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Nitro-Sal FD

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Arko



Avirulent Live Culture

100 doses

Nitro-Sal FD Indications

This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy swine 5 weeks of age or older against Salmonella choleraesuis. The duration of immunity has not been determined for this product. For more information regarding efficacy and safety, see

Contact a veterinarian for more information on vaccination frequency. This product has not been tested in pregnant animals.

Use: The product is recommended for subcutaneous or oral administration to pigs 5 weeks of age or older. Subcutaneous dose is 0.5 ml. Oral administration is per the following directions.


1. Medications and disinfecting products in the drinking water are not compatible with NITRO-SAL FD. Discontinue their use at least 3 days before vaccinating and do not resume their use for 3 days following vaccination.

2. Use clean, cool, nonchlorinated water in accordance with the mixing information. Skim milk or an oral vaccine stabilizer should be used in the water line to remove traces of antibacterial agents. Skim milk can be used at 2 cups (480 grams) per gallon of stock solution. Commercial stabilizers should be used according to the directions.

3. Rehydrate the vaccine just prior to administration. Remove the aluminum seal and the stopper. Rehydrate the vaccine with water. After reconstitution reseat the stopper and shake to thoroughly dissolve the vaccine.

4. Dosage is based on the number of pigs. Use at least one dose of vaccine per pig being vaccinated. Nitro-Sal FD is to be used at a rate of 1 vial of vaccine for every 100 pigs for the 100 dose size. Add the vaccine to the calculated amount of drinking water and administer immediately. Generally water may be withheld a short time prior to vaccinating to encourage the pigs to drink. Emptying the water lines prior to vaccination also assures providing a full dose of vaccine to the waterers on the end of the water line. The vaccine should be administered orally in an amount of drinking water that would be consumed by thirsty pigs in approximately 4-6 hours. Make sure all the vaccine is consumed by the pigs. Provide ample water space so that all the pigs can drink easily.

5. Daily water consumption for each vaccination needs to be determined just prior to use. Water consumption is affected by weather, management conditions and the age of the pigs. When specific water consumption information is not available, please refer to a reference table. The following table will serve as a guideline to determine the amount of water to be used with the vaccine if more specific information is not available.

Average Daily Water Consumption - Swine

Weight of Animal



18 kg or 40 lbs.



18 kg or 40 lb. Pigs

Vials of Vaccine

4-6 Hour Water Consumption



113.5 L or 30 gal.



227 L or 60 gal.



340.15 L or 90 gal.



454.25 L or 120 gal.



27.75 L or 150 gal.


Store this vaccine at 2-8° C (35-46° F). Use the entire contents when first opened. Inactivate unused contents before disposal. Chlorine or other antimicrobial agents, if present in the vaccine water, may inactivate the vaccine. Use only proper hygiene when handling the vaccine. Clean any spills with disinfectants. Keep the vaccine away from open wounds. Wear gloves if necessary. In case of human exposure, contact a physician. Wash the hands thoroughly after using the vaccine. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter. Do not mix with other products, except as specified on the label.

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