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User Reviews for Fabior

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Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 23, 2020

For Acne: “I used this medication for over 9 weeks, and all it did was make my acne worse. I went from having a few spots on my back to having it all over my back, chest, and my face (my face and chest did not have acne before). It was really disappointing, and I do not recommend.”

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Sam · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 24, 2020

For Acne: “Before taking this medication, I was taking Epiduo for about 3-4 years. With time, it stopped working on me and I was prescribed Fabior instead. I began taking Fabior for my acne in October of 2019. I broke out horribly but I was noticing that it was taking care of pimples that were deep underneath my skin. (I am a believer of it will get worse before it will get better). I was losing hope due to the slow process but I just decided to stay on since it does take longer results for other people. (and I was one of those people). It is now April 2020 and I am just now seeing my acne begin to clear up. It is obviously not where I want my face to be but my skin is looking better. I advise you to be patient and not expect automatic results as everyone's skin is different.”

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Tee December 2, 2019

For Acne: “I have used this product for over a month now , and I have used a lot of acne products, but this is by far the best I have ever used. My face has never looked this good before. I am very please with this product and would recommend that you a tleast try it you won't be disappointed.”

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SensitiveSally · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 24, 2019

For Acne: “I have not found an acne product that works and keeps me clear, until Fabior. I used Retin A micro for years and was constantly breaking out then peeling, breaking out then peeling. And it burned when I applied it. I have been using Fabior for the past year and finally found something that works. I got dry after using it for two weeks but not crazy peeling. It only lasted a weekend and wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me. I only use Fabior Monday Wed Friday and I use cerave moisturizer with it which I think helps. If I am breaking out (which is rare now) I may use two days in row but don’t need to often. It’s been life changing for my skin and has helped even out my skin and the leftover color that lingers from breakouts . I refilled for the first time a few months ago, so it lasted me a couple months but maybe because I only use a few times a week. ONLY USE A SMALL AMOUNT~seriously! Don’t irritate your skin with too much and plus it last longer that way!!”

9 / 10
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ms_sylviaj instagram January 15, 2016

For Acne: “This product is a miracle for me! I have had acne since I was 13. I have tried everything no thing worked. My story is I stumbled upon on fabior by participating in a clinical trial. I didn't care about the money I just wanted to try anything to help my acne. The first month of using fabior it made my acne worse! It made me look like I got hit with the ugly stick. I had pimples everywhere and I was peeling a lot. I cried and my boyfriend convinced me to keep using it. He said that's your problem you always give up on a product if you don't see immediate results. I thank goodness I listened to him because the following week. My skin started to look beautiful. I never get pimples anymore and all my dark spots I use to cover with makeup are gone.”

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Hope · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 14, 2018

For Acne: “I used Fabior foam after years of using Tazorac Cream for cystic acne & scarring. I noticed after using this product for 3 months that my scars looks worse. The scars look deeper and my skin is constantly dry. The foam was just as effective as the cream with controlling my cystic acne I’m going back to using the cream. Just wanted to share my experience in case someone else may be experiencing the same thing. I won’t refill the prescription and wish I’d never switched from the Tazorac cream.”

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Spencerrrr April 23, 2015

For Acne: “I've had moderate to almost severe acne for at least 4 years prior to using Fabior. Now let me tell you this medicine will probably worsen your acne or dryness or redness the first couple of months you are on it but once you've used it for a long time the results are amazing. My advice would be to use a morning and evening moisturizer because Fabior and any retinoid will dry you out. This product should last a long time for one bottle and never overuse it ever.”

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