastically, prednisone or a biologic. Scared of biologics but think prednisone and a different enema will really help. Wish me luck!”

2 / 10
E November 2, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I felt like I was going into a UC flare so my doctor told me to take Uceris for two months. We wanted to avoided the harsh side effects of pred. (Just found out I have osteopenia at 23 because of my pred usage) Within a week of me taking it I started having extremely watery stool... I would go 10-15 times a day and dealt with this for the two months (the duration of the uceris course). My doctor finally tested me for C-Diff and I was positive! I can’t imagine I got the cdiff from anything BUT using this medicine because it happened a week after I started. I’ve never had C-Diff in the past. It was a NIGHTMARE! Because I got the infection, it put me back in a horrible flare- the combo sent me into the hospital for a week. I’m currently doing the Uceris rectal foam and that is working WONDERS for me!! My effected area tends to be in my lower colon so the foam put me into remission after about two weeks! Zero side effects.”

1 / 10
12 years and counting.... · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 9, 2017

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I have UC for 12 years, I was in remission for a few years and then all of a sudden I had a flare up, I have been one this medication for almost 2 months. When I first started on it, it helped for like a week or so. I had swelling in my face and joints and sore muscles and headaches. My doctor told me to stick with it so my body could adjust properly and it helped but didnt stop my issues. For the last week I have been going to the bathroom 10 times a day. Me and my doctor are now trying to figure out the next step.”

3 / 10
t urkey June 2, 2020

For Ulcerative Colitis: “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$20.00/tab ???????? Why people? Why? ”

1 / 10
NikaBoo · Taken for less than 1 month July 22, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “Had bleeding, diarrhea, frequent trips to the bathroom...Started to notice a difference within a day and a half of taking this. Not as many bathroom trips...actually starting to feel normal again.”

8 / 10
Lauren315 · Taken for less than 1 month October 11, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis: “No. I will never take this again. It has caused nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, broken sleep and whatever else wasn’t already bad enough with my flare.”

1 / 10
dee127 · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Lessened my trips to the bathroom but increased stomach pain. Palpitations and increased acne also. Stopped after 2 weeks on it.”

7 / 10
Jwillia March 3, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Only took 2 days' worth of budesonIde due to onset of excruciating headache, nausea, vomiting.”

1 / 10

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