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Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicators

This page contains information on Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicators for veterinary use.
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Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicators

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: H.W. Naylor

Active Ingredient(s): Brom thymol.

Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicators Indications

A safe and simple cowside test for mastitic milk. The color-change blotter card also reveals flakes and clots.

Dosage and Administration

Test Procedure: Each quarter section of the blotter is designed to test the milk from the corresponding quarter of the cow's udder. The dark area is for the detection of flakes, and the yellow (round) area is for the determination of alkalinity, either of which conditions, if present, indicates abnormal milk and represents evidence of mastitis infection.

Remove the blotter from the container by grasping it at the place indicated between the thumb and forefinger of left hand. Discard the first stream of milk from the quarter to be tested. Then hold the blotter in a slanting position with the corner downward, so that the milk stream will first cover the dark area and run down over the yellow round area.

If flakes are present they will remain on the surface of the blotter where they will show up clearly against the dark background. If milk is abnormally alkaline the yellow (round) area will change to a greenish blue color. The depth of this color is usually in direct proportion to the degree of mastitis infection.

Many cases of mastitis in the early stages can be successfully treated. For the determination of curable cases and a course of treatment, consult a veterinarian.

Precaution(s): Unused testers should be kept in a clean, dry place away from light and stable odors.

Caution(s): The colormetric test should not be relied upon during a period of two or three weeks after freshening and before drying off.

Reactions will result from long exposure to ammoniated atmosphere.

Presentation: Box of 30 indicator cards.

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