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User Reviews for Adapalene topical (Page 3)

Also known as: Differin, Plixda

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Acne 6.5
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Reviews for Adapalene topical

Timoty · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 3, 2019

For Acne: “Acne doesn’t go away, been using adapalene for about a month and a half now, cystic pimples have reduced in size but still have moderate acne. Not happy with it”

2 / 10
Sharon · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 29, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I guess I’m one of those people who Differin does not work. I suggest if you are going to try this medication you purchase the small tube since this medicine is not cheap. I only have a few occasional breakouts, but wanted to find a product other than benzyl peroxide (BP)to get away from the bleaching effect. I gave it a 6 week try and like others who have left reviews here initially things looked positive. The “purging” seemed to clear my blocked pores, but I was having breakouts daily where I never had them before. After stopping for 5 days and going back to benzyl peroxide my skin has cleared and back to normal. I’m willing to put up with the side effects of BP for a third of the cost.”

1 / 10
Hilbean · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 28, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I wanted to share my experience with Differin as someone in the middle of the dreaded acne purge. I am coming into 6 weeks and I have to say this has been the worse my skin has looked since I first started breaking out 17 years ago. I am not only getting white head that seem to burst in the most inopportune time, I am also getting a lot of actual raised acne. It is all happening in the majority of problem area. The worst thing is that it is happening in clusters. It seems to be more painful than my normal break-outs since they come hard and fast. They also subside fast, but as of right now....more seem to be not far behind. Right now I can't help but giving this 1 star because this is pure awfulness...plain and simple. That being said, I am moving forward using the medication. I will update next week and week 8 when most of the purging is supposed to be at an end.”

1 / 10
Jlauns · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 22, 2019

For Acne: “I'm a 24yo male and I developed some minor acne on my chin, despite never having had acne before. Nothing I got OTC worked, so I went to the GP and was prescribed adapalene alongside an oral antibiotic. The side effects were nasty, I had red, dry, peeling, and itching skin for three weeks, even in places I hadn't applied the gel. By week four I was past the 'purge' and my breakouts slowed. However, this was short lived, as by week six my skin got worse; I broke out in places I had never broken out (my jawline, forehead, cheeks, and all around my mouth were covered in angry, inflamed spots, and my chin started breaking out again too). Whilst these spots were coming to head and healing faster, they left red marks like never before. My neck was also red and itchy all of the time, despite not applying it anywhere near my neck. I carried on using the gel for 12 weeks to see its full effect. Honestly, I wish I never bothered, it's made my somewhat minor acne almost severe.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 21, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I've been using Differin for only 6 weeks and my skin isn't perfect but I can definitely see a difference and I can tell it'll get even clearer! I was really worried about the purging and the dryness but my dermatologist gave me minocycline (prescribed pill for acne) and also a really nice coconut oil based moisturizer and I haven't had any issues except a couple minor breakouts! I definitely recommend going to the dermatologist before using this product because they can give you products or tips to prevent any irritation!”

Yayclearskin October 19, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I was prescribed Differin by my dermatologist in March 2019 and it has been the best decision I’ve made for my skin. I complained to her about my acne and how I had hyper pigmentation from it. When I started using Differin my skin was pretty sensitive for a week, it felt like I had a burn on my face but it was bearable. I wouldn’t say my skin purged like crazy because as I was getting more breakouts the acne got smaller right after. Mind you, my skin is usually oily and not sensitive. After about two months my skin was dramatically clearer. The red marks on my skin have also gotten lighter, but still haven’t gone away completely. I love waking up with clear and smooth skin because I wouldn’t have thought this was possible 7 months ago.”

10 / 10
AdultAcne · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 17, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I am 38 years old and am suddenly dealing with large cystic acne after several years of clear skin. I have tried every topical treatment since age 17 and decided to try this one that it’s OTC. The retinoid purging process is definitely real and it’s ugly, but the texture of my skin truly is improving day by day, even with the large breakouts from the purge. I’m going to stick with it as it’s only been four weeks and I’m pretty confident it’s going to dramatically improve my skin’s texture and appearance over the next couple of months.”

9 / 10
HPD October 16, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I've been using differin going 13 weeks now and I'm still breaking out in painful cystic acne EVERYWHERE. I've got 10+ cystic pimple on my forehead whereas I've never had them there before, and it's been two weeks and they're still not gone. It's painful, itchy, makes you self-conscious AF. I hate it. If your skin isn't too bad but you're thinking about it, find an alternative. It's not worth it. I feel like I have depression because of this.”

1 / 10
Rose October 15, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “Started off with few blind pimples on my chin and jaw line started using this Differin and formed huge cysts on places I never even got acne before. It started to get better after about a month and then got sooooo bad but kept using it until like 4 months. Now my skin is the worst I’ve ever seen it with pimples constantly showing up everywhere in the same spots even tho I discontinued use months ago.”

1 / 10
Leeben · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 13, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I started using differin at 48 years old. I really got into skin care in the last 8 years and could never get rid of my blackheads and bumpy skin texture. Seriously, I’ve tried all OTC products from drug store to department store. The dermatologist told me to try differin and it might even help my wrinkles. Differin has cleared my skin to the best texture I’ve ever had I without one blackhead. My skin is so soft. I’ve been using it for seven months. I started slow using every 2-3 days because of redness and burning. I found an extremely heavy duty moisturizer without any retinoids in it which helped me work up to using it daily. Make sure you’re not exfoliating with any other products in the first month or two. If you’re burning and red then skip a day or two. It takes your skin a while to adjust but the outcome is so worth it. Some of my sun spots have lightened as well. As far as wrinkles go, I’d say they are a tad better.”

8 / 10
Barbie Doll · Taken for 10 years or more October 9, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I got Differin Gel about 20 years ago. At that time it was available by prescription only. It took a few months before my skin cleared up. It really works!”

10 / 10
skmar · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 3, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “Differin burned my skin and destroyed my moisture barrier. I've stopped using and am now a week off of it, and ALL other actives and cleansers and am still red, itchy, and have super visible pores. I guess I am just one of the people who are extra sensitive or allergic to retinoids as I've heard many people have had a wonderful experience with it.”

1 / 10
Ers · Taken for less than 1 month September 25, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I love this stuff. It’s working really well for me and was a fairly smooth transition. I have some advice—definitely layer this over a lotion. Still works really well but prevents irritation!”

10 / 10
rebmc · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 24, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I am on my 15th week of differin currently and my acne and scars are really clearing up. I still get some occasional pimples but not a massive amount. Even at week 12 I had a ton of acne from when my skin was “purging” and the scarring was unreal. I never got massive amount of acne on my cheeks before using this product but besides the scars left behind which continue to clear up by the day. I’m very happy with how my face is looking even though it took 14 weeks to be happy and see good results. Stick with it because I came on this website all the time and always heard bad reviews but also good ones saying to stick it out and I truly agree to just stick it out. Or try something else if you can’t/won’t be able to deal with the possible 14 weeks of unbelievable amounts of acne and scars.”

9 / 10
Maddy · Taken for less than 1 month September 22, 2019

For Acne: “After fighting acne for years, this changed my skin overnight! It’s incredible. After reading up About this product I found out it kills the bacteria on the skin and I believe this is why it works so rapidly. I can’t live without it”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 22, 2019

For Acne: “I used differin for 4 months it did remove old acne hyperpigmentation scars but on the other hand my acne was worse than ever it began to appear in other places on my face and it was deep painful that I still suffer their scars so far my skin was never like this before. Totally not recommended”

1 / 10
Leann · Taken for less than 1 month September 21, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “Used this product for 1 week, during this first week my face turned red and started burning to the point that rinsing my face was painful. However it cleared up my acne for a few days then the breakout started back”

18 year old oily skin · Taken for less than 1 month September 18, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I’m sorry but I really thought differin would be worth it, but instead it broke my face out and continues to after 3 weeks. I gave up and went back to my Vanicream regimen”

3 / 10
Barbie Doll · Taken for 10 years or more September 12, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “Differin really works for acne, you just have to keep using it. I remember when I was in my late teens I started breaking out more than when I was younger. I went to a Dermatologist. At that time it was only available for prescription only. I remember her telling me to wash my face, and gently pat dry. Make sure your face is very dry before applying a small, thin amount on your face. She also told me that I would start breaking out even more after a couple of weeks after I begin using it. It gets deep in your skin and pushes all the oil to the surface. Your skin may get a little red and itchy. You will also start to see a little flaking on your skin. Don't give up. Keep using it. Eventually it will clear up acne. When I started breaking out more, I would apply my makeup to cover it up. I like to put it on at night time after I wash my face. Give it a try!”

10 / 10
Acne123 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 9, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “22 Male. Been struggling with acne (all sorts including cystic) since I was 14. Tried everything. Started using Differin about 5 weeks ago. Within the first week it removed 99% of my acne (including cystic). Week 2 face was clear. Week 3 started breaking out with cysts, week 4 new cysts emerged and my skin got progressively worse. Week 5, skin is looking terribly inflamed and acne ridden... Not worth it.”

2 / 10
K. Michelle · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 31, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I’m in my late 30s and deal with mild adult acne (mostly hormonal). After the first week or so I thought I was off to a great start and then everything changed. My face burned and peeled. Then the “purge” made me so self conscious, embarrassed and downright sad that I quit after week four. I had pimples popping up everywhere except my eyeballs. Seriously. There were pimples where I never break out. I finally searched online and read reviews NOT on the Differin website. Some said it cleared up after 12 weeks! I was never going to be able to deal with that outrageous skin for 8 more weeks! It’s not worth your money. No one should have to deal with weeks of extreme breakouts for a chance at clearing up acne 3 months later. I can’t believe they sell this. Please don’t buy this. I don’t want anyone else to feel as sad as I did.”

1 / 10
Anonymous August 29, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “I’m happy for those whose skin have significantly improved by this product BUT it has ruined my skin!! I started to use Differin because I wanted to clear up my CCs. I have oily skin and consistently get acne here and there. It’s frustrating but nothing compare to what happened after I used Differin. I’ve done some research before I starting to use it. I’ve acknowledged about “purging” or “retinization” but what I experienced was extremely horrible!! Regret.”

1 / 10
N · Taken for less than 1 month August 29, 2019

Differin (adapalene) for Acne: “Absolutely horrible experience. Do not use. Still recovering months after using differin and I do not recommend this to anyone. Made my skin exponentially worse, not worth the purging.”

1 / 10
Shannon August 23, 2019

For Acne: “Okay so I would like to re-review this product. I had been using it last year and I wrote a terrible review on it in January. My skin completely dried out and became super flaky and irritated. It ended up destroying my skin’s moisture barrier. However, I recently discovered how to correctly use this product. After following her tips- the biggest tip moisturizing prior to product application-my skin is clearing and is glowing! And.... wait for it... it’s only been 3 weeks! If only my dermatologist had taken the time to go over proper application of this product, I would have had clear skin a long time ago. So, if you are not getting the results you want, I suggest you d give it another chance! I am so happy I decided to give Adapalene another chance! At 28 years old, and dealing with awful acne past year, I’ve felt hopeless. Finally, I feel like this product could be my answer to clear skin!”

tuna August 9, 2019

For Acne: “My dermatologist prescribed me adapalene after I went to her with concerns over some hormonal acne in my jawline/cheek area. Before bed, I apply the treatment adapalene .3 gel in a thin layer across my face. It has only been about 2 weeks but during the first week I had already noticed a change in my skin (smaller pores, less breakouts, improved texture). HOWEVER, now I am experiencing painful dryness that has resulted in some pretty yucky scaling of my skin, along with red and blotchy dry patches. I am going to TOWN with moisturizer now but it is still painful and embarrassing. I will continue the routine and hope my skin adjusts.”

7 / 10