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Surgical Adhesive

This page contains information on Surgical Adhesive for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Surgical Adhesive Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Surgical Adhesive
  • Direction and dosage information for Surgical Adhesive

Surgical Adhesive

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: VetOne

Formulated Cyanoacrylate


VetOne Surgical Adhesive contains purified n-butyl cyanoacrylate monomer, stabilizers, and a D&C certified dye that permits differentiation between the product and bodily


ACTION: VetOne Surgical Adhesive is a monomeric formulation that, upon contact with an alkaline, pH environment, polymerizes to form a thin, flexible waterproof bandage. It polymerizes in approximately one second after contact with moist wound surfaces. Polymerization is slower on a dry field. By sealing off capillary ends, VetOne Surgical Adhesive acts as a hemostatic agent. It also seals off exposed nerve endings. Epithelial regeneration begins to occur under the VetOne Surgical Adhesive bandage in 3-4 days. The bandage is sloughed naturally in 5-7 days.

Surgical Adhesive Indications

VetOne Surgical Adhesive is indicated for veterinary use only. The liquid form is indicated for wound management in a variety of situations such as:

● Lacerations and abrasions

● Cat declaws

● Cuts

● Tail docking


VetOne Surgical Adhesive is contraindicated in the management of infected and deep puncture wounds.

Directions For Use

Proper preparation of the wound site is critical for using VetOne Surgical Adhesive successfully. If antiseptic treatment is desired for the wound site, wash the area with a povidone solution. Do not use other topical ointments or salves because they may interfere with the formation of the VetOne Surgical Adhesive bandage.

After preparing the wound site, use sterile gauze to remove any accumulating blood or moisture from the wound. DO NOT APPLY VETONE SURGICAL ADHESIVE OVER A POOL OF BLOOD OR FLUID. This causes improper polymerization of the bandage and results in premature sloughing of the bandage.

Hold the tip of the bottle, fitted with the applicator tip, slightly above the wound. Release the VetOne Surgical Adhesive drops, one at a time, until the wound is completely covered. The VetOne Surgical Adhesive bandage should extend slightly beyond the wound onto healthy tissue. DO NOT OVER-APPLY. A light, thin coat is better than a thick, heavy coat. Too much VetOne Surgical Adhesive will lose flexibility and could develop microscopic cracks.

USE OF THE APPLICATOR TIP: The applicator tip fits snugly into the tip on the bottle. This tip allows greater control over the size and placement of the drop. Also, the tip can be bent, providing easier delivery in tight places. After use, remove the pipette and discard. Wipe the applicator tip clean before replacing the cap.

REMOVAL: VetOne Surgical Adhesive can be removed from skin or other surfaces with dimethylsulfoxide or acetone.


● Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

● Avoid contact with clothing because the stain will be permanent.

● Avoid contact with metal instruments.


Store at room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 32°C (90°F). The product should not be used beyond the indicated expiration date.

How Supplied

Supplied in individual packages. Each package contains:

● Dropper bottle containing 2.0 mL

● Applicator tips

● Package insert

Distributed by: MWI, Boise, ID 83705

(888) 694-8381

Manufactured by: Riverpoint Medical, LLC, Portland, OR 97232

For Veterinary Use Only

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Net Contents:


2 mL

V1 510077

CPN: 13151251

Distributed by MWI Animal Health

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