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Monoamine oxidase inhibitors

Other names: MAOIs

What are Monoamine oxidase inhibitors?

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (also called MAO inhibitors or MAOIs) block the actions of monoamine oxidase enzymes. Monoamine oxidase enzymes are responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in the brain. Low levels of these three neurotransmitters have been linked with depression and anxiety. By blocking the effects of monoamine oxidase enzymes, MAOIs increase the concentration of these three neurotransmitters, and are useful at relieving depression and/or anxiety.

MAOIs are typically only used when other antidepressants have proven ineffective, because they have a higher risk of drug interactions than standard antidepressants and can also interact with certain types of food such as aged cheeses and cured meats. They also tend to have more side effects than standard antidepressants, and may cause a withdrawal syndrome on discontinuation.

List of Monoamine oxidase inhibitors:

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isocarboxazid systemic (Pro, More...)
3 reviews
tranylcypromine systemic (Pro, More...)
60 reviews
selegiline systemic (Pro, More...)
42 reviews
phenelzine systemic (Pro, More...)
48 reviews

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