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Schedule 4 (IV) Drugs

The drug has a low potential for abuse relative to the drugs in schedule 3 The drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Abuse of the drug may lead to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence relative to the drugs in schedule 3.

The following drugs are listed as Schedule 4 (IV) Drugs* by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA):

Drug name View by: Brand | Generic
Adipex-P (Pro)Generic name: phentermine
AlidrinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Alprazolam Intensol (Pro)Generic name: alprazolam
Ambien (Pro)Generic name: zolpidem
Ambien CR (Pro)Generic name: zolpidem
AmidrineGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Aquachloral SupprettesGeneric name: chloral hydrate
Ativan (Pro)Generic name: lorazepam
Ativan Injection (Pro)Generic name: lorazepam
Atti-Plex PGeneric name: phentermine
Balacet (Pro)Generic name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Belsomra (Pro)Generic name: suvorexant
Belviq (Pro)Generic name: lorcaserin
Belviq XR (Pro)Generic name: lorcaserin
Brevital Sodium (Pro)Generic name: methohexital
Byfavo (Pro)Generic name: remimazolam
Carisoprodol CompoundGeneric name: aspirin/carisoprodol
ConZip (Pro)Generic name: tramadol
CylertGeneric name: pemoline
DalmaneGeneric name: flurazepam
Darvocet A500 (Pro)Generic name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Darvocet-N 100Generic name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Darvocet-N 50 (Pro)Generic name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Darvon (Pro)Generic name: propoxyphene
Darvon Compound 32Generic name: aspirin/caffeine/propoxyphene
Darvon Compound-65Generic name: aspirin/caffeine/propoxyphene
Darvon-NGeneric name: propoxyphene
Dayvigo (Pro)Generic name: lemborexant
DiacetazoneGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Diastat (Pro)Generic name: diazepam
Diastat AcuDialGeneric name: diazepam
Diastat PediatricGeneric name: diazepam
Diazepam IntensolGeneric name: diazepam
DizacGeneric name: diazepam
Doral (Pro)Generic name: quazepam
DuradrinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Edluar (Pro)Generic name: zolpidem
EpidrinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Equagesic (Pro)Generic name: aspirin/meprobamate
EquanilGeneric name: meprobamate
FastinGeneric name: phentermine
Fintepla (Pro)Generic name: fenfluramine
GenRx TramadolGeneric name: tramadol
Halcion (Pro)Generic name: triazolam
IDAGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Intermezzo (Pro)Generic name: zolpidem
Ionamin (Pro)Generic name: phentermine
Iso-AcetazoneGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
IsocomGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Klonopin (Pro)Generic name: clonazepam
Klonopin WaferGeneric name: clonazepam
Larapam SRGeneric name: tramadol
LarkaDrinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
LibritabsGeneric name: chlordiazepoxide
Librium (Pro)Generic name: chlordiazepoxide
Limbitrol (Pro)Generic name: amitriptyline/chlordiazepoxide
Limbitrol DSGeneric name: amitriptyline/chlordiazepoxide
Lomaira (Pro)Generic name: phentermine
Lorazepam Intensol (Pro)Generic name: lorazepam
Loreev XR (Pro)Generic name: lorazepam
LuminalGeneric name: phenobarbital
Lunesta (Pro)Generic name: eszopiclone
LusedraGeneric name: fospropofol
MazanorGeneric name: mazindol
MB-TABGeneric name: meprobamate
Mebaral (Pro)Generic name: mephobarbital
MeridiaGeneric name: sibutramine
MicraininGeneric name: aspirin/meprobamate
MidchlorGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MidrinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MigquinGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Migragesic IDAGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MigrapapGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MigratineGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MigrazoneGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MigrexGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Migrin-AGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
MiltownGeneric name: meprobamate
MitranGeneric name: chlordiazepoxide
MitrideGeneric name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Motofen (Pro)Generic name: atropine/difenoxin
Nayzilam (Pro)Generic name: midazolam
Niravam (Pro)Generic name: alprazolam
Nodolor (Pro)Generic name: acetaminophen/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene mucate
Nuvigil (Pro)Generic name: armodafinil
ObenixGeneric name: phentermine
ObephenGeneric name: phentermine
Oby-CapGeneric name: phentermine
Oby-TrimGeneric name: phentermine
Onfi (Pro)Generic name: clobazam
Panshape MGeneric name: phentermine
ParalGeneric name: paraldehyde
PaxipamGeneric name: halazepam
PC-CAPGeneric name: aspirin/caffeine/propoxyphene
PhentercotGeneric name: phentermine
PhentrideGeneric name: phentermine
PlacidylGeneric name: ethchlorvynol
PondiminGeneric name: fenfluramine
PoxiGeneric name: chlordiazepoxide
PP-CapGeneric name: propoxyphene
Pro-Fast HSGeneric name: phentermine
Pro-Fast SAGeneric name: phentermine
Pro-Fast SRGeneric name: phentermine
Propacet 100Generic name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Propoxyphene Compound 65Generic name: aspirin/caffeine/propoxyphene
Prosom (Pro)Generic name: estazolam
Provigil (Pro)Generic name: modafinil
Qdolo (Pro)Generic name: tramadol
Qsymia (Pro)Generic name: phentermine/topiramate
Quviviq (Pro)Generic name: daridorexant
ReduxGeneric name: dexfenfluramine
Restoril (Pro)Generic name: temazepam
Rybix ODTGeneric name: tramadol
RyzoltGeneric name: tramadol
SanorexGeneric name: mazindol
Seglentis (Pro)Generic name: celecoxib/tramadol
Seizalam (Pro)Generic name: midazolam
SeraxGeneric name: oxazepam
Sezaby (Pro)Generic name: phenobarbital
SolfotonGeneric name: phenobarbital
Soma (Pro)Generic name: carisoprodol
Soma CompoundGeneric name: aspirin/carisoprodol
SomnoteGeneric name: chloral hydrate
Sonata (Pro)Generic name: zaleplon
Stadol (Pro)Generic name: butorphanol
Sunosi (Pro)Generic name: solriamfetol
SuprenzaGeneric name: phentermine
Sympazan (Pro)Generic name: clobazam
T-DietGeneric name: phentermine
TalacenGeneric name: acetaminophen/pentazocine
TalwinGeneric name: pentazocine
Talwin CompoundGeneric name: aspirin/pentazocine
Talwin NxGeneric name: naloxone/pentazocine
TenuateGeneric name: diethylpropion
Tenuate DospanGeneric name: diethylpropion
TepanilGeneric name: diethylpropion
TeramineGeneric name: phentermine
Teramine ERGeneric name: phentermine
Tramadol Hydrochloride ERGeneric name: tramadol
TramahexalGeneric name: tramadol
Tramahexal SRGeneric name: tramadol
TramalGeneric name: tramadol
Tramal SRGeneric name: tramadol
TramapapGeneric name: acetaminophen/tramadol
TramedoGeneric name: tramadol
TranxeneGeneric name: clorazepate
Tranxene SDGeneric name: clorazepate
Tranxene T-Tab (Pro)Generic name: clorazepate
TrycetGeneric name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Ultracet (Pro)Generic name: acetaminophen/tramadol
Ultram (Pro)Generic name: tramadol
Ultram ER (Pro)Generic name: tramadol
Ultram ODTGeneric name: tramadol
Valium (Pro)Generic name: diazepam
ValreleaseGeneric name: diazepam
Valtoco (Pro)Generic name: diazepam
VanadomGeneric name: carisoprodol
VersedGeneric name: midazolam
Viberzi (Pro)Generic name: eluxadoline
WygesicGeneric name: acetaminophen/propoxyphene
Xanax (Pro)Generic name: alprazolam
Xanax XR (Pro)Generic name: alprazolam
ZamadolGeneric name: tramadol
ZantrylGeneric name: phentermine
ZetranGeneric name: diazepam
Zolpimist (Pro)Generic name: zolpidem
Zulresso (Pro)Generic name: brexanolone
ZydolGeneric name: tramadol
Zydol XLGeneric name: tramadol

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) schedule information displayed applies to substances regulated under federal law. There may be variations in CSA schedules between individual states.