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Miscellaneous metabolic agents

What are Miscellaneous metabolic agents?

Metabolic agents are substances capable of producing an effect on the sum of the chemical and physical changes occurring in tissue, consisting of those reactions that convert small molecules into large (anabolism), and those reactions that convert large molecules into small (catabolism ). Miscellaneous metabolic agents includes all metabolic agents not classified elsewhere.

List of Miscellaneous metabolic agents:

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Cerdelga (Pro, More...)
generic name: eliglustat
0 reviewsAdd rating
Kuvan (Pro, More...)
generic name: sapropterin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Myalept (Pro, More...)
generic name: metreleptin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Nityr (Pro, More...)
generic name: nitisinone
0 reviewsAdd rating
Orfadin (Pro, More...)
generic name: nitisinone
0 reviewsAdd rating
Strensiq (Pro, More...)
generic name: asfotase alfa
0 reviewsAdd rating
Zavesca (Pro, More...)
generic name: miglustat
0 reviewsAdd rating

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