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Has anyone used ambien to help nerve pain? I use it and it helps for several hours?

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kaismama 20 Aug 2014

Ambien is a sleeping pill and should not be used for other purposes.

Scobledoo 12 Mar 2015

I've got major back problems that effect how I walk, sit stand, everything really. I can only maintain correct posture for moments, and certain muscles get paralyzed from time to time. When I take an ambien, it all disappears and I can walk, run, jump just like I should be able to. Wears off after a few hours without any soreness. Check out "the ambien effect". It's a vice documentary that show some fascinating examples, a man who can't speak due to brain injury is able to have pretty normal conversations, and other

leenie61 31 Mar 2017

My 22 yr old son was in an extremely bad motorcycle accident. His hand was actually off and it was reattached. I cant describe the nerve pain that he is constantly in and was told he will always have it. He has been on all of the medications that are supposed to calm it but nothing seems to work because of the severity of the nerve damage.

I then gave him a 10mg ambien and to our surprise, it eased the nerve pain to the point of being tolerable. It also seems to last longer and is the best relief he has had outside of oxicodone's and oxicontin. I wish they were able to pinpoint what it is within the pill that has all of these other wonderful side effects of nerve/brain injury/pain.

Aletheia Rivers 11 Aug 2017

I have ulnar nerve compression in both arms, and median nerve compression in my right hand. I am looking into getting surgery to correct the problem, rather than to medicate it. Hopefully it will be successful.

With all that said I have recently noticed an unusual phenomenon: at night when I take my Ambien for sleep, the neuropathy caused by the compression completely goes away. It's amazing!

I've never tried using the drug during the day. I'm not sure that I will. But I sure look forward to it causing this effect at night.

I have tried Lyrica, meloxicam and tramadol. Ambien is the only thing that completely gets rid of the pain.

I think it must be more than a muscle relaxant or GABA potentiating effect, because I also take Klonopin and it does not do anything for the neuropathy. free discount card

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