..I had my first, one and only shot in September, but I hated it (severe emotional disturbance/moodiness/depression that wasn't there before), so I never had another. It's now May, eight months later, and I haven't so much as spotted since getting the shot, let alone had a period. Does this sound okay? I was hesitant to get the shot at all due to issues like rough PMS (was afraid I would be in perpetual PMS), chronic migraine, cystic acne, and weight gain on mini pill, but my GYN convinced me to try it since I needed something due to the prophylactic migraine meds I take, and many other methods of BC are contraindicated for me. I never missed a period before in my life or was irregular unless pregnant. I was confirmed not to be pregnant. So, is it normal with Depo for menses to stop totally for eight months in a 34 year old from just one shot?