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Chlor-3 Shaker

CHLOR-3 Medicinal Condiment (Fleming)


Medical condiment containing sodium chloride 50%; potassium chloride 30%; magnesium chloride 20%.

Active Ingredients:   A mixture of sodium chloride (50% 24.3 mEq/half tsp. iodized); potassium chloride (30% 11.5 mEq/half tsp.); magnesium chloride (20% 5.7 mEq/half tsp.).

Indications:   The first medicinal condiment to restore needed K + & Mg ++ lost during diuresis, at the expense of Na + . To restore electrolytes lost by overcooking foods, or to add to diets that lack green vegetables, bananas, etc. And to replace conventional salting of foods in culinary and gourmet arts.

Symptoms and Treatment of Oral Overdosage: Hyperkalemia and hypermagnesemia are not end-stage results of usage.

How Supplied

In 8-oz plastic shaker, tamper-evident bottles.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.