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Tiamulin Soluble Powder (Canada)

This page contains information on Tiamulin Soluble Powder for veterinary use.
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Tiamulin Soluble Powder

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Bio Agri Mix

(Tiamulin fumarate USP)

Soluble Powder for Swine

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Each 152.5 g jar contains: Tiamulin (as tiamulin fumarate USP) 55.7 g


Package sizes

152.5 g

DIN 02324407

Tiamulin Soluble Powder Indications

For the treatment of swine dysentery caused by Serpulina hyodysenteriae.

Tiamulin Soluble Powder Dosage And Administration

Add the contents of this jar to 1136 litres (250 Imp. Gal.) of drinking water (provides 49 mg antibiotic activity per litre). Administer at this dosage as the sole source of drinking water for 5 days.

For automatic medicators set to deliver 7.8 mL of stock solution per litre (1 oz. per US gallon), prepare stock solution by dissolving the contents of this jar in 8.87 litres of water.

Preparation of medicated solutions -

Pour the contents of a Tiamulin Soluble Powder jar into a suitable clean container. Do not use old galvanized or corroded containers as they may compromise the efficacy of this product.

Add approximately 4 L of drinking water.

Stir thoroughly until the powder is dissolved.

Add this solution to the required quantity of drinking water or make up to the correct volume for the stock solution for automatic medicators.

Directions For Use

Prepare fresh medicated water every day.

Water medicated with Tiamulin Soluble Powder should be the only source of drinking water during the treatment period.


Swine being medicated with Tiamulin Soluble Powder should not have access to or be treated with incompatible polyether ionophores (e.g. monensin, salinomycin, narasin).

Tiamulin Soluble Powder Caution

For use in the drinking water of swine only. This drug should not be administered to sows during 4 weeks after service.


If no response is obtained within 5 days, re-establish the diagnosis. Failure of response may be related to the presence of non-susceptible organisms or other complicating disease conditions.


Treated animals must not be slaughtered for use in food for at least 3 days after the latest with this drug.

Direct contact with skin or mucous membranes during mixing may cause irritation. Avoid inhalation.

Keep out of reach of children

Adverse Reactions

Overdoses of tiamulin have sometimes produced transitory salivation, vomiting and an apparent calming effect on pigs.

In rare cases, redness of the skin, primarily over the ham and underline, has been observed during medication.

If signs of toxicity or redness of the skin occurs, promptly discontinue use of medicated water and provide fresh clean water for drinking.

NOTE: During treatment, swine should be housed under conditions of adequate space and sanitation.


Store in a dry place between 15 and 30°C.

Manufactured by Bio Agri Mix LP, 11 Ellens Street, PO Box 399 Mitchell, ON N0K 1N0

NAC No.: 11610330

Telephone:   519-348-9865
Order Desk:   800-265-1763
Technical Information:   519-348-4402
Fax:   519-348-4100
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