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Rimso-50 Side Effects

Generic name: dimethyl sulfoxide

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Sep 20, 2023.

Note: This document contains side effect information about dimethyl sulfoxide. Some dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Rimso-50.

Applies to dimethyl sulfoxide: intravesical solution.

Serious side effects of Rimso-50

Along with its needed effects, dimethyl sulfoxide (the active ingredient contained in Rimso-50) may cause some unwanted effects. Although not all of these side effects may occur, if they do occur they may need medical attention.

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking dimethyl sulfoxide:

Some patients may have some discomfort during the time this medicine is being put into the bladder. However, the discomfort usually becomes less each time the medicine is used.

Dimethyl sulfoxide may cause you to have a garlic-like taste within a few minutes after the medicine is put into the bladder. This effect may last for several hours. It may also cause your breath and skin to have a garlic-like odor, which may last up to 72 hours.

For Healthcare Professionals

Applies to dimethyl sulfoxide: compounding liquid, irrigation solution, topical solution.


Frequency not reported: Odor on skin (may remain for 72 hours)[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Garlic-like taste (a few minutes after instillation), odor on breath (may remain for 72 hours)[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Chemical cystitis[Ref]


Frequency not reported: Severe discomfort on administration[Ref]


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Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Some side effects may not be reported. You may report them to the FDA.