I sarted depo shot in august 2012 since starting I experienced ibs symptoms such as fullness bloating nausea consripation and diarrhea alternating more so diarrhea though and itd leave me feeling ill for a couple days after a flare up and not be able to eat properly as some foods triggered it to start and some didnt I was too anxious to eat as I didnt want to be ill and dr diagnosed ibs but said unlikely smptoms of depo not agreeing with my body but I am convinced it was depo that caused this :( my periods went strange which I expected for the first 12 weeks I bled everyday the for the last 12 only sometimes light spotting until a couple weeks beforw shot was due I decided not to go for my 3rd shot which was due jan 4th 2013 I am deffinitely not pregnant I have taken lots and lots of tests over the last 6 months as having no period made me paranoid about pregnancy. Im sure this shot messed me up as I have read how nasty some women say it is. Im eager for my period to return dr aaid its ok for it to return when its ready :/ so its just a waiting game . Im on amitriptyline 10mg nightly for ibs I sometimes take propanolol for my anxiety as and when I need it im sure its all down to the depo shot and im hoping when ive been off it for a couple more months I will be back to normal. Anyone else had similatlr experience on the depo shot? Any info would be great :)