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PRV/Marker Gold

This page contains information on PRV/Marker Gold for veterinary use.
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PRV/Marker Gold

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Intervet/Merck Animal Health

Pseudorabies Vaccine

Modified Live Virus

Bioengineered gI and gX Deletions

PRV/Marker Gold* vaccine is a genetically designed, live virus vaccine for the immunization of healthy pigs as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by pseudorabies virus (Aujeszky’s disease). Specific genetic modifications have been made in the vaccine virus to optimize safety and efficacy, and to allow serologic differentiation based on either gI or gX deletions.

PRV/Marker Gold Indications

For the immunization of healthy pigs 3 days of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by pseudorabies virus, including the respiratory form of the disease.

Dosage and Administration

For use in swine only. Aseptically rehydrate PRV/Marker Gold* vaccine with diluent supplied. Administer 2 mL intramuscularly or intranasally.

Pigs nursing non-immune dams may be safely and effectively vaccinated at 3 days of age or older. Pigs nursing immune dams should be vaccinated when maternal antibody levels will allow active immunization. Semiannual revaccination is recommended for pigs retained for breeding. Sows may be safely vaccinated at any stage of gestation.

PRV/Marker Gold Caution

Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter. Store at 35°-45°F (2°-7°C). Use entire contents when first opened. Burn container and all unused contents. Contains gentamicin as a preservative. Anaphylactoid reactions may occur. Antidote: Epinephrine.

Note: Vaccination with PRV/Marker Gold vaccine will yield seropositive results in nondifferentiating SN, ELISA and latex agglutination tests. Distribution is limited to individuals designated by authorized officials, under such conditions as these authorities may require.

For Veterinary Use Only

Intervet Inc., Omaha, NE 68103, USA

U.S. Veterinary License No. 165A

1 800 211-3573 (USA)

Reg. SAGARPA B-0273-225

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All rights reserved.

* Reg. U.S. PAT. & TM OFF. Trademark





25 Doses

Rehydrate to 50 mL



50 Doses

Rehydrate to 100 mL



100 Doses

Rehydrate to 200 mL



12 x 100 Doses Multi-Pack




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