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Target Equine Progesterone Kit

This page contains information on Target Equine Progesterone Kit for veterinary use.
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Target Equine Progesterone Kit

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: BioMetallics

Components: 6, 12, or 20 monoclonal.

6, 12, or 20 sample applicators.

1 bottle of wash solution.

1 bottle of substrate buffer A.

1 bottle of substrate buffer B.

1 substrate mixing bottle.

1 bottle of enzyme conjugate.

Target Equine Progesterone Kit Indications

For the determination of the mare's cycle.

Test Principles: Progesterone, a natural hormone that circulates in the mare's blood, is produced by the corpus luteum (CL) and fluctuates during a normal estrous cycle. Blood progesterone levels accurately reflect the different stages of the estrous cycle.

Test Procedure: Test Preparation (Serum, Plasma, or Whole Blood Sample):

For a whole blood sample, collect at least 6 drops of blood into a red or purple top tube. Run the test within 15 minutes after taking the blood sample. Invert the tube several times to mix before running the sample.

For a serum/plasma sample, collect blood into a labeled Red (serum) or a Purple (plasma) Top Tube. Allow the tube to stand for 20-30 min at room temperature or spin the sample down in a centrifuge. Pour the clear liquid into a clean glass tube.

For determining where the mare is in her cycle. A progesterone test is the most economical way to determine where the mare is in her reproductive cycle.

For determining whether there is a functional CL and thus, whether to use prostaglandin.

About 72 hours after a prostaglandin injection, or order to determine if the treatment was effective or if a second treatment is needed.

For monitoring the progesterone level during pregnancy.

For monitoring progesterone for embryo transfer.

Using TARGET with Prostaglandin: Prostaglandin is used when the mare has a functional corpus luteum (progesterone level is high) in order to induce heat (low level of progesterone).

In order for prostaglandin to be most effective, it is important to know where the mare is in her cycle at the time of injection in order to predict the result.

If a bright blue result is obtained on a first test, test again in 4 days to find out if your mare is approaching heat or is still in anestrus.

For an unbred mare, a white result indicates that the mare is in diestrus or may have a persistent corpus luteum. Prostaglandin may be used at the time of a white result to bring her into heat. About 72 hours after prostaglandin administration, a progesterone test will confirm heat (bright blue result). If the result is not bright blue, the CL has not fully regressed and could recover. Another treatment of prostaglandin is advisable in this case.

For a mare that has been bred, a white result 17-23 days after breeding can indicate pregnancy. Prostaglandin should not be used at this time, since it lowers progesterone and will cause an abortion of the pregnancy.

Using TARGET with Regu-Mater: TARGET is designed to recognize only the natural progesterone hormone. Regu-Mate® is a synthetic hormone and will not be detected by TARGET. When using TARGET to monitor pregnancy while Regu-Mate® is being given, a white result indicates the progesterone-deficient mare is producing enough progesterone to be taken off therapy.

Using TARGET to Monitor Pregnancy: Low levels of progesterone at any stage of pregnancy are a major cause of early embryo loss or late-term abortion. To determine if progesterone levels are adequate for pregnancy, test a sample 12-14 days after ovulation. Retest at various intervals during pregnancy to insure adequate progesterone levels are being maintained.

A white result indicates progesterone levels are adequate for pregnancy maintenance. The minimum safe level to maintain pregnancy is 4 ng/mL progesterone (a very faint blue result or white).

A bright blue or light blue result indicates a progesterone-deficient mare.

Using TARGET for Embryo Transfer: TARGET can be especially useful in embryo transfer programs where following the estrous cycles closely is essential in synchronizing the donor with a recipient mare.

Other Uses: TARGET can be used for pregnancy detection. A white result obtained 21-23 days after breeding indicates pregnancy. Note: TARGET indicates the presence of progesterone not specifically pregnancy. A positive indication of pregnancy should be confirmed by palpation or ultrasound.

Test Interpretation: No Cycling Occurs:

Winter Anestrus: No ovulation occurs during this time and therefore there is no progesterone. The test result is bright blue.

Transition Period: Developing follicles are detected by palpation. If ovulation has not occurred for the season, test result is bright blue.

Cycling Begins After the First Ovulation:

Estrus: The cycle begins. The normal cycle is 21-22 days. East heat (estrus) lasts 5-7 days. Progesterone levels are lowest during this time. The test result is bright blue.

After Ovulation (Day 0): The CL forms on the ovary and begins producing progesterone and the progesterone levels rise. The test result is light blue.

Diestrus: The progesterone concentration is very high during the 14-15 days of the diestrus period. The test result is white.

In the unbred mare, the CL regresses around day 16. The progesterone levels fall and the cycle is repeated.

In the pregnant mare, progesterone levels remain elevated beyond 17 days post breeding.


Store this kit in the refrigerator when not in use. Do not freeze.

Always reseal the plastic bag after removing a test cup.

Caution(s): Timing during Step 2 (time of the enzyme) is important: one (1) minute.

Do not exchange test cups or reagents between different kits.

Presentation: 6, 12, or 20 tests.

CPN: 14850010

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