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User Reviews for Rituximab to treat Microscopic polyangiitis

Also known as: Rituxan, Truxima, Ruxience, Riabni

Cathy ยท Taken for 2 to 5 years April 28, 2021

Rituxan (rituximab): “I started on rituximab two years ago due to vascularitus which attacked my kidneys. I lost 50 percent of kidney function. I was already suffering from RA and was using embrel and methotrexate. Rituximab now treats both illnesses for me. I did however get pneumonia twice in the second year but maybe that was due to the fact that l missed taking my antibiotic sometimes, so follow your doctors instructions well. I am so thankful for this treatment, l am in great form, had no side effects, no pain and my illnesses are stable. Scientific progress is great.”

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Giannette February 3, 2016

“I was dx with membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis with cryoglobulinemia caused by Sjogren's syndrome. The tx the first time I was dx was a course of 7 plasmapheresis treatment, prednisone and Rituxan (was effective at the time, no side effects). The next year I had an exacerbation and they decided to give me Rituxan again. A week after I had my first dose I had a severe allergic reaction, which at that time they were not sure it was the Rituxan. I was 4 days in the hospital with severe hives all over the body, swollen face and lips, severe pain in my joints, and high creatinine levels. With high doses of prednisone I was stabilized. For the next tx with Rituxan I had immediate allergic reaction as before and the they had to stop the tx”

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