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User Reviews for Retin-A

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Photoaging of the Skin
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Summary of Retin-A reviews 8.0 74 reviews

Reviews for Retin-A

Atreyu July 17, 2019

For Acne "Been fighting adult cystic hormonal acne around 6 years, never would've thought it be basically cured after 2 weeks of Retin A along with doxycycline, haven't had the slightest of side effects and I stopped using a moisturizer a week in (I'm in Iraq and mail takes weeks). Although since I work 7pm to 7am sun exposure isn't an issue. 2 WEEKS FOR A 5 YEAR PROBLEM THOUGH, it's insane how quick this stuff works."

Elly29 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 7, 2019

For Photoaging of the Skin "Before I started using Retin A ,my face looked dull and tired . I had very sensitive skin and no cream would help my face look plump and moisturized. I had also some wrinkles becoming more prominent . I felt old and ugly although I am still young (turning 29) . After I started using it ,my face was red and sensitive for about 2 weeks, but now my skin adapted to it and it does not hurt anymore. I use a low strength for now but to get to the point. I look awesome and people are shocked when they hear I am 29 . My pores look are almost gone, my skin elasticity had improved a lot, my face looks plump and hydrated and most of all. It helped with my festoons a lot (I had severe festoons under my eyes.) This is a cream to die for and I totally recommend it. There's nothing better out there in my opinion "

Eddie · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 13, 2019

For Acne "I was put on Ritin -A 0.5 gel to help manage my moderate acne. So far, I have been using this medication for about a month and 2 weeks and have noticed great results. At first I broke out more and my skin looked worse. But just a few weeks ago I noticed my skin start to really heal a lot. I use this in combination with cetaphil face wash. I do have some scarring from acne (mainly left over red marks ) and it really help with that. My skin texture is a lot smoother and more even. I have only had a few new pimples arrive since starting this medication. I continue to keep using it for a very long time to manage my acne and for its anti ageing benefits. If your curious about starting this medication, don’t be, I wish I started it years ago when I first got teenage acne."

Mellie · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 5, 2019

For Acne "I started using Retin-A about a year and a half ago. It's life changing. Just stick with it! It was hard the first month or so. My side effects were just extremely dry skin. Also lotion and makeup stung a bit in the beginning. I had mild acne but lots of scaring over the years and spots that made my skin look uneven. I also have fairly large pores all over my face. My pores look considerably smaller now and I hardly ever get a break out. If I do it heals fast. I still use it every night even though my skin looks good, just now mainly to continue to have nice looking skin and for its anti aging properties."

T · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 25, 2019

For Acne "In the first 3-4 weeks on Retin-A, it was horrible, I had horrible acne almost everywhere on my face especially on my cheeks and it's painful. But after 1 or 2 months, I noticed a big improvement on my face. Trust me, it's worth trying."

Chrish · Taken for less than 1 month March 21, 2019

For Acne "I have mild acne and started using Retin A 0.025%. I've been using the cream for about three weeks now and I didn't see much change in the first two weeks. I'm seeing much more improvement now. I still have a few small bumps and blackheads, but it's not as bad as before. My skin feels significantly smoother and softer than before so I'm excited to see how much more it will improve."

N/A March 8, 2019

For Acne "I'm in my early 20s and have been applying Retin-A gel once a night for over a year now. Before starting the gel I had what I would describe as moderate acne. During the first 6-8 months of Retin-A use I had the most severe acne of my life, all over my face. It was painful and so embarrassing to leave the house. Not to mention the horrific dry skin that would just flake off my face, no matter how much I moisturize. But I stuck with it as the dermatologist suggested, and now my acne is mostly under control. However, I would not say my acne now is any better than before I started Retin-A, and on top of that I now have deep, ugly scars on both sides of my face (not just a few... a LOT) from the severe acne. I have not had any acne scars in my life until now, and I have had moderate to heavy acne since I was 12. Now there a pit scars all across my cheeks. I have ruined my face by using Retin-A, and would have been exponentially better off if I had never used it in the first place."

JenniferM · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 5, 2019

For Acne "I started using Retin-A after switching my birth control pills to progesterone only due to severe migraines thought to be caused by estrogen. I am now 23 and never struggled this bad with acne. Before Retin-A I had a few cystic acne spots on my chin and jawline and small blemishes on my forehead, occasionally. After using Retin-A my face got way worse. The first week it caused my face to be red, flaky and BURN. This wasn't the typical burning feeling I would get from a topical acne cream. This was a burn that would hurt when I would step outside. It made the cystic acne spots really dry, red and very sore. I called my dermatologist and they said those are typical side effects and to mix my moisturizer with the Retin-A. This helped but didn't help enough. I went another 5+ weeks dealing with peeling, flaking, red, irritated, dry, sore skin. I finally decided to stop using it. The next day my skin was feeling a lot less sore and irritated. This was not the medication for me."

Alexandra · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 17, 2018

For Acne "I started using Retin-A .0025% about a two-three months ago. I’m 26 years old and have had terrible acne ever since I was a preteen. I was able to get the acne under control by drinking 72+ oz of water a day and switching to a plant based diet. However, this has left me with noticable scarring. Retin-A has helped so much with this. I read the reviews of everyone saying it dries out your skin. This is true. USE A MOISTURIZER! Moisturize day and night. This has helped me so much. I don’t even notice dry skin anymore. Also, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water."

Male Vanity · Taken for 10 years or more December 9, 2018

For Photoaging of the Skin "I'm Asian and I stay in a tropical country. This product was widely introduced here when I was in my teens and I was quick to use it since it was highly recommended by the big name dermatologists of that time. I had problematic skin back then and it was recommended by my own dermatologist. I was fourteen then. Now, I'm 41 and I'm often told I look younger. Even if I'm a male professional, that still matters a lot! I could still remember temporarily stopping for less than a year cause I'd have spells of temporary severe dry skin and, once, eczema, but I jump on to it once my skin has stabilized. Of course, good skin maintenance does help and seeking professional help if something does not seem ok is best, but I would say this product works. Start while you're young (best if you can start with some professional help!)."

Csc · Taken for less than 1 month December 2, 2018

For Acne "I am in awe of how well this product works! I’ve been on it for 1 week and my skin is so clear I don’t believe it’s possible! I’ve struggled with acne since I was 12 (I am now a 21 year old female) and I’ve tried just about everything including accutane but nothing made a big difference. My acne has ranged from moderate to severe. My biggest struggle was the texture- my face was covered in tiny bumps and clogged pores. My derm now put me on .08% Not only are the pimples gone after a week, but my whiteheads & blackheads have disappeared almost like magic. There is dryness and peeling which I’m hoping will go away over time, but I’m fine with it because it’s left me with fresh, new skin. I highly highly recommend this product!"

J · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 10, 2018

For Acne "I used to be prescribed epiduo, but my insurance stopped covering it and it became too expensive so they put me on retin-a. All this medication does is dry out my skin, it doesn't even reduce redness or irritation from the acne. I personally have found that witch hazel and basic night serums do more than what I'm prescribed is supposed to do. 0/10 "

Aan · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 9, 2018

For Acne "I personally recommend you guys not to use this Retin A gel for Acne. It makes ur skin worser and worser with big red boils. I was expecting a change in the initial months but when I came to a situation were I was not able to leave out of my house due to the peeling and scars. I was forced to change the doctor. Now I'm not using Retin A gel for past one month and things came to normal."

Trinigirl868 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 29, 2018

For Photoaging of the Skin "I began using Retin A 0.01% approximately 2 months ago. I have dark spots left from what doctors claim is atopic dermatitis coupled with hyper eczemas when I was younger. I have had these marks for over 20 years. I no longer suffer from breakouts however I do have the marks (front and back thighs). I started by specifically treating them spot by spot, rather applying to the entire area. Recently my husband disclosed that he is having a "hard time" actually seeing the marks to apply the cream, they have lightened up but I am not totally clear yet... I am on my second tube. When I complete this one, my intention is to increase to the .5 strength and observe those results. Will advise probably in another 2 months time. What I can say with certainty is that is works, faster for some than others... but it works, consistency is key."

T-Rex September 15, 2018

For Acne "I am 23 years old and I suffer from severe acne. I started using retin-a 0.05 a week ago. At first my face felt moisturized, the pimples become easier to extracted. After about 2-3 days my face started burning and then peeling. I wanted to use a moisturizer along with it but anything that touched my face made it ache or burn and when I say anything, I do mean anything...water, fabric etc. I used it twice a day as advised by my derm. He told me it would get worse before it got better so I continued applying small amounts on the bigger bumps but my face hasn't healed so I have completely stopped using it."

Lauren · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 10, 2018

For Acne "Retin A honestly changed my life! The first 6 months were awful. Hated my skin more by the day. But there is a huge silver light! Fast forward a few months and my skin is glowing, smooth, and hardly a single breakout. I'm 23 and have battled all sorts of acne through my life. That came along with some serious scarring. While there is definitely a ways to go for the scarring, its helped tremendously."

LA June 24, 2018

For Photoaging of the Skin "37/f here...I have used retinol on and off since I was a teenager and got into my mom's supply. I looked like I got a terrible sunburn the first time I used it on my teenage face. The first few weeks/months are hard but it helps if you ease into it and only use it every other night or every two nights, or even once a week, then increase the frequency as your skin gets acclimated to it. I am often complemented on my skin and am mistaken as being at least ten years younger than I am. I recently had a baby and used some on my stretch marks and c section scar and the stretch marks are practically gone five months later with use only once a week. Retinol has been a godsend for me."

GV June 6, 2018

For Acne "I have used Retin-A .01% Cream for acne for the past 20 years. I find it to be very therapeutic to my skin. Recently my doctor switched me to the gel and its incredible the way it feels. It is not tacky or greasy. Its a very greaseless lightweight gel. There is a little bit more alcohol in the gels than cream but overall it feels great on my skin and is keeping the Acne at bay. I highly recommend this gel, or even the creams for acne but you have to know how to use it. Speak to your doctor if you have any questions and do exactly what he says. Your skin needs to get used to the strongest strength of them all to treat the acne. Its a wonderful, wonderful product."

JustMyStory May 25, 2018

For Acne "32-year old female. I'd been on Acanya (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) for about 3 years before it stopped working very suddenly. Like, one day my skin was clear, and the next, I had breakouts on my chin and cheeks again. Anyway, I'd ordered a tube of 0.05% Retin-A online a while ago and used to use it as a spot treatment, which worked , for a bit. I think that was too strong for me. Just starting PRESCRIBED 0.025% Retin-A and, the morning after use on my entire face, my skin was less inflamed. I noticed 2 new pimples surfaced, but they were easily extracted. I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and then a toner + moisturizer in the mornings. Cetaphil cleanser - wait 20 mins - Retin-A - wait 20 mins - and neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer at night. I have noticed some blemishes come to the surface and minor peeling. But, my general skin tone looks so much better than when I was using the Acanya, despite those two drawbacks. Will keep using and see what the long-term results looks like!"

DDF · Taken for 10 years or more April 30, 2018

For Acne "I am a 72 year old woman who has been using Retin-A for thirty-four years. I started using it because I had adult acne at the same time my teenage son had acne. I routinely am mistaken for being twenty years younger than I am. I have very few wrinkles. My skin still has dry patches occasionally but they are short lived. I have tried to get several people to use it but they always get discouraged with the redness and peeling in the beginning. This phase does not last forever. Please continue to use it, you will never be sorry."

Tirti January 25, 2018

For Acne "Hey guys!! I started using retin-a 0.1% two years back but within a month my skin became very dry i stopped using it though there was no other side effects. But after reading comments here I got inspired and got courage to use it again. So I have started to use it again and hoping that it will work for me as well. I'll leave an update my experience soon.."

Cheyenne Noel January 21, 2018

For Acne "I have been using Retin-A along with the oral antibiotic Clindamycin for 4 months now. I am 20 and have had severe cystic acne since I was 11. I also had a lot of hyper-pigmentation and scarring, to the point where my face was always bright red and bumpy. In just 4 months my face has completely cleared up and smoothed out, it is visibly brighter. The hyperpigmentation is lightening significantly at this point, a few small pimples or blackheads occasionally but mostly clear! The only other product I use is witch hazel as a toner and an oil free moisturizer."

Alexandra mae · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 15, 2017

For Acne "I was on accutane (isotretinoin) from December 2015 to July 2016. I had severe acne all over my face, chest, back, and shoulders. Post-accutane my skin was clear as water and I got so many compliments on my skin. My skin was clear and I never got one pimple until mid April 2017 I noticed pimples reappearing on my skin. I got in touch with my derm and she prescribed me tretinoin 0.025% and a face wash- sodium sulfacetamide with salycic acid. I am now on 0.05% and I have been on the gel for a little over 8 weeks. I have seen significant improvement since I started and I did experience about a month and a half of initial breakout. I highly recommend this gel and don't give up! It takes time and my skin is still clearing up. Patience!!!!!"

Jamaican girl · Taken for less than 1 month July 1, 2017

For Acne "I have always had acne from in my early teens but just a few pimples now an again. I am now 23, I have relocated to the north coast where I started experiencing terrible breakout it started with rash then small pimples then a disaster. In 2016 I went to my dermatologist who prescribed retin A 0.05% 2 days after using the product I started having unbearable burning when using anything on my face be it water, cleanser or moisturize it just burned like crazy and my acne got worst to the point where people asking me what was wrong with my face, so about two weeks in I stopped using the product. Five days ago which is almost one year after I decided to give it another try and so far there is no burning and no new breakouts"

dancer-123 February 10, 2017

For Acne "I've read so many reviews about retin-a being amazing and working almost immediately, but I have been using this gel for about 7 weeks and my skin is still so much worse than before I started using it! I broke out in deep, painful acne almost immediately and it still hasn't gone away. Breakouts all over my face and my skin is red and very very noticeably dry and peeling. Hoping it will start to work soon, I'm getting pretty discouraged that it's taking so long! :("