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QuadriCal Calcium Bolus

This page contains information on QuadriCal Calcium Bolus for veterinary use.
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QuadriCal Calcium Bolus

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Bio-Vet

Calcium bolus supplement for adult dairy cattle.


(per 3 bolus feeding)

Calcium (minimum):

54,000 mg

Calcium (maximum):

64,000 mg


Calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium propionate, calcium lactate, water, niacin supplement, vitamin D3 supplement.

Recommended Uses

A calcium supplement for large dairy cattle having the ability to swallow at calving.

Feeding Directions

Feed orally using Bio-Vet’s 32 mm diameter multi-dose balling gun. For best results, use in conjunction with RumenAider® or Rumacin™ Cattle Capsules.

If an animal is too small or unable to swallow this product easily, discontinue use immediately. Feeding forcibly or to animals unable to swallow this product for any reason may result in serious injury or death of the animal.

Dairy cows:

Three boluses at calving time. Repeat 12 to 24 hours later as needed.

For all dairy cattle having the ability to swallow.

1st lactation- at calving.

2nd lactation- at calving, repeat 12 hours later.

3rd lactation and older, cows with a history of hypocalcemia, high Mature Equivalent cows, lame cows- at calving, repeat 12 hours later. Follow up once daily on day 2 and 3 as needed.

Recommended applicators: 32 mm™ Multi-Dose Balling Gun and T-Spec™ 125 Oral Speculum

1. Properly restrain animal, such as with a locking head gate as pictured.

2. Only open QuadriCal® package when ready to give to cows. Open package using easy-tear notch.

3. Put boluses into proper sized balling gun, such as the 32 mm™ Multi-Dose Balling Gun, so rounded end of bolus is facing out and goes into cow first.

4. Place fingers into cow’s mouth in gap between front incisor and rear molar teeth. Open cow’s mouth with gentle pressure from your hand.

5. With the cow’s head at a slight downward angle, insert the balling gun into the center of the mouth and gently advance just past the base of the tongue.

6. Raise the cow’s head slightly and advance the plunger of the balling gun slowly to discharge bolus at back of cow’s mouth, allowing cow time to swallow each bolus.

When using a speculum, position the speculum as described for a balling gun, except place the bolus, rounded end first, into the rear of the speculum after speculum is properly positioned at the rear of the cow’s mouth.

Note: When using hard boluses and gelatin capsules together, place the capsules into the equipment last to prevent broken capsules. Never administer broken boluses or capsules.


Store below 85°F, preferably at room temperature, in original packaging. Do not expose to air until time of use.




Individual feeding (3 boluses) in sealed, foil pack (5 packs per box) (8 boxes / case)


Individual feeding (3 boluses) in sealed, foil pack (32 packs per box)


Individual feeding (3 boluses) in sealed, foil pack (80 packs per box)


Individual feeding (3 boluses) LABELED FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE (16 packs / case)

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