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Superwash (Canada)

This page contains information on Superwash for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Superwash Indications
  • Warnings and cautions for Superwash
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ecolab Food & Beverage

Antiseptic Udder Wash Solution

DIN: 02186098

For Veterinary Use Only

A&L Laboratories

Active Ingredients

Chlorhexidine Acetate 1.2% (w/w)

Superwash Indications

As an aid in the sanitary prepping of dairy cows’ udders and teats prior to milking. Used regularly in a program of udder hygiene, this antiseptic udder wash helps prevent and control mastitis in dairy cattle by reducing the bacterial population on teats and udder.

Directions For Use

It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian if cow’s teats are sore or chapped before starting or using Superwash. Prior to milking prepare an udder wash solution in a plastic pail using 30 mL (1 oz) of Superwash in each 18.9 L (5 U.S. gallons) of 43°-46°C (110°-115°F) warm water. Approximately one minute before applying milking unit, wash and massage teats with a clean paper towel wetted with the udder wash solution. Use a second paper towel to dry the teats before applying the milking unit. Discard the used towel. Use a clean towel for each cow. Avoid contamination of udder wash solution by dirt and soil. Do not reuse towels or dip used towels back into the udder wash solution. Use solution intended to be discarded immediately after use.

Check udder for abnormal milk before milk is allowed to enter the bulk tank.

Do not use for cleaning and/or sanitizing milking equipment.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Avoid freezing. Store this product in a cool (less than 25°C) dry area away from direct sunlight and heat to avoid deterioration. Dispose only in compliance with provincial and local laws.

SPILLAGE: In case of a small spill (less than 4 litres), flood area with a large quantity of water. For larger spills, contain and remove with inert absorbent and dispose of according to provincial and local laws.

CAUTIONS: For external use only. During cold weather do not turn cows out until teats are dry to prevent chapping and freezing. If necessary, wipe dry with a single paper towel. If teat irritation occurs, discontinue use until irritation subsides. Consult your veterinarian and milking equipment service personnel if irritation persists.


Wash hands after handling. No withdrawal period for meat and withholding time for milk are required when used according to the label.

First Aid

Eye Contact: Rinse with plenty of water.

Skin Contact: Rinse with water.

Inhalation: Get medical attention if symptoms occur.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.



EMERGENCY HEALTH INFORMATION: 1 800 328 0026. If located outside the United States and Canada, call collect 1 651 222 5352 (number is in the US).

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Manufactured By: Ecolab Inc., 370 Wabasha Street North, St. Paul, MN 55102-1390

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18.9 L (5 US GAL)



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