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Rimso-50 Dosage

Generic name: Dimethyl Sulfoxide 0.54g in 1mL
Dosage form: irrigation
Drug class: Miscellaneous genitourinary tract agents

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Mar 7, 2023.

Instillation of 50 mL of RIMSO-50® (dimethyl sulfoxide) directly into the bladder may be accomplished by catheter or asepto syringe and allow to remain for 15 minutes. Application of an analgesic lubricant gel such as lidocaine jelly to the urethra is suggested prior to insertion of the catheter to avoid spasm. The medication is expelled by spontaneous voiding. It is recommended that the treatment be repeated every two weeks until maximum symptomatic relief is obtained. Thereafter, time intervals between therapy may be increased appropriately.

Administration of oral analgesic medication or suppositories containing belladonna and opium prior to the instillation of RIMSO-50® can reduce bladder spasm.

In patients with severe interstitial cystitis with very sensitive bladders, the initial treatment, and possibly the second and third (depending on patient response) should be done under anesthesia. (Saddle block has been suggested).

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