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AE-Pox Vac (Canada)

This page contains information on AE-Pox Vac for veterinary use.
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  • AE-Pox Vac Indications
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AE-Pox Vac

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Zoetis

Avian Encephalomyelitis-Fowl Pox Vaccine

Live Virus


For veterinary use only


Store in the dark between 2° and 7°C.

Use entire contents when first opened.

Burn vaccine container and all unused contents.

AE-Pox Vac is recommended as an aid in the prevention of avian encephalomyelitis and fowl pox when it is administered as directed to healthy pullets that have reached the ages between eight weeks and four weeks before the start of egg production.

Directions For Use

1. Rehydrate 1 vial of vaccine with 1 vial of diluent.

2. Remove aluminum seal and rubber stopper from vaccine vial and from diluent vial. Avoid contamination of the stoppers and the vial’s contents.

3. Pour approximately one-half the diluent into the vaccine vial. Replace stopper and shake gently until contents are dissolved.

4. Pour all the reconstituted vaccine back into the remaining diluent bottle. Replace diluent stopper and gently mix. The vaccine is then ready to use.


1. Hold bird, spreading the underside of the wing upwards.

2. Dip the vaccinator into the vaccine, wetting both needles.

3. Puncture the vaccine-laden needles through the web of the wing, avoiding blood vessels, bones and wing muscles.

4. Attempt to use all of the vaccine from 1 vial within 1 hour after rehydration.

How Takes Appear

A normal take after using AE-Pox Vac includes an initial swelling at the vaccination site on the fourth day. The swelling increases during the next 5 days until a scab is formed. Revaccinate birds not showing takes.

AE-Pox Vac Caution

Do not expose the vaccine to either direct sunlight or extreme heat during the vaccinating procedure.

If given to laying flocks, this live-virus vaccine could cause a significant or even serious drop in egg production - often lasting 10 days to 2 weeks. Eggs for hatching should not be taken from the flock until 4 weeks have passed following vaccination. Do not expose chicks under 3 weeks of age, sick or debilitated birds, or birds under stress.

This product should be stored, transported and administered in accordance with the instructions and directions.

Contains gentamicin as a preservative.


Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.


Keep a record of vaccine serial number and expiration date; date of receipt and date of vaccination; where vaccination took place; any reactions observed.


U.S. Vet. License No. 190

Zoetis Inc., Kalamazoo, MI 49007, USA


Presentation: 5 x 500 doses with diluent and stab vaccinator and 10 x 1,000 doses with diluent and stab vaccinator.

CPN: 1198358.2

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