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Ice-O-Poultice (Canada)

This page contains information on Ice-O-Poultice for veterinary use.
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  • Ice-O-Poultice Indications
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Hawthorne



Counter-Irritant Paste - Mud Poultice for Horses

DIN 02238629

- Moisturizes and aids in reducing swelling of legs

- Aids in reducing inflammation of swollen leg muscles

- Offers temporary relief to sore, tender feet

Ice-O-Poultice Indications

For use in horses, as an aid in the symptomatic relief of localized inflammation and soreness of legs and feet following a race or workout.

Directions For Use

For treating legs: Cleanse leg and moisten area of application with water. Work a small amount of the paste into the hair and apply to the desired thickness, up to 1 cm. Wrap area with gauze and cover the poultice with plastic wrap paper to keep it moist, cotton and a support bandage. For treating feet: Pack the paste around the frog and sole. Cover with gauze, plastic wrap paper and bandage to hold in position. Duration of treatment: ICE-O-POULTICE should be left in place for not more than 24 hours.

Ice-O-Poultice Caution

The area to be treated must be free from any medication prior to application of ICE-O-POULTICE. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Consult your veterinarian if redness or swelling persists and/or increases. Use with caution on legs with thin or sensitive skin. May cause irritation.


Store at room temperature 20°-25°C (68°-77°F).


Sodium Bentonite

27.25% W/W

Aluminum Silicate (Anhydrous)

13.62% W/W

Sodium Borate (Borax)

3.44% W/W

Acetic Acid

0.74% W/W

Zinc Oxide

0.2% W/W


Keep out of reach of children. This drug is not to be administered to horses that are to be slaughtered for use in food.


Net Weight 10 lbs. (5.21 kg), 23 lbs. (10.43 kg), 50 lbs. (22.68 kg)

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