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User Reviews for Qsymia

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Weight Loss
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Summary of Qsymia reviews 7.2 507 reviews

Reviews for Qsymia

weightloss407 · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2019

For Obesity "I began Qsymia on June 23 and have lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks. I have experienced side effects such as pins/needles in my hands and insomnia at night if I take it too late in the day, along with dry mouth. However, the medication has allowed me to reduce my appetite, not crave food and make most foods taste bland. I have found myself on several occasions spitting food out because the taste is not there. I started at 180 and am currently at 169. I believe I could have actually done better, but I do force myself to eat some days. It is a relief to not have a bottomless pit for a stomach. I go through the website and pay approximately $98/monthly."

Ptrsha · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 5, 2019

For Obesity "61 year old female, I started Qsymia, the 3.75 prescription the first week of April. Did that for two weeks then moved on to the 7.5 dosage. I started at 388 lbs and now weigh 332lb, lost 56 lbs in three months. I like it, there are side effects. Dry mouth and stuffy nose are the worst for me. I do also get occasional headaches. But it has totally taken away my appetite and my emotional eating as well as letting me control my sweet teeth. My doctor is letting me stay on it for another four months (and hopefully longer). I have been morbidly obese all my life. Had a gastric bypass 18 years ago and put most of the weight back on. This is the first time I have felt a glimmer of hope in feeling control over my eating habits. I wish everyone success in their endeavors and hope you give it a try."

PERKY BERN · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 11, 2019

For Weight Loss "I've been taking Qsymia since Sept 2018 - I've lost weight 24lbs in 7 months. I'm ok some days I do not want to eat at all but then I have days I'm a bit hungry. But overall my appetite is quite slow. My moods are up and down though but I have tons of energy. I was weighing 232lb when I started now in down to 208. And I went from and 18 waist to a 16 waist. I feel good."

Wanting to change May 28, 2019

For Obesity "My doctor prescribed Topiramate 50 mg twice a day and I started taking it 11/29/18. I am a 50 yr old female 5'5" starting weight 269lb. Within days I had tingling in my hands, feet and face. I had a memory fog where I had trouble finding my words and just seemed disconnected. After another week I noticed I didn't have cravings, my appetite was less and I had dry mouth which helped me drink the 64 ounces of water daily. After one month on this medicine I only lost 1.6 lbs. Next visit to the dr. on 1/15/19 he added in Phentermine 15 mg. Weight seemed to come off a little faster and by 3/08/19 I hit my lowest weight of 256.2bl and that is where I stalled. After a month at this weight I decided to go off the medicine as I didn't feel the results I received out weighed the side effects I had. Today is 5/27/19 and I did gain 3-4 lbs. back since going off the medicine. Medicine just did not work for me."

Jeannie · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2019

For Weight Loss "I'm a 47 year old woman 5’10” with a current weight of 233lb. This is my first day on Qsymia 7.5 & I’m hoping that this finally works for me. I’ve tried Phentermine & Contrave & have not had any success with either. I will check back in within a couple weeks to let you know how it goes as I will be able to compare all three Qsymia, Phentermine & Contrave . Good luck!"

JY · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 4, 2019

For Obesity "Female 56 years old, I have been taken Qsymia for 18 months. I lost 33 pounds in about 8 months, I went from size 14 to size 6-8 pants. I keep taking Qsymia to maintain my weight. I sometimes go to one pill every other day but as soon as I start gaining some weight (up to 4 pounds), I go back to one every day. Side effects I had eye and hand tingling for two or three weeks, permanent dry mouth, dry eyes, food tastes bad but you get use to it. My vision was getting worse and the ophthalmologist told me that it had nothing to do with the medication. Recently I have had blurred vision and eye pain that worsen this past weekend. I am calling my endocrinologist on Monday. I am going back to one pill every other day and probably stop the medication to see if that helps but I am concern that I will gain some weight."

jfk April 18, 2019

For Weight Loss "I have suffered , like my entire family, with weight problems my entire life. Unfortunately, some injuries to my lower body joints while serving as a Paratrooper made exercise difficult and painful. Once I had my hip replaced and knees fixed I worked with my Doc and he suggested Qsymia. It worked immediately. I still had to struggle a bit and the side effects were annoying, but not debilitating. So far I am down almost 70 lbs in a year and still going. Of course the Insurance company won't pay, so be prepared to do lots of shopping around. That being said, with the half person I have lost, I am back to hiking with my family in NY (two peaks in one day) from 48 -50 pants to 38-40 pants and a blood pressure that went from 150/90 to 106/70. Look, not everyone will do as well, some will do better, but this pill really worked and a bit of dry mouth, constipation and sleeplessness are a lot better than gastric bypass!"

Btrain · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2019

For Weight Loss "I am 5'1, 46years old and was 179 lbs on 3/19. I am still on first dose because my doctor had to cancel last 2 appointments. I weighed today 171, so when I return to doc Tues she will increase my dose to 7.5mg/46mg. I have had energy, no cravings, no appetite and need to be reminded to eat. I take benadryl to help me sleep,. I walk on my treadmill 30-90min 4x per week and have decreased my calories to between 1200 and 1500. I drink about 100oz of water. I am hopeful that with all of what I am doing in addition to Qsymia, I will lose at least 35 lbs."

Chow-Chow · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

For Obesity "I have been on phentermine and Topamax as the two separate medicines and lost 46 pounds. However after I got off it I gained all the weight back so I am now going to try Qsymia. I’m on Day 1 of Starter Dose wish me Luck on this Journey that everyone knows all to well."

Alano · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 8, 2019

For Weight Loss "I have been taking Qsymia for 13 months now. I am 5'7", and was 50 when I started. I weighed 304 pounds. I have lost 105 pounds so far. I cannot praise it enough. I intend to lose another 40lb or so. It has been a life saver for me. My energy is through the roof, and the benefits to my self confidence are immeasurable. My cholesterol went from 225lb down to 185lb. So, as for side effects, I do experience bouts of constipation. I try to keep myself fully hydrated which definitely helps, and occasionally use fiber supplements as needed. In the beginning there was some dry mouth, but that passed. Also, I had some occasional tingling in my fingers early on, but that has subsided as well. I know it's not for everyone, but for me, it has worked wonders. The cost has been an issue, but I think of how much I used to spend on snack foods, takeout and the like and it doesn't even compare. I am still way ahead of the game."

jcyber April 6, 2019

For Obesity "I've been taking Qsymia for 19 days and lost 11 pounds so far! I'm a 27 y/o female, starting weight was 289lb. After having thyroid cancer, multiple surgeries, & medication adjustments I had gained 40 pounds in 2 years and it seemed like the gaining was never ending. The first couple of days I had a constant but dull headache which stopped after 3 days. Within the first week as many others noted, soda started to taste flat and like metal so I stopped drinking it. No other changes in taste though. The main concern for me is the taste of the actual pill. I gag so bad each morning when I take it. The smell and the taste is absolutely horrible, but it's doing it's job. I still eat whatever I want, but I am at the point now where I'm eating smaller sized meals as I can't finish my food anymore. Once I eat my first meal of the day, I'm normally not hungry again until that night. I used to be able to eat all the time and snack a lot and now I'm averaging two meals a day and 1-2 snacks."

Bea · Taken for less than 1 month April 4, 2019

For Weight Loss "Qsymia 7 days in on starter 3.75 dosage. One pound lost. I’m tremendously disappointed. I’ve been working my tail off at the gym and hiking every day this week. Eating very healthy. Decided to double my dosage today which will probably not please my doctor but I was at the end of my rope by the time I saw her (Weight Watchers twice, Nutrisystem, Keto....). Hopefully, a happy post forthcoming"

Lex · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 12, 2019

For Weight Loss "On month three of Qsymia. Pop tastes flat so that sucks but honestly it’s a good habit to kick anyway. I’m 5ft2, 27 years old, started at 205lbs and after month 1 weighed in at 188 lbs! I eat enough (1200 cal) am vegetarian, I just cut out sugary foods and stopped eating after 8pm. I have so much more energy. I’m currently at 166lbs. Goal weight by end of the year is 127 lbs. I do get the tingley feet and hands if I’m not drinking enough. BUBBLY sparkling water still tastes good to me if it is ice cold, so that makes me happy :). No other side effects."

Reece · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 9, 2019

For Weight Loss "I have been on Qsymia for 2 months at first was very concerned about side effects but I haven’t really had any side effects and I have lost 12 pounds. Eating right is very important in my case I’m a truck driver so I get little exercise but I can honestly say I’m pleased with the medication even tho my taste buds are off but hey some off my clothes are starting to fit again..."

TNYC · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 26, 2019

For Weight Loss "I've been taking Qsymia since October and I'm down about 35lbs. It's so true about no longer being able to drink ginger ale/soda. It taste like hot garbage if you even try. I did experience a little bit if the feet tingling but that was only when I didn't drink enough water, which I often have issues doing. I'm really bad keeping hydrated. Otherwise, the medication works well. No other side effects. My only issue is the cost. Insurance only covers so much."

Evilone February 4, 2019

For Obesity "Ive been on Qysmia now since July 2018 for about 7 months. I was prescribed the medication by my endocrinologist after a year of haywire thyroid problems. After being on Qysmia coupled with my daily thyroid meds I have lost 55 pounds!! The biggest side effects have been dry mouth, thirst, and constipation. Insurance pays for the Qsymia medication. If you can't get your insurance to do that, have your doctor prescribe it as the two separate meds phentamine and topmirate which separately are covered. Sugar does taste really bad like sand. I've had no heart or blood pressure issues. I also have a lot of energy. Also I read that they are doing research into this drug for use on other addictive behaviors other than just eating. One study said they were testing Qsymia on Alcoholics. It took away their desire to drink alcohol."

Tracy · Taken for less than 1 month January 11, 2019

For Weight Loss "I love Qsymia! I am down 14 pounds with zero side effects. The only thing that I have experienced is pop tasting flat and certain foods that I love taste different. Not a bad trade off. Would recommend to anyone who wants to shed pounds away."

koko · Taken for less than 1 month December 17, 2018

For Weight Loss "I have been taking Qsymia the starter dose for 6 days now, the fist 3 days I immediately experienced blurry vision, dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and head fogginess like I was in outer space but it wasn't horrible its worth it if you want to lose weight. I didn't lose my appetite completely but I definitely don't crave junk and fast food like I use to and I'm not hungry all the time and I feel full a lot. After the 3rd day all those bad symptoms went away I'm guessing my body adjusted to the meds. I haven't really been eating the healthiest since I started and only worked out twice and I lost 2 pounds so far I will return with another review when I finish with the starter dose"

Sparkles · Taken for less than 1 month December 10, 2018

For Weight Loss "I am on day 4. I know it’s a little early to be writing a review, but I’m really looking for encouragement and reasons to do this. The side effects are immediate. My seltzer water tastes flat. Food tastes very different. I guess this can be considered a plus, if it makes me eat less, but it is depressing. I have headaches and nausea. I can’t enjoy my Thursday evening wine at karaoke. Will it all be worth it in the end? You who have stuck it out, was it worth it? Do the side effects go away eventually? If not, do you get used to them? My food cravings have already diminished, thank goodness, but at what cost? And it’s only been 4 days on the starter dose!!! Ay yi yi! Oh, and I lost 2 pounds in a week while titrating off the Belviq and starting Qsymia, which is encouraging. Lost 60 pounds on Belviq in 1.5 years but then in the next 1.5 years gained 18 pounds back. Needed to try something new and, I guess, drastic."

Hilarotes · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 30, 2018

For Weight Loss "I am 59 YO Female 5’5” 167lb with a weight gain of 10lbs over the past year. My goal was to lose 15 lbs due to high BP. I began taking Qsymia 9/1/2018. This medication started working for me right away. 2 weeks on the 3.75, then moving to the current dose of 7.5/46. I’ve had tingling of hands and face and some eye twitching which I can handle .. but in the last 2 months have developed a cough that is relentless!! It’s like chronic bronchitis. This happens to be a side effect, albeit rare. I’ve stopped and the cough gets a bit better but as soon as I start taking Qsymia again, cough returns with a vengeance. Suppose I’ll look for something else. Too bad."

Franko · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 30, 2018

For Weight Loss "250lb Start, 5'9" Male, 7.5. I month down. 2nd Check in. Today I am 239lb. I have lost about an inch everywhere. Stomach, waist, butt and close to an inch in the neck. I feel so much better. I have done some exercise but now would like to do more. Maybe 2 day a week but looking to get 3 or more. No side effects still. As I have said before...the off switch now works. In the past...I could just eat and eat and eat. If there was food there, I could keep going. Whatever it is in my brain that is supposed to tell me to stop doesn't seem to work right. This medicine seems to give that back to me. I can feel my body telling me I'm done after eating some...not after eating until the food is gone. It is expensive but it is worth the cost for me for sure."

NoThanks November 16, 2018

For Weight Loss "5'9" 50 Male 250 start weight. Just finished week 2 on 7.5 and I'm down 7 lbs. I feel good with no side effects. The off switch works now so I eat some, I feel full and satisfied, I stop. I have been working to make better choices with the food I do eat so that is helping as well. It's pricey for sure, but I'm feeling better about me so it's worth the cost in my book."

Sue · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 5, 2018

For Weight Loss "Been taking Phentermine for 1 month & doing weight watchers diet. I lost 7 lbs in 1 nothing great. My doctor recently added Topamax too, and I've been taking it now for 4 days. I can't tell that my appetite is suppressed much but I am having much more tummy hunger pangs. Has anybody else experienced this? I am fighting a difficult battle losing 25 lbs of weight I gained last year while taking steroids for a chronic illness...and I'm 62 years old and female, both make losing weight very difficult. I was expecting the medications to help me feel less hungry, instead, my belly feels more hungry."

Jaxx November 1, 2018

For Weight Loss "I started going to the gym in August 2018 working out Mon thru Fri. I was working out hard doing both cardio and weight training only to lose 4lbs in 2 months. I must admit I was not eating the healthiest but my calorie intake was much less than what I burned throughout the course of a day. I finally went to my Endocrinologist for a solution and it was suggested that I try Qsymia. I started taking my phase one dose of 3.75 on October 15, 2018 weighing 281lbs (Oh yah, I am a 6'1 BM) and began taking phase two of 7.5mg on October 29, 2018 and I have lost exactly 10 pounds. I am very excited with this weight loss solution and I am looking forward to my future results but what concerns me is that I kept the same diet/exercise routine prior to taking the medicine so basically what this tells me is that it has a lot to do with metabolism in which I think the medication increases. You can go to the gym and eat right but if you do not have good metabolism you can forget it."

Deedi September 14, 2018

For Obesity "I’m a 42 y/o female, 5’1’” & weigh 173 lbs. The doctor had put me in this medication a few years ago when I plummeted from 180 lb down to 143 lbs in 4 month. I was on the lowest dose & never increased as I didn’t need to. I completely changed my diet, eating habits & exercised 4-5 times a week. No side effects. However, I started the medication again this Monday 9/10 & I am completely stunned. I have side effects I had no clue were from the pills. Due to my being overweight I was feeling depressed but I noticed just one day after talking the pill that I was even more depressed. Crying for NO reason. Day three I noticed insomnia, leg cramping & worst off is lack of concentration. It’s pretty frustrating actually. I decided to skip today & start again tomorrow to see if it’ll help. Due to my previous positive experience with this medication I am willing to give it another chance."